Magic and belief go hand-in-hand. After The Sound of Magic, Netflix is back with another movie based on magic. This time it is an Indian-origin film, Jaadugar. I will come to the question of whether you should watch it or not, but before that, do you really believe in magic? I do.

For my non-Hindi readers, Jaadugar means Magician in English.

Not many Indian films make it to Netflix each month when compared to other countries. If Jaadugar has found a way to the platform, it must have some uniqueness to it.

Jaadugar Movie Review Summary

Infused with the proper ingredients, even lengthy films have a chance to impress the audience. Jaadugar tries hard to engage the viewers but struggles to gain their attention. There’s too much of everything when all it needed was to do the basics right.

However, the movie does have many heartwarming moments and lovable performances. Add to the list humor and entertainment. Keep reading my Jaadugar review to learn more.

Jaadugar Movie Synopsis

Meenu’s (Jeetu) ambition is to become a renowned magician, but he must take his football team to the finals if he has to marry the love of his life, Disha (Aarushi Sharma). Faced with complicated choices, can Meenu achieve his dream and be with his love at the same time?

Directed by Sameer Saxena and written by Biswapati Sarkar, Jaadugar stars Jeetu (Meenu), Aarushi Sharma (Disha), Jaaved Jaaferi (Pradeep Narang), and Manoj Navneet Joshi (Magician Chhabra) in lead roles. Since its story surrounds the sport of football, the film has a huge supporting cast.

What Works for Jaadugar?

Concept and Story

Jaadugar’s concept is a bit shaky but not entirely a waste. The makers have mixed two ideas: magic and sports. Probably, they wanted the movie to have a distinct appeal. We usually either have a story based on superficial magic tricks or one that is sports-centric.

A blend of both genres is hardly seen, which is what the creators of Jaadugar intended to achieve. Moreover, the same reason adds to the long duration of the film. But the film’s story is well plotted, and the concept consistently elevates its charm.

The mixture of football and magic ensures you never crawl for freshness. Ever the magic begins to get lame, the movie switches to football and vice versa.


At the helm of Jaadugar is Jeetu, with his characteristic dialogue delivery. As usual, the actor effortlessly brings India’s youth to the screen. His presence is witty, and the growth of his character is alluring. Even a boring scene is watchable, thanks to Jeetu’s countenance and intonations.

Don’t be surprised if he seems like a macho in one frame and appears to be a fearful child in the other. Furthermore, his comic timing plays a massive role in keeping Jaadugar afloat.

The legend, Jaaved Jaaferi, portrays a football coach in the movie. He has a stuttering accent that he aces like no other. His character is not funny, but the natural comedian in Jaaferi finds a way to entertain you. After decades of working as an actor, he is growing like a fine wine.

Aarushi Sharma is stupendous as Disha in Jaadugar. Her entry into the film brings affability and charm. Moreover, the actor’s profound performance is second to none in the movie. Sharma’s dialogue delivery, expressions, and shrewdness are things to behold. She adds a subtle touch of sense when the film tends to convert into a logic-less plot.

Manoj Navneet Joshi has more of a cameo role in Jaadugar. The experienced actor never ceases to amaze you with his virtuoso act. Furthermore, the supporting cast of the film is its backbone. Had each artist not delivered their parts well, Jaadugar could not have sustained itself.


If there is one thing that is close to being consistent in Jaadugar, it is comedy. The film has sarcasm in sufficient quantity to tickle your funny bones. From situational jokes to characteristic humor, Jaadugar doesn’t disappoint in transporting funny vibes.


Yes, romance is also a vital element of Jaadugar, and Aarushi Sharma should be lauded for the same. As I mentioned earlier, her entry is enchanting and pleasant at the same time. For someone like Jeetu, an equally versatile acting partner was needed, and Sharma came good.

Together, they create a charismatic chemistry and find their way into your heart.


Jaadugar has a certain degree of warmth and sweetness in its narration. Some moments make you feel lighter and think of life as a collection of struggles and dreams. By the end of the story, you are drenched in emotions and have compassion for the characters.

However, it is short-lived.

What Doesn’t Work for Jaadugar?

Slow and Lengthy

Jaadugar on Netflix has a slow pace and long length. For the duration it offers, there’s not enough excitement in the plot. Additionally, some songs could have been curtailed to reduce the runtime. To be fair, maintaining a fast pace in a long movie is hard. Once the length went out of hands, the speed was bound to take a beating.


Magic is a superficial subject, making Jaadugar seem a bit far-fetched. Instead of treading cautiously, maybe a more over-the-top approach could have worked. For almost three hours, you cannot live on the surface. There has to be a sky-rocketing jump toward the sky.

On the other hand, if the aim was to be authentic and raw, the makers should have made it more believable. The harsh truth is that magic and football are topics you cannot contain for a long time. In the end, they will demand unreal propulsions.

Final Word

Jaadugar is a boring film? No! It has a cheerfully exciting plot? No! The movie falls somewhere in between. If you can sit tight for almost three hours, feel free to watch it. There’s fun, passion, and some magic to keep you intermittently entertained.

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