In terms of fitness, going to the gym while you’re new to it or after a long layoff may be both beneficial and detrimental. It’s always exhilarating to start a new habit, which becomes much more compelling when you’re doing something exciting.

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But understanding how to employ complicated workout equipment or pretzel oneself into the proper form might be a daunting prospect.

Whether you want to lose weight, increase muscle, or just wish to stay fit, the first step is to discipline your thoughts and actions.

It is important to note that participating in any exercise has both immediate and long term advantages. Improving brain function, energizing mood, and reducing chances of illness are some of the examples.

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Here, I am sharing some of the most essential and easy gym workouts for beginners. They will help you engage the bigger muscle groups for better results and growth. 

This blog emphasizes the appropriate workout method for newbies in an instructive but not overpowering manner. Master these simple foundations, and there won’t be more left to discover concerning fitness.

Cardio session

The combination of steady-state and intermittent cardio workouts performed on a variety of equipment can make working out interesting and prevent you from getting bored. 

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Cardio sessions are necessary whether you are losing weight or building muscle. According to experts, at least 120 minutes of weekly cardio is essential for our body to stay in shape. 

Here is a cardio session you can include in your workout plan for the maximum benefits- 

  • 10 minutes of elliptical cross trainer
  • 5-7 minutes of cycling 
  • 10 minutes of walking

Bench Press

Bench Press is an exercise that involves pressing a barbell against a bench. To tone the upper body muscles like the pectorals, arms, and shoulders, bench presses should be performed on a flat surface.

Including bench presses in your weight-training program has various other advantages. It builds upper-body strength, enhances muscular endurance, and sometimes even prepares your upper body to make motions such as pushups.

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It is also an excellent strengthening workout for athletes participating in sports such as running, hockey, and football.

The normal grip width for a standard bench press might be somewhat broader than the shoulder width of the person performing the exercise.

The bigger the width of the grip, the higher the amount of strain exerted on the chest and anterior deltoid.

Please note that the broader the grip, the more stress is exerted on the AC joint. It can be troublesome for those suffering from shoulder soreness.

Perform- 3 Sets of 8-12 reps

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You must have seen memes over social media about people skipping leg days. Sadly, that’s true. Leg exercises are tough; however, they are necessary for your quads and core. 

From a functional standpoint, the squat strengthens your entire body, particularly your core. It allows you to move more fluidly through your daily activities.

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Standing, walking, running, and leaping become simpler when you incorporate squats into your program properly and frequently. 

Furthermore, if your goals are primarily cosmetic in nature, there’s nothing quite like heavy squats to make your abs, buttocks, and back look very good.

Keep it in mind so that you can load your squat and perform reps with great intensity. As a result, your body will respond with the release of hormones. The stress you would put on your body with squats will cause it to go into overdrive to recuperate.

Perform- 4 Sets of 18-22 reps

Overhead Press

The overhead shoulder press is an exercise for your delts, done using a pair of dumbbells. You should begin with a sitting dumbbell shoulder press rather than the standard overhead press (standing position) if you are new to the exercise.

In addition, using an upright bench will give stability during the exercise, preventing you from overhanging your lower back and allowing you to concentrate on maintaining tension throughout your shoulders whenever pressing the weight forward.

Dumbbells provide better control and range of motion than barbells. It is beneficial for learning new patterns of movement for an exercise and adding weight to a workout.

It is commonly considered to be more complex than the standing shoulder press because you are utilizing your entire body to raise the weight (including your core and legs). There is nothing to support your body as you pull the weight up and away from your head.

Having said that, a sitting press is a suitable variation to start with to progress to the standing press.

Perform- 3 Sets of 8-12 reps


This exercise targets many muscles, including those in your back, shoulders, and arms, and therefore should be performed regularly as part of your upper-body workouts.

For beginners, mastering appropriate techniques is critical to limit the chance of injury, and the kneeling lat pulldown is an excellent place to start this process.

When you’re ready to bring the bar down, focus on keeping your glutes and abs squeezed. To understand precisely how Samuel accomplishes this, watch the video above.

When you become accustomed to performing this exercise, you may incorporate variants such as close-grip & wide-grip lat pulldowns to engage even more muscles simultaneously.

In addition, there is no need to go too broad because doing so can also decrease the range of motion, which is especially problematic for individuals who suffer from irritable shoulders.

Once again, I recommend gripping the bar above and just outside your shoulders, as this is often where the bar bends while you are standing.

Perform- 3 Sets of 8-12 reps

Well, I hope these five basic and easy gym exercises help you move towards your fitness goal and assist you in getting more robust.

Once you start implementing these exercises in your workout routine for a few wells, you will get your form and technique right to lift heavier weights and perform other challenging exercises such as the deadlift.

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