It always happens that we have questions regarding a movie or show. In such cases, going back to the creation to find answers might be tough.

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Kho Gaye Hum Kahan is a new Hindi language film, now streaming on Netflix. The movie opened to positive responses from critics and viewers alike.

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In this blog, I will explain the happenings that occur in the last half hour of Kho Gaye Hum Kahan when Imaad, Neil, and Ahana go to their common friend’s Sangeet ceremony.

You can also find answers to specific plot lines blended within and after the explanation.

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan Detailed Ending Explained

Lala ditches Neil and doesn’t pick up his phone calls on the night of Aisha’s Sangeet ceremony. This infuriates Neil who feels alone even in the presence of so many people at the party.

Specifically, he feels heartbroken to see Imaad and Ahana hanging around with their romantic companions, leaving him on his own.

Hence, Neil eventually decides to exit the party. In the taxi, he comes across Lala’s intimate Instagram stories with Kartik, even kissing him in one of the pictures.

Ahana and Rohan take a room and spend the night together while Imaad gets into a fight with a stranger when he tries to get cozy with his Tinder date.

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Back in an empty home, with his parents out of town, anxiety strikes Neil pretty hard. He decides to go to Lala’s flat and wait for her to return.

After a long time, when she does return in the small hours, he asks why she ghosted him at the Sangeet party.

Neil mentions the post where she kissed Kartik. However, Lala defends her actions calling them instinctive in nature.

He tries to be in her shoes and understands being in Kartik Seth’s vicinity would help her social profile.

To this, Lala lays bare the fact that she and Neil are not a couple. So, why is he behaving like a possessive boyfriend?

Neil asks her if they are not a couple then why did she ask her to stay over in the past? Why did she take him to the Maldives? And why did she invite his friends on her birthday?

In the order of questioning, Lala reasons boredom, him being her trainer, and coercion as the answers, respectively.

Neil taunts her saying Kartik has bought her integrity with his money. Lala lashes out at him but by then, he has already left the house.

Ahana wakes up to an empty room with Rohan nowhere to be seen. She texts him but the messages don’t go through.

His Instagram profile is also inaccessible from Ahana’s original ID but it is visible from her fake ID, which leads her to realize that Rohan has blocked her from everywhere after using her for one last time.

Image Credits: Netflix

An emotionally fragile Imaad deletes Tinder and finally accepts his shortcomings in front of his psychiatrist.

He admits lying to Simran all the time despite her being always honest with him. Imaad regrets not even doing the most basic thing she deserved.

Further, he hopes to meet Simran and open up in front of her.

Harsh informs Neil that Lala has lodged a complaint against him while requesting for a new trainer.

Even though the latter tries to explain himself, Harsh removes him from the Gym and Neil loses his job.

Frustrated and angry with Lala, he then decides to take revenge by creating a social media storm.

Neil manages to guess Lala’s Instagram password after many failed attempts.

He then crafts a new post, talking shit about her looks, and way of talking and demeaning her physically.

Neil also focuses on the influencer culture and narrates in first person’s voice how social media influencers like Lala fool the general public by loading them with the fear of missing out, dependency, and inferior complex.

At her farewell party in the office, Ahana tells Meher about Rohan’s antics. Her friend shows her his Insta profile and the posts he has shared on his birthday.

Scrolling through the photos, in which he is celebrating with his new girlfriend, a triggered Ahana barges out of the office and lands straight at Rohan’s place, where his birthday party is in full swing.

Rohan notices her and tries to talk to her privately in a hushed voice. However, Ahana isn’t too keen on the same.

She converses about the Sangeet night and says she wanted to surprise him the way he did that night.

Tanya (new girlfriend) also appears soon and introduces herself to Ahana. When she goes back to bring Champagne, Rohan asks for the real reason behind her stunt.

Ahana bluntly answers that he slept with her and then blocked her before going out with Tanya. Her loud voice lands on the ears of guests standing nearby.

Noticing the same, Rohan takes her into a room. Aisha calls Imaad and updates him about the situation.

When Rohan asks why did she not call him beforehand, Ahana has an easy comeback in ‘you blocked me everywhere.’

Image Credits: Netflix

She keeps pressing on the reason why he hooked up with her again while being in a relationship. Rohan says he wanted closure since things ended abruptly between them.

In Ahana’s words, he was the one who asked for a break. The excuse that he wanted a goodbye hookup cannot work because he lied to her in the first place in the garb of taking a break.

Their argument keeps going on and Rohan mentions Ahana’s social media posts after their breakup saying they made him think that she was alright and had moved on.

In reality, Ahana posted them to get his attention. She was fed up with his perfect life and didn’t know how to get him back.

Hence, she pretended to go on a date. Now, she regrets putting the weight of her self-worth on an ignorant man, who never cared about her.

On her way out, Ahana mumbles and suggests Tanya to ask him about his whereabouts on the Sangeet night.

She bursts into tears at the entrance of the building and while at it, sees Tanya exiting the place as well.

The two make eye contact before the latter gets inside her car and leaves the scene.

You can notice a deafening silence between them and even though they wanted to talk, their grief came into play.

Imaad reaches the scene and sits beside Ahana. He gives her a hug and offers comfort, trying to calm her down with encouraging words.

Meanwhile, Rohan comes running out, looking for Tanya but fails to catch her.

He drops a taunt at Ahana and calls it a bitch move to tell Tanya about their hookup.

His words and vocal tone agitate Imaad, who confronts him and the duo gets into a heated argument, which soon turns physical.

Both try to get on top of one another as Ahana helplessly attempts to pull them aside. Eventually, Rohan overpowers Imaad and sits on him while he lies flat on the ground.

Image Credits: Netflix

Just when he is about to hit him, Neil arrives from nowhere and punches him in the face, injuring his nose.

The two friends look at each other with hidden affection since they haven’t been on talking terms lately.

Neil offers him a hand and helps him get up. They leave the premises like a family having broken the ice.

Back home, Imaad and Ahana come across the news of Lala facing online abuse due to some of her posts.

They assume her account must have been hacked by someone while Neil stands there in shame.

Imaad shows him hundreds of comments and posts calling her names like lightened skin, sellout, social climber, etc.

Ahana asks Neil to call her and motivate her to lodge a police complaint. However, Neil seems indifferent to the happenings.

His reaction arouses suspicion and Ahana’s protruding eyes finally evoke a confession from Neil.

He tells them he was the one who hacked her account because she cheated on him. Moreover, he lost his job because of her.

Ahana feels sorry for him but also lashes out because what he did was wrong, in her opinion. She angrily leaves the room.

Imaad tries to comfort him and points out the real problem.

He says Lala couldn’t see what Neil has and even he has never acknowledged the kind of goodness he is blessed with, including his family, friends, talent, etc.

Realizing the blunder he has committed, Neil drafts another post, this time from his own account. He apologizes to Lala and confesses to having violated her privacy and written what he shouldn’t have.

All he wanted was to humiliate her. But he is now ashamed of himself. In reality, he did it because he was unhappy with himself.

He always focused on his shortcomings and things he didn’t have, failing to acknowledge and be grateful for all that he had.

Whatever he wrote reflects his reality more than hers. Neil even says that he was prepared for the consequences.

Image Credits: Netflix

The scene cuts and we are welcomed to Imaad’s stand-up comedy act, which soon turns personal from tickling internet jokes.

He talks about being comfortable with someone for the first time, referring to Simran, but screwing it up eventually.

The only person he had had a long-term relationship with was his therapist.

The mention of a shrink raises eyebrows from Neil and Ahana. He talks about the lack of emotional intimacy in his life, rightly pointed out by the therapist.

The reason cited by Imaad behind the same is that he thinks people eventually leave, which stops him from sharing extremely personal details with them.

Nevertheless, as he sits on the chair and the mood becomes somber, the comedian decides to open up in front of his audience and talks about a horrendous experience he had at the age of 10.

One of his dad’s business friends would sexually harass him on the pretext of expensive chocolates.

For the past fifteen years, he has always aimed to hide his truth from everyone, including his friends.

Why? Because he thought it was his mistake. He could have screamed, run away, or stopped it but he didn’t. Ever since he has been running away from himself.

After a succulent oration, he walks out of the room to applause and a standing ovation. The crowd is moved to tears and his two friends hug him backstage.

This is when the movie ends. Now, some questions…

Did Imaad’s Friends Know About his Therapy Sessions?

No, Neil and Ahana were unaware of the fact that Imaad was seeing a therapist. The proof is their shocking expression when he mentions the same from the stage.

Moreover, even earlier in the film, he would often make excuses to them when going out for his therapy sessions.

Why Did Imaad Only Have Casual Relationships with Tinder Dates and Lacked Emotional Intimacy?

He feared opening up to people. If he got emotional, he would eventually have to talk about the sexual harassment he had faced, and he didn’t know how the person in front would behave.

He assumed that they would leave. Therefore, he used to leave before they could do the same upon hearing about his past.

Did Neil Face a Police Case for Violating Lala’s Privacy?

Nothing of this sort is explicitly shown in the film. However, since he issued a public apology, I assume he didn’t face a police case.

Moreover, his attending Imaad’s standup also indicates that Neil was let go.

What Happened to Ahana and Rohan’s Love Life?

They parted ways after Rohan lied to Ahana to get in bed with her for one last time.

What are the New Year Resolutions Proposed in Kho Gaye Hum Kahan?

The film provides a wonderful message at the end in the form of New Year Resolutions. They are as follows:

Resolution 1: Keep your phones aside and look life in the eye. Life is about living without filters and lenses.

Resolution 2: Take it easy and keep it real. It doesn’t take much to be happy. Only when you come close to your truth can people come close to you.

Resolution 3: Stop the comparisons. You are one of a kind and you don’t need to be like anyone else.

Resolution 4: Be grateful. Say, thank you every day for all that you are blessed with.

Resolution 5: Find your tribe. Who needs followers when you have friends?

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