Have you been watching family shows lately?

Okay, that’s a vague question because almost every show has a family. Maybe, I should rephrase: Have you been binge-watching together with your family? I haven’t done that in a while.

Thought of doing it with Holy Family, but it has received an adult rating. And in India, you can do anything but watch an ‘A’ rated series with your family. The Spanish show is steamy and dark, according to the information on Netflix. I will answer whether it delivers or not in my Holy Family review.

Regardless of everything, Spain has hardly ever let art lovers down with its remarkable creations. A Private Affair is a recent example of how the country sees art.

Furthermore, Holy Family is eight episodes long with a runtime of almost five hours. Hop in and read my review to learn what works and what doesn’t for the latest Spanish show on Netflix. But before that, here’s a quick summary.

Holy Family Review Summary

The show banks on its convoluted storyline and steers through some flaws to serve a relishable dish. This and more in the rest of my Holy Family review.

Holy Family Synopsis

A family shifts base after a harrowing experience turns its world upside down. Though the new locality is welcoming, the family is under consistent threat. Will the members stay together in tough times, or will they break?

Created by Manolo Caro, Holy Family stars Najwa Nimri (Gloria), Carla Campra (Aitana), Ivan Pellicer (Abel), Alba Flores (Caterina), Alex Garcia (German), Macarena Gomez (Blanca), and Alvaro Rico (Marcus), among others.

What Works for Holy Family?


Holy Family follows a concrete setup where the tale is not dragged or stretched. It has all the flavors a story needs to conquer the viewer’s mind. You will stay with it and trust the narrative to unravel the desired mysteries in due time.

Moreover, the show brings many exciting prospects that will arouse curiosity and compel you to some extent to finish watching Holy Family.


Like most of you, I am also a massive fan of provocative and unexpected endings. The last few shows, like The Watcher and Kantara, didn’t come good on conclusions. However, to my surprise, Holy Family created an untarnished buildup toward the end. Though initially, it felt the makers were simply eying to pitch the second season, things fell in place just in time.

Not Entirely Predictable

You will be able to guess many of Holy Family’s twists beforehand. However, some significant ones will remain a mystery until the makers unfold them. What this does is it rejuvenates your deducing skills while allowing you to connect the dots.


Najwa Nimri holds this dark and steamy Spanish series on Netflix. She plays Gloria and brings a multi-layered personality to the screen. There are scenes when you feel for her, and then there are moments you will loathe her limitlessly. The actress shines on most occasions with her blatantly composed expressions.

Carla Campra impresses as Aitana in Holy Family. There’s a scene when Carla is pretending to play the Piano with her fingers, but there’s no physical presence of the instrument. Her intensity is breathtaking as she fills you with emotions at that point. It was one of the few moments in the show when I felt an emotional push.

Ivan Pellicer plays Abel, a mostly contained character in Holy Family. His performance is void of inessential stagecraft. Moreover, Ivan’s significance grows in each episode, utilized effectively by the actor with adept skills.

Alba Flores allows you to have opinions about Caterina in Holy Family. She is fierce, angry, yet street-smart. The shades help Alba in placing herself in the scheme of things. Additionally, you would like the gentle nudges in her comportment.

I would describe Alex Garcia’s act as admirable. He plays German in the series and never loses the intrinsic touch of righteousness despite landing on the opposing side. Furthermore, he matches the intensity of the character when needed to leave no loopholes.

Alvaro Rico, as Marcus, moves a step ahead, though, portraying a similar character as he did in Alba. He is mainly identified for the charm Alvaro brings to the screen, and the same happens in Holy Family. You would like his magnetic presence and want his essence to be never-ending.

What Doesn’t Work for Holy Family?


It felt strange as I couldn’t feel emotionally attached to the show. Yes, Holy Family is dark and mysterious, but it also emphasizes on emotions of a mother. Moreover, the theme surrounds families, which should have extracted sentiments from the audience. Many stimulating and pivotal emotional scenes seemed half-cooked and failed to resonate.

The Middle Phase

To a large extent, I found the middle phase of Holy Family to be pretentiously crawling for twists and turns. The makers could have instead gone for a structured manifestation.

Final Word

Holy Family has a good premise backed by supreme performances. It manages to tell the story with cohesion, thereby demanding a watch. Moreover, some scenes are very well presented in this dark series.

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