If you are wondering how did High Tides, the latest Belgian show on Netflix, ended, you are in the right place.

Though with answers, this blog might be a long read. So, please have patience.

Further, if you are interested in specific questions and not the whole narrative of the last one-and-a-half episodes, I suggest you navigate using the headings in the TOC.

Lastly, my explanation starts from the last 45 minutes of the story when Jacques is left heartbroken by Patrick’s under-the-belt moves.

High Tides Detailed Ending Explained

Jacques, in an inebriated state, wets his pants in front of everyone at the beach club. Alex and Daan take him inside and put him to bed.

Afterwards, Daan tells Alex about his father buying the beach club and hence, Jacques has to vacate the place.

Alex is frustrated as he understands this was the reason behind Jacques’ strange behavior of late.

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It becomes a massive trigger and results in a panic attack when he is riding a golf cart along with Louise, Emilie, and Margaux.

Flashbacks of his father hitting Claudia and assaulting her take over his vision. He almost rams the cart into another vehicle on the road.

Seeing his condition, Louise takes him to her house and offers him medication.

He says that the frequency of these panic attacks has drastically increased and he has been having them almost daily now.

A worried Louise asks if the reason behind them is Patrick, his father.

Alex nods in affirmation and attributes the increased intensity of the attacks to the news of Melissa looking for her sister.

This is the time when Alex reveals the harsh truth that Claudia is dead, leaving Louise in shock. In the night, she sneaks outside the house and travels to Daan’s place.

She informs his mother about Claudia’s death, leaving her devastated. When Daan returns to the house after work, he also finds the news tough to swallow.

Louise requests the duo to leave Patrick out of their revenge plans, if any. That’s when tears overtake her eyes and Daan gives her a hug.

Alex follows Louise and sees her hugging Daan from outside the house through the window.

Angry, he goes back to his home and takes out the gun.

Not finding him on the bed upon returning back, Lousie gets worried and texts him but he doesn’t reply.

Jacques collapses on the floor of his bar as a result of excessive drinking. The next morning, Daan finds him dead at the same place.

He tries to revive him but to no avail. Eleonore visits Melissa and opens up about the lie she told her earlier (that Claudia was a thief).

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However, before she could complete her sentence, the latter jumps into it saying she is aware of Patrick having murdered her sister and that she is planning to go to the cops.

Eleonore advises against the idea referring to Patrick’s influence over the city’s administration.

Instead, she offers another resolution, where one of her friends would help to get his confession.

Later, Eleonore pays Christine a visit and shows her the intimate video clip that Alex had shot earlier.

It is implied that she is the friend Eleonore referred to earlier.

Margaux and Christine have a heated argument arising out of Eleonore’s presence in their house and leading up to Christine’s affair with Patrick.

Daan informs Alex about Jacques’s death and he reaches the beach club as the medical staff carry the old man’s body outside.

He wants to know how he passed but Daan is not interested in answering straight.

He brings Patrick into the conversation and blames him for Jacques’ demise.

However, Alex is sure his dad is not a murderer but Daan replies saying Louise has a different opinion, referring to Olivia’s murder.

Alex suggests he leave the city, indirectly calling him an illegal immigrant.

He blames Daan for getting Louise in trouble since he was the one who advised her against taking the pills.

The minute Alex says they had forgotten about Claudia until he arrived, Daan gets aggressive and punches him in the face.

Alex also reverts with a bang on his face, leaving him struggling on the ground.

Back home, Eleonore prepares for her anniversary celebrations, looking after every small detail alongside Melissa.

Once things are in order, the latter primarily focuses on Olivia while the former welcomes guests. The first to arrive is Louise’s family.

Jan informs everyone present about Jacques’ death due to heart failure, which comes as a shock to the people around.

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Soon, Alex returns home with a wound on his face. Eleonore gets worried and asks him to dress properly before the party starts.

Louise and Melissa express their concern for him but Alex largely ignores them, putting all his energies into gulping a whole glass of champagne.

Daan reaches home, overwhelmed by his fight with Alex. Anouk spots him at the doorstep and gets concerned when he doesn’t return her greetings.

She tries to start a conversation and the first thing he shares with her is the unfortunate news about Jaques.

He labels the rich people as the worst, referring to Alex’s dad.

Anouk seconds his opinion. According to her, Louise is also one of them and she is not the right partner for Daan.

She will never truly understand him and is just toying around. Meanwhile, Daan tries calling Louise but the call doesn’t go through.

He tells Anouk that it is time Alex and his family paid for their misdeeds. When she asks about Louise, he doesn’t consider her as the same.

Despite Anouk’s warnings, he leaves to meet her. Anouk is left behind, alone and disheartened.

All other guests join the party at Alex’s home, including Christine.

But the arrival of Charles sparks a strong reaction from Emilie, who confronts her mother to ask why she invited him.

Earlier, she had informed her parents about her decision to not marry Charles. Hence, her reaction was quite obvious.

After the outburst, Emilie leaves the party premises and Charles follows him outside.

Louise meets Alex in his bedroom.

He asks her if she has told anyone about Claudia’s murder yet but she denies doing the same.

Alex then tells her that he has booked tickets to Uruguay and she must leave with him. However, Louise denies her offer.

Filled with anger due to her lies, he pushes her to the wall and forces her to travel alongside.

Alex tries to sexually assault his girlfriend while continuously calling her names for being in love with Daan and him simultaneously.

Though she keeps reiterating that she chose him over Daan, the image of her hugging Daan at his house and then lying about it makes Alex go wild.

Resisting his forceful endeavors, Louise pushes him back. He falls on the sofa.

Louise brands him as a photocopy of his lustful father and barges out of the room, warning him to never touch her again.

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A frustrated and tearful Alex is brought out of the wreck by the sound of claps.

He goes to the window and looks outside to find his dad arriving at the surprise party planned for him. The celebratory mood is in full swing.

But the situation at Alex’s end is dire. He takes out the gun from the drawer and flashbacks once again take over his vision.

The pieces of his father dragging Eleonore out of the bed, holding her by the neck, and hitting Olivia jumble in front of him.

He reminisces about Patrick beating him and pushing him heavily to make him fall on the glass table.

The combined panic attack makes things worse for him and he decides to take a bold step.

Alex sends the intimate video clip of his father and Christine to the WhatsApp group created by Eleonore for her 25th wedding anniversary.

On the other hand, a dejected Louise is spotted by her mother when she walks down the stairs after her fight with Alex.

The young girl puts the blame on Alex while maintaining that she needs some fresh air.

Her mother, suspects Louise of not having taken her medicines.

She follows her outside the house but soon, Louise loses her cool, fed up by every part of her emotional behavior being connected to her bipolar medications.

As the duo continues to argue, Daan’s unexpected arrival on Anouk’s moped gives Louise hope. She requests him to take her away from the place.

However, her mother says that she must take the pills because they provide her stability, which she won’t be able to find with Daan.

Paying no heed to her remarks, Louise leaves with Daan on the bike.

Margaux is the first one to see the video shared by Alex on the WhatsApp group.

Soon, everyone at the party becomes aware of the clip.

Embarrassed, Margaux shows it to Christine, who confronts and even slaps Eleonore citing her earlier promise of deleting the video permanently before lashing out of the party.

Alex comes downstairs while Patrick remains dumbfounded about the happenings.

The former drops curses on his father in the presence of the guests. An ashamed Patrick is forced to ask everybody to leave.

However, Alex keeps throwing harsh truths, including his dad’s physical abuse in the past.

All the guests step out of their chairs and leave the house. Eleonore asks Olivia to play the piano to keep her away from getting involved in the fiasco.

But, to the family’s surprise, she walks up to Patrick and shoves the video clip in his face, calling him a freak.

Then the little girl leaves the dining hall. Patrick and Melissa follow her upstairs.

Olivia locks herself in Alex’s room and Patrick can only knock on the door from outside. He keeps calling her, requesting the kid to not watch the video.

We are shown Olivia’s visuals where she finds it hard to cope with stress and anxiety.

Melissa tries to stop Patrick from making things worse with his tumultuous behavior but he is not in the right state of mind to differentiate between right and wrong.

Consequently, he gets further agitated when she speaks with him in a loud tone. Patrick holds her by the neck and pushes her against the stair rail.

Seeing the scene unfold, Alex gets triggered as the visual reminds him of Patrick’s brawl with Claudia years ago.

When Melissa tells the angry man that she knows he committed Claudia’s murder, Patrick is left stunned.

It strikes him as lightening. However, the show’s biggest suspense comes to the fore as Alex screams from the staircase that he is the one who killed Claudia.

Eleonore tries to calm him down but he pushes his mother aside asking her to stop all the lies.

Melissa is confused and she thinks she has been lied to. Patrick’s feelings are only slightly different.

He realizes that his wife has been lying to everyone about him murdering Claudia.

In the commotion, Eleonore attempts to calm a crying Melissa, who tells Patrick that she is Claudia’s sister.

Also, he puts the entire blame on Eleonore. The couple continues yelling at each other.

In the background, a disturbed Melissa helplessly stands behind them and Alex cries in distress.

This is when Olivia walks out of the room with a gun in her hand, aimed at her father. Before anybody can react and stop her, she fires the shot at Patrick, who falls to the ground.

The scene cuts to an anxious Louise and Daan, standing on the roadside. After separating from a hug, she apologizes to him and leaves the scene.

Here are some questions you may have about the ending of High Tides:

Did Patrick Die in High Tides?

Patrick is shot by her daughter Olivia. When all hell breaks loose inside the house, the little girl, traumatized by the hubbub and recent events, locks herself in a room.

She then grabs the pistol Alex had brought and shoots her father.

In her opinion, Patrick is a monster who doesn’t care about his family.

It gets stronger when she sees his video with Christine.

Who Killed Claudia?

At the end of High Tides, it is revealed that Claudia was accidentally pushed down from the balcony by Alex.

Therefore, Alex had killed Claudia and not Patrick who was believed to be the murderer.

The family had decided to never talk about the incident.

Even though Patrick was influential, the news of his son being a criminal would have tarnished both his business dealings and Alex’s future prospects.

However, it was Eleonore who spread the lie that Patrick had killed Claudia. He had no clue about it.

All he wanted was for the incident to remain a secret but the man was not prepared to take the fall for his son.

What Was Claudia’s Relationship with Eleonore?

When Claudia worked as a Nanny at Alex’s house, Eleonore fell in love with her. Gradually, the liking became mutual and the couple started sharing intimate moments.

One day, Alex found them together on the bed. He reprimanded Eleonore and thrashed Claudia for their shameful act (according to him).

Hearing the sound coming from the room, Alex went inside and tried to stop his dad from hitting the two women.

But he couldn’t overpower him physically, and hence he was thrown to the table in the room.

Patrick grabbed hold of Claudia and took her to the balcony. He was hitting her and screaming at her for her fault.

That was when Alex tried to jump in between and started punching Patrick.

Accidentally, as he turned around, a random push made Claudia fall off the parapet, straight onto the ground.

She died on the spot.

Was Anouk in Love with Daan?

Yes, Anouk had fallen for Daan’s simplicity ever since their first meeting. Her affection grew further when she acted as his girlfriend in front of Alex.

The same night, they made love, which worked as a physical attraction. However, she never expressed her feelings probably because Daan was always interested in Louise.

Had he shown some sort of inclination toward Anouk, her love wouldn’t have remained unrequited.

Who did Louise Choose in the End?

After leaving Alex’s house, having fought with him, Louise finds Daan coming towards her with his bike. She hops on to it despite her mother’s warnings hanging in the air.

At this point, it seems that she chose to have a life with Daan. However, later, in the final frame of the show, we see her asking Daan to leave.

Therefore, she didn’t choose either of the two men.

Most probably, she would go back to Alex but her love for Daan would be hard to resist. This will form the storyline for High Tides Season 2.

Will There Be High Tides Season 2?

From what I know, the Belgian show has been well-received by both critics and the audience. Therefore, it should return for another outing.

However, there is no official confirmation yet.

Especially, after Olivia shoots her own father, the anticipation for what may happen next remains sky-high.

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