Background checks aren’t usually free, so how much does a background check cost? Well, it depends. When you run a background check you typically have to pay a company anyway from $100 to $200 per employee.

That said, this isn’t the whole story because there are ways to lower that cost and you can even look up social media accounts and other information online free of charge. Read on to learn more about the cost of background checks and how you can save some money on the next one you run.

What Is a Background Check?

A background check is the process of looking into someone’s public records to verify their identity. The most basic background checks will trace someone’s Social Security number and compare that information against SSN records to verify the legitimacy of someone’s identity.

However, most background checks take this process a step further and check for criminal records, drug use, or even financial records. Therefore, background checks can be many different things, and for this reason, the cost will vary based on the type of background check.

How Much Does a Background Check Cost

The average background check costs about $100 to $200 per employee. This covers Social Security background checks (SSN traces) as well as criminal record searches. Sex offender status can also be found in this price range.

Most companies will only look for this information unless the job requires more specific skills, clearance, or requirements. For example, some companies might need to run drug screenings, check someone’s driving records, or look into their financial history.

Depending on the additional information you’re looking for, you can expect to spend another $100 to $200 per employee.

How Much Does a Credit Check Cost?

Most credit checks are free of charge if they’re looking into your credit score. However, credit checks can start to cost money if you’re looking into someone’s bank accounts, bankruptcy records, or previous loans. Expect to pay an additional $10 to $40 per employee. Ultimately, the cost comes down to what you’re looking for from your employees.

How Much Does a Driving Records Check Cost?

A driving records check varies depending on the state you live in. For this reason, you can expect to pay around $10 to $40 for a driving records check.

If you need commercial driving records the price can go up, so it also depends on the type of driving records you’re searching for. Still, the average cost is around $25 per applicant.

Some third-party agencies may charge more and sometimes you can get lucky and uncover a DUI or something similar in a criminal records search to save money.

How Much Does a Drug Test Cost?

Drug tests can cost $12 to $200 per test. The cost varies greatly depending on how you run the drug test. It will only cost you $12 if you purchase the panels yourself and have applicants test themselves.

While this will save you money, people can fake their results without supervision. For this reason, most companies work with third-party agencies for drug tests and they can charge about $100 to $200 per applicant.

Run an Affordable Background Check Today!

Background checks are an important part of the hiring process. While it’s an important part of the process, it doesn’t mean you have to leave money on the table by overpaying for background checks.

Yes, you can work with background check agencies that offer great deals if you’re always hiring employees, but this isn’t the best course of action for individuals. If you’re about to be interviewed, you’ll want to run a background check on yourself to prepare for any potential issues your potential employer may find. In these cases, we recommend using an affordable online background check tool like USPeopleSearch.

UsPeopleSearch is an affordable online option that brings you all of someone’s public records (including your own) into one convenient full report. This includes records from every state in the country, and you can leverage this tool to verify someone’s identity, criminal records, sex offender status, and much more.

That said, the best part is the cost. There is a trial period available, and you can run unlimited searches for a low cost every month – this makes UsPeopleSearch ideal for individuals and small businesses.

Regardless of how you run a background check, make sure you always have consent before doing so. This will help you avoid any legal problems.

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