Eternal love mostly remains unfulfilled and that’s what makes up for an enticing creative story.

Netflix has released a new film, which has a very interesting element associated with it.

Nuovo Olimpo is a bittersweet, intimate drama that has its roots in the director’s real-life story.

Yes, the movie gets its inspiration from Ferzan Ozpetek’s first-hand experiences back when he fell in love with someone.

It is his story with minor tweaks and changes for cinematic adaptation. Almost two hours in length, Nuovo Olimpo is an Italian creation.

Here is my review detailing the movie’s ups and downs.

Nuovo Olimpo Synopsis

Enea and Pietro meet in a movie theater called “Nuovo Olimpo” and fall for each other in the Rome of the late 1970s.

Image Credits: Netflix

However, a bond that seems impossible to break withers away during the violent anti-establishment protests.

Almost half a century later, they meet again with Enea going on to become a renowned director and Pietro, a specialist surgeon.

Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek, Nuovo Olimpo stars Damiano Gavino (Enea), Andrea Di Luigi (Pietro), Greta Scarano (Giulia), and others.

What Works for Nuovo Olimpo?

The romantic truthfulness of this film is paramount and beats all other factors by a huge margin. 

It doesn’t take much time to kick in, unlike most of the love stories, even those carrying the theme of love at first sight. 

Nuovo Olimpo bluntly sets up the stage for a passionate romance by building character intimacy. It caresses you with the heartfelt vibes of two individuals lost in love. 

Image Credits: Netflix

You can feel a swiftly brewing romantic enchantment around you. Though it’s straightforward, the film never rushes into things. 

Maybe, we can call it effortless romance, where a lot of hard work and planning is put into but the final outcome looks ultra natural. 

From the subtle crescendo of sensual encounters to the delicate interplay of carnal desires, the film envelops the audience seamlessly.

Then it ever so subtly breaks into heartbreak and longing without getting ostentatious. The consequent transition into a timeless tale is quiet and sentimentally berserk at times. 

Nuovo Olimpo is an attempt at classic romance; one that gives prudence to substance over typical melodrama. 

Moreover, the continuity in its storytelling is also well-picturized. While breaking into different timelines, the film doesn’t make you feel disconnected from either the setting or the characters, thanks to its neat structure.

Interestingly, since Nuovo Olimpo is inspired by the director’s personal experiences, it is able to put more warmth at the forefront.

Image Credits: Netflix

This aspect brings out raw emotions, even during intimate scenes, you see more realism being played out than artificiality.

Nuovo Olimpo’s cinematography is accompanied by the visuals of the previous decades. Surely superficial, still, the onscreen authenticity succeeds in convincing the audience.

Additionally, the philosophical undertones in the film’s writing are admirable. The patience with which certain close-ranged scenes are crafted is astounding.

The music is serene and the alternate universe kind of ending makes Nuovo Olimpo one of a kind. I also liked how the makers attached certain sweetness to the supporting characters.

No individual gets a negative outset, which is one of the reasons behind this Italian film’s heartwarming and positive screenplay.

How are the Performances?

Damiano Gavino plays Enea and he owns the screen to the last frame. The actor aces his emotional strength while digging out a way to present repressed stardom. 

His articulately crafted mien remains top-notch during conversations throughout the film. It adds depth and a subtle enigma to the tale.

Image Credits: Netflix

Andrea Di Luigi portrays Pietro, a character who is shy, reserved, and yet ballistic from the inside. He equips himself with a really sweet demeanor that also reflects in his facial acuity. 

Luigi’s exemplary skills are consistent and without a hint of any lag whatsoever. The duo is high on the chemistry that fuels the happy narrative of Nuovo Olimpo.

I loved the supporting cast but their presence is so limited that talking about them is not possible.

What Doesn’t Work for Nuovo Olimpo?

Some people might find it slow, which is because of the style of filmmaking used in the movie. However, you have the option to play it at an enhanced speed on Netflix.

Secondly, we have had many such timeless love stories, at least in India. So, there is nothing unique. Obviously, it might be really fresh in the context of LGBTQ romance.

Furthermore, Nuovo Olimpo doesn’t explore some arcs of the story. For example, what happened to Pietro’s ailing mother is never explicitly mentioned.

It would have been amazing to see a bit more of Giulia’s endeavors but I think the length was the real constraint.

Stream or Skip?

Nuovo Olimpo, rich in emotional depth, is a testament to the enduring power of love’s complexities and is bound to evoke emotions. 

Therefore, I would suggest you give it a go.

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