Aha! Finally, after a long time, I learned about an upcoming Indian psychological thriller while randomly scrolling the internet. Without any further ado, I added the film to my watchlist. The movie is named “Forensic,” now streaming on Zee5.

I have been missing the psycho-thriller genre since long, and that’s why Forensic got me excited. An alluring lead pair further added to the curiosity. Therefore, I didn’t wait for a second to binge it.

Does the film deliver on the promises? Here’s my Forensic movie review to help you answer the question.

Forensic Review Summary

Forensic is a fascinating thriller that keeps you engaged and enthralled with a twisted plot and enigmatic narration. Keep reading to know what precisely works in favor of the latest Zee5 series and what doesn’t.


When children go missing in Mussoorie, Johnny and Megha are called to nab the culprits. Both have a heartbreaking past that is uncovered as they go on to solve the case.

Starring Vikrant Massey (Johnny Khanna) and Radhika Apte (Megha Sharma) in lead roles, Forensic is directed by Vishal Furia. Moreover, actors like Prachi Desai, Rohit Bose Roy, and Vindu Dara Singh play pivotal parts in this Zee5 original.

What Works for Forensic?


At the epicenter of Forensic lies its compelling storyline. The movie effervescently mixes the astuteness of cops with psyche-induced human minds. Such a pretext gives ample opportunities to plan, initiate, and implement twists and turns throughout the runtime.

The only thing that remains is connecting the dots, which Forensic does perfectly towards the end. I particularly loved how the initial build-up resulted in an enrapturing outcome.


This Zee5 original will keep you on your toes. It doesn’t have dull moments, creates enough exhilaration, and comes with commendable mileage. Moreover, you’d be accustomed to staying on the edge of your seat once the plot firmly sets in.

My Forensic review must mention that the film has no lazy moments, not even one, as far as I remember.


A good thriller keeps the mystery alive till the end. While initially, I felt Forensic had nothing new to it, the writers proved me slightly wrong. The film is accompanied by taut writing, making it impossible to breach the code of suspense.

Throughout the movie, your mind will keep hunting for the culprit in an efficacious manner. Though it is subjective whether you’d be able to predict the climax or not, you are sure to be surprised several times in the quest.


Vikrant Massey as Johnny Khanna plays a quirky and dashing Forensic expert in the film streaming on Zee5. Quick-wittedness, charming presentation and agile countenance are some of his character traits.

The actor, who last appeared in the recently released Love Hostel, gives the required impetus to Forensic while leading from the front. Massey aces the expressions and cakewalks through emotional, thrilling, and intense scenes.

His presence makes you feel connected to the story despite him portraying one of the least appreciated professions. Vikrant’s dialogues, pauses, and physiognomy are all in complete harmony with the script’s demands.

Radhika Apte is a terrific performer who can elevate any story to supreme heights. She has the talent to bring new dimensions to creative work. I have often seen her overshadowing her co-actors and launching a distinct aura for herself.

In Forensic, Radhika plays Megha Sharma, a police officer. Her intense and sensitive act leaves no scope for loopholes. Alongside Massey, Radhika pulls some of the best arrows from her armory to make this Zee5 original a bewildering watch.

My Forensic movie review will be incomplete if I don’t talk about the evergreen Prachi Desai. For years, she has been in the backseat of several films. And seeing her take up versatile and highly placed characters nowadays makes me happy as a cine lover.

Prachi as Dr. Ranjana Gupta in Forensic is adorable and pleasing. However, she doesn’t waste a second when improvising and finally adds different layers to her character.

Ronit Bose Roy and Vindu Dara Singh manage to create a space for themselves. While Roy seems a little off-track in emotional and intricate sequences, he delivers a solid punch in calm and intense scenes.

Vindu brings fun to the table and infuses a decent dose of situational humor into Forensic. However, he does overdo things sometimes.

All other actors, especially children, are fabulous in their respective roles.


Forensic comes with a screenplay exciting enough to keep you constantly hooked to the screen. The makers deliver a supreme blend of stories running parallelly. From the element of surprise to the sudden gush of anticipation, everything is taken care of.

What Doesn’t Work for Forensic?

Barring some bizarre moments of onscreen presentation, everything works well for Forensic.

Final Word?

If you are free this weekend or whenever Forensic is your go-to movie. Believe me, it won’t disappoint you.


Forensic Ending Explained

You must have seen Megha and Johnny enjoying some alone time near a beach. Just when happiness sets in, Megha is interrupted by a work-related phone call. She is given the task of leading a serial murder case in Goa.

When Johnny hears about the news, he is disappointed and dejected. However, at the very next moment, he also receives a call and is asked to join the Goa case as a Forensic expert.

By introducing this conversation, in the end, the makers are hinting at another outing for the movie. There can be a second part of Forensic; however, it all depends on the performance of the first.

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