Earlier, I used to regard Mexico as a hub of action films. It seems to be changing with some of the recent releases from the country.

While the last one I watched was an out-and-out romantic movie, Have a Nice Day! is a heartfelt dramedy. Streaming now on Netflix, the film is around ninety minutes long in length.

So, what do we have in store? And let me tell you, it’s after a long time that I am reviewing a Netflix film that’s not based on a book.

Here are some trivial details to get started.

What is the story of Have a Nice Day!?

A former radio host takes up a new job to arrange for funds in his quest to meet the love of his life. In the process, the man comes across a youngster struggling to win over the girl he likes.

Image Credits: Netflix

Have a Nice Day is directed by Yibran Asuad and stars Alvaro Guerrero (Enrique), Andrea Chaparro (Amanda), and Eduardo Minett (Picho) in lead roles.

So, what’s good about the film?

It is made with a lot of quietude. The idea is never to scream for attention. In fact, when it began, I almost passed it off. However, Have a Nice Day! mopped my fear of it being a run-of-the-mill concept.

The movie silently sets up and builds into an edible creation. Even the jokes are subtle. Majorly, Have a Nice Day! rides on the storyline that has longing at its core.

You won’t see an intense love story trying to take over the scene. The movie is about regrets, unfulfilled affection, and the dilemma of letting go.

Image Credits: Netflix

Additionally, the warm vibes keep you involved, thanks to the relatable emotions. Have a Nice Day! tries to use music to elevate the feelings and the makers do succeed on most of the times. Still, I wish they had put a little more vigor to further the same.

The movie is only an hour and a half long, making it easier to finish. In fact, ten to fifteen more minutes would have hampered the experience.

How are the performances?

Alvaro Guerrero plays Enrique, the protagonist. As an easy-going old man, the actor balances professional skills with a nerdy countenance.

His expressions give you a reason to wait for what’s to come in the movie. The itch to stay along and see the end of his story unfold enters your nerves. Guerrero is committed, striking, and charming.

Eduardo Minett as Picho adds the youngster’s touch. He allows you to compare his story with Enrique’s. Without unnecessary proclamations, Minett builds a tale of his own.

What Doesn’t Work for Have a Nice Day!?

Overall, the film achieves what it sets out for. The makers could have used the music better, which would have helped uplift the mood as a whole.

Should you stream or skip Have a Nice Day!?

The movie caters to a niche audience. So, it is natural that not many might find it suitable. My suggestion would be to watch the trailer and decide. Anyhow, you have my review to make a choice as well.

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Have a Nice Day! Parents’ Guide.

There is no nudity in the film. Only a couple of kissing scenes make their way to the reel. You can watch it with your family.

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