HollyBlood Movie Review: A Tolerable Miniature Teen Comedy Film About Vampires on Netflix

Vampires and Dinosaurs still fascinate humankind like in ancient times. The last I watched a show based on Vamps, and their clan was at least three months ago. It was First Kill.

HollyBlood is a new Spanish comedy film streaming on Netflix. It is entirely different from First Kill in both presentation and conceptualization. It doesn’t aim to be your go-to thriller and instead offers an offbeat and absurd idea.

However, does HollyBlood deliver? Here’s my review to throw light on the same.

HollyBlood Review Summary

Keeping the scary part aside, HollyBlood is a decent movie that entertains and excites throughout its duration.

HollyBlood Synopsis

A shy Javi pretends to be a vampire to impress his crush, who has a deep fascination for such creatures. However, he doesn’t know that a real bloodsucker is following his activities.

Image Credits: Netflix

Teens team up to fight against a vampire in this Spanish comedy film on Netflix.

Directed by Jesus font, HollyBlood stars Oscar Casas (Javi), Isa Montalban (Sara), Jordi Sanchez (Fernando), Carlos Suarez (Diego), Lara Boedo (Carmen), Piero Mendez (Azrael), among others.

What Works for HollyBlood?


HollyBlood ensures there’s no lurking around. It has an appropriate pace to offer through its unlazy screenplay. You might not be startled by the story, but you would never feel dreary. I think the teen nature of the plot helped HollyBlood to a great extent in maintaining the speed of the presentation.


Some funny school-life incidents keep the tempo going for HollyBlood. With puns and situational jokes, the Spanish film captures your attention throughout the runtime. The onscreen happenings further delight your senses. However, all of it is served in a limited quantity.


It is under one and a half hours long in length, which makes HollyBlood a quick watch. Moreover, the content is engaging enough for a short period of entertainment.


Isa Montalban has this uncanny ability to introduce nuances even in the most over-the-top sequences. She plays Sara in the film, and her adorable comportment combined with a pragmatic approach lets the viewer enjoy every tiny bit of HollyBlood.

Image Credits: Netflix

Oscar Casas as Javi delivers an honestly compelling performance. When he flaunts himself as a vamp, his acting traits are different compared to his character’s natural self. It tells how versatile an actor Casas is.

Jordi Sanchez doesn’t get to be consistently present in front of the camera. However, the veteran actor aces all the scenes he is a part of. His comic timing is brilliant, and you would enjoy the conversations between him and Oscar Casas.

Image Credits: Netflix

Carlos Suarez as Diego is an exhaustive entertainer. His childish mien works wonders for HollyBlood. Every time Diego is on the screen, you can be assured of tickles and giggles. Full marks to the actor for creating a raw persona in the film.

What Doesn’t Work for HollyBlood?

Loose Storyline

As it happens, the length of HollyBlood works as a double-edged sword. It doesn’t allow the makers to go in-depth. They depict the story but don’t take it deep. You would find it too easygoing, like a comic-style presentation.

But the dilemmatic question is whether a more extended length would have helped or instead deteriorated whatever quality the movie has in its present shape? In my opinion, keeping the length short was a good idea. However, the creators could have produced a tad more gripping plot.


Several scenes in HollyBlood are poorly edited and cropped. The VFX should have been done with more finesse. When developing a supernatural comedy, one needs to put a high emphasis on post-production. The utilization of Green Screen is done well, but its editing occasionally feels shabby.

Final Word

The drawbacks of HollyBlood are primarily technical; hence, giving it a watch will not be a waste of time.

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