During the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, everybody stayed at home and remained caged for months and years. It led to some major consequences of not only just the global economies hitting the rock but also people’s mental health deteriorating immensely.

Folks with toxic families were forced to stay with them 24/7 in the same house, which may have led them to shut their thoughts because they couldn’t express themselves with anyone.

And hey, if you shut your thoughts and stop telling what you feel, then there’s a possibility that in the long haul, you might not even know about your thoughts, feelings, and perception of the world. It made many fellows feel mentally isolated, socially shrunk, and personally disturbed.

And since you are here to read this article, allow me to assume that you too have felt mentally isolated or are feeling that way right now.

So, now we know our mental health is messed up, and when you are not doing mentally well, it leads to severe problems—health, social, professional, etc.

To overcome this feeling, this mess in your brain, you don’t have to crunch the numbers and derive some magical equations; nor do you have to read the fine print by squinting your beautiful eyes on the research papers or medical terminologies.

Let’s get the ball rolling to heal ourselves, overcome this isolation and come back stronger than a quasar.

Admit the way you feel

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Do not run away from what your mind is chattering and your thoughts are echoing. Acknowledge the way you feel—about yourself, your life, your work, your friends. Accept that you are feeling mentally isolated.

Enroll in a Course Or Club

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Join a course like an art class or guitar class or whatever you wish to. You’ll meet a lot of new people who share your interests.

Communicate With Strangers

Show welcoming gestures to strangers and greet them. Talk to the person behind you standing in the same queue as you, ask the stranger standing at the bus stop what he perceives of this world.

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Solo Travel

Go backpacking in the foothills of your favorite mountain. Hug the trees and sing with the winds. Enjoy your company and also make new friends along the journey.

Have Pets

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Hey, if you don’t have pets or don’t want to have one, then I got you, my friend. Go and play with your friend’s or your neighbor’s pet. They have some miraculous potion in their glistening eyes that will make you want to be their best friend.

Go Outside Often

Step out often. That’s when you interact with people and join new communities and groups. Go for a walk and jam your favorite singer, listen to the chirping of birds, the pace of the clouds, and you will indeed feel serendipity.

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You feel mentally isolated and might get drowned in the ocean of overthinking. Save yourself by the thick wood of contemplation, please. Contemplation is thinking with all your consciousness and making goals, analyzing where you’re going wrong, what things need to be chopped off, and many more. Contemplate, don’t overthink.

Write down what you’re feeling.

Ahh, well, this is the best solution, I believe. It hits the nail on its head in my case, at least. Write down what your thoughts are—evil, pleasing, immoral, depressed, stressful, etc. ALL of them. It makes your brain feel like it has let out all the trash. And now, you have a clear, almost empty brain. So, pal, fill it with colorful, hopeful thoughts.

Show Gratitude

Do you know the basic amenities at your disposal are a privilege for someone? I think you do. But in the hustle-bustle of life, we forget how prosperous we are. We put being grateful on the back burner and go on cursing our lives. Consider having a journal or a diary just for writing about three things you’re thankful for, for the day. This tells your subconscious mind to shut up and think about the brighter side of your life, which is greener.

Reach Out To A Therapist

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Of course, these are some tips, solutions, answers to the way you’re feeling. But, hey, who knows what’s going on in your brain or your body biologically? The therapist does. So, consider visiting a mental health therapist. They will treat you medically, emotionally, mentally, and you’ll be in safe hands.

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