Taiwan’s focus on goofy and offbeat creations that started some time ago continues with Miss Shampoo, the latest flick from the region, now streaming on Netflix.

Apart from catering to the two aforementioned niches, the movie is a romantic comedy.

It runs for 2 hours and is kind of aimed at being a New Year film. Here is my take on how it fares. 

Miss Shampoo Synopsis

Fen, a hairstylist, saves a gangster’s life, who, in turn, decides to return the favor in the most unpredictable manner.

Image Credits: Netflix

Their story grows as the gangster falls in love with Fen, putting his own ‘criminal career’ at risk.

The movie is directed by Giddens Ko and stars Vivian Sung (Fen), Daniel Hong (Tai), Kai Ko, Emerson Tsai, Ying Wei-min, and others. 

What Works for Miss Shampoo? 

The thought that a strange love story can blossom between a common girl and a gangster is not new. It is literally the script of every second South Indian film. 

But the difference lies in their execution and presentation. 

Miss Shampoo makes full use of its uncanny concept by putting the lead pair in a spot and defining their union by real, first-time issues. 

On an ordinary night, Fen, a hairdresser, saves Tai from a group of goons by hiding him inside her store. The next morning, Tai returns for a haircut. 

Consequently, he gets a new hairstyle every other day, having fallen for Fin. The once fierce gangster turns gentle even in his circle of criminals.

Miss Shampoo is funny in more than one aspect. It uses jokes, cartoonist acts, situational comedy, and graphical depictions of internal emotions to spread humor. 

The last on the list is probably the most common yet absurd way to make someone laugh but still, it works big time for Miss Shampoo. 

Image Credits: Netflix

Moreover, the offbeat nature of the plot gives rise to a certain amount of goofiness that stays on the back of the narration, always. 

Specifically, the communication between characters mingling together as friends leads the fun.

Though it is silly, I think the fact that the writing gets into the mind of a gangster turned naive lover helps in establishing a connect with the masses. 

The eccentricity of people talking through silent dialogue, which is an ancient way of storytelling, is another sweet feature. 

Furthermore, thankfully, the climax ensures the whole setup doesn’t go to waste. For a while, I had a pointer in my notepad that Miss Shampoo lacks action. 

At least, one such sequence was needed, which eventually arrived. Lastly, the spell of comedy surrounding cheesy intimacy will make you laugh out loud.

How are the Performances?

Vivian Sung as Fen is laudable in the movie. She has an innocent aura that’s internally dominating. It doesn’t matter how savage the plot gets, Sung remains calm and composed.

Her presence is lovable, which makes the subtle romance enjoyable. Also, Vivian’s expressions are unconventional. So, they bring her on top of the performance scale.

Image Credits: Netflix

Daniel Hong plays Tai and develops a bond with the viewers. His innocent comportment is truly relatable. 

He uses the pauses to big effect while his expressions are quite magical, to be honest. 

The actor might be vocally humorous, but he also has a shade of innate seriousness that helps reach the corners of the storyline.

What Doesn’t Work for Miss Shampoo?

It is a very simple idea that is already present in the global cinematic landscape in large quantities. Only the settings are different.

So, calling Miss Shampoo unique would be wrong since I have seen many similar ideas in India itself.

Image Credits: Netflix

Additionally, though the movie is funny and laugh-worthy, its attempts at emotions fail completely. You will find the sappy scenes just pastime.

A bit more depth may have enhanced their impact.

Lastly, the music, both background and playback, in Miss Shampoo is not powerful enough to land a standalone influence.

Stream or Skip?

You should go for it.

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