Happiness for Beginners (2023) Movie Review Netflix: Writing Strengthens this Heartwarming Hiking Adventure but the Flaws are Visible, too

After a string of thrillers and suspense mysteries, a Romantic Comedy has finally made its way to Netflix.

Happiness for Beginners aims to be heartfelt and charming throughout its hundred-minute duration.

Importantly, it has got a concept to achieve the goal.

But is it that agile? Here is my Happiness for Beginners movie review.

Happiness for Beginners Synopsis

After facing a marriage fallout, Helen signs up for a hiking trip with strangers. She aims to rediscover herself and get rid of the negative energies.

On the trip, a bunch of characteristically different individuals add flavor and surprises to her journey.

Image Credits: Netflix

The movie is directed by Vicky Wight and stars Ellie Kemper (Helen), Luke Grimes (Jake), Nico Santos (Hugh), and Ben Cook (Beckett) in lead roles.

Moreover, it is based on the novel of the same name by Katherine Center.

Happiness for Beginners: Positives

The storyline exudes a sense of calm and solace, skillfully avoiding any tedium or boredom that often plagues movies of this genre.

Instead, it effortlessly maintains a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere throughout. It’s a breath of fresh air to witness a Romantic Comedy that doesn’t lose its way or resort to clichés.

Happiness for Beginners ably evokes warm emotions. As Helen embarks on her journey of self-discovery during the hiking trip with strangers, the story radiates heartwarming moments that will undoubtedly leave viewers with a smile on their faces.

Hiking trips have a way of bringing out the best in people, and Happiness for Beginners captures this sentiment brilliantly.

Image Credits: Netflix

The best part about the movie is the conversations. They are both deep and meaningful, with a touch of sarcastic wit that gives them a distinct charm.

This may be attributed to the film’s origins as an adaptation of a literary work, as the writing smells of a soothing quality.

It doesn’t shy away from delving into conversational intimacy while still maintaining its humor and lightness.

Happiness for Beginners strikes a perfect balance, allowing the characters to connect on a deeper level and fostering a genuine sense of camaraderie among them.

This aspect makes the journey all the more engaging and relatable for the audience.

Furthermore, the plot of Happiness for Beginners is well-crafted, featuring moments that inject renewed energy just when the narrative threatens to lose momentum.

I don’t think there was too much the makers could have done with the concept at hand.

How are the Performances?

Ellie Kemper as Helen and Luke Grimes as Jake lead the pack in the film. Both are reflective souls with Helen a little more expressive.

The kind of stifled chemistry they show wins over you. Ellie’s expressions and screen smartness is visible throughout the movie.

Also, you cannot ignore how Luke Grimes subtly steers his way on the movie’s pedestal. He is charming and affable.

Happiness for Beginners: Downsides

Firstly, the concept of the film, while heartfelt and charming, might feel somewhat familiar and common.

As it is based on a published work, some viewers may find that the premise has been explored in various other films and books, potentially diluting its impact for those seeking a more unique and original story.

Image Credits: Netflix

Additionally, I felt the pace could have been slightly faster, which would have made Happiness for Beginners livelier as a whole.

At present, you get a good feeling towards the end and that’s it. You don’t get to be in the same headspace throughout the movie.

I felt the execution of the script could have been better. While the writing is soothing and features meaningful conversations, some viewers may feel that certain aspects of the story or character development could have been fleshed out more effectively.

A stronger execution might have further enriched the film’s emotional impact and overall narrative flow.

Should You Stream or Skip Happiness for Beginners?

Well, the story keeps you invested with some delightful surprises and decently captivating developments.

It is recommended from my end.

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