After a decent break from walking into a cinema hall, I finally ended the dry run with Rashtra Kavach OM. (For convenience, I will not use the prefix henceforth). It marks the comeback of Aditya Roy Kapoor to the big screen and promises to be a worthy action entertainer.

The movie’s trailer did not get a broad audience, and the pre-release buzz was also relatively low. In this context, it is hard to say whether OM will have a blasting time at the ticket windows.

For my non-Hindi audience, Rashtra Kavach means National Shield.

Rashtra Kavach OM Movie Review Summary

With bewitching action scenes and a succinct storyline, OM is a movie made for the big screen. Keep reading my OM review to learn more about the latest Indian action film.

Rashtra Kavach OM Movie Synopsis

One of India’s best minds, Dev Rathore, comes up with a novel idea of developing a Nuclear defense mechanism (Rashtra Kavach). He pitches it to the higher authorities and succeeds in getting the permits. However, in an unfortunate incident, he is accused of committing treason.

Om (Aditya Roy Kapoor) is the most prolific para-commando officer in India who is entrusted to complete the mission of Saving the RASHTRA KAVACH from getting into the wrong hands. On his way to the task, he goes through personal setbacks from his past and present. Will he succeed in the mission?

Directed by Kapil Verma, OM stars Aditya Roy Kapoor (OM), Prakash Raj (Murthy), Ashutosh Rana (Jai Rathore), and Sanjana Sanghi (Kavya) in lead roles.

Originally, the movie was titled, OM: The Battle Within, but it was changed to Rashtra Kavach: OM at the last minute, maybe due to the current political climate in India.

What works for Rashtra Kavach OM?

Story and Concept

My first impression about action films is never good, concerning their story and Concept. However, proving me wrong, Om has a well-written plot to go with an above-average storyline.

The movie bases itself on an intriguing idea and manages to keep you glued with a taut screenplay. It doesn’t overdo things in the first half, which is at the core of OM.


OM has thrill written all over it. Well-executed action scenes, terrific Aditya Roy Kapoor, and other elements like the screenplay, writing and twists further compound the “fascination” factor.

The movie never feels slow and is paced just right to vividly entertain the viewers. Surprisingly, it has some goosebump-worthy moments, enhancing the overall watching experience.


This latest Indian action film succeeds in touching your sensitive nerves. It explores several aspects of human relationships, focusing mainly on family relations.
When you are touched by a story and feel pinched in the heart, you know that the show is going well. And that is what happens with OM.


Sometimes, action films suffer due to poor implementation of fight scenes. On other occasions, they fall prey to a lousy storyline. John Abraham’s recent release, Attack, was a combination of both.

Nevertheless, OM doesn’t disappoint in terms of clashes and battles. It has enough hand-to-hand combats, weaponized conflicts, and coordinated fights to stimulate the moviegoer in you.


Undoubtedly, the eye candy in OM is the chiseled Aditya Roy Kapoor. He is back on the screen after a long time and gets his act right straightaway.

Kapoor’s toned body, rough accent, heartbreaking expressions, and a slaying dialogue delivery are only some reasons to enjoy his stunning performance.

The unique thing about Aditya Roy Kapoor is he not only makes girls go head over heels but also spellbinds males with his exquisite performance and workout regime.

If I had to be honest about Roy’s performance in OM, I would call him amongst the most versatile actors in India. From emotions to action sequences, he dexterously aces everything. Wonder why he stays off the limelight most of the time since he can grab attention at the drop of a hat.

Ashutosh Rana as Jai Rathore is the thread that binds OM together. He is a graceful actor who looks intense from the outset. A natural misdemeanor to his personality forces you to put him in the gray category of characters.

Even when Rana plays a positive role, you will remain doubtful about him until the very end. All this is a result of his dedication, perseverance, and years of hard work.

Prakash Raj plays Murthy and toys with your psychological realms. He comes across as a manipulating force like usual but sends you into a different zone of discomfort.

Sanjana Sanghi, the young actress who played the female lead in Dil Bechara, is the only loose ends in OM. Mostly, she cannot pitch herself to the audience.

And when she does, her character can’t break the shackles of innocence and geniality. I would have loved to see Sanjana outperforming herself, but, unfortunately, she disappoints.

Jackie Shroff has a limited screen presence, which is compromised primarily due to his overpowering personality. When he should have been more contained, Shroff ends up hyping himself.

The rest of the cast is amusing and delivers effervescently for OM.

Background Music

When in a theater, sound and visual experience are all that you need to feel at home. What meets the eyes in OM is ably complemented by a thrusting background score. The compelling sound of OM leaves an incredible impact and accentuates the film’s effectiveness.

What Doesn’t Work for Rashtra Kavach OM?

Logical Fallacies

Despite a good story, high-octane action, and splendid performance from the lead cast, OM lags behind due to rational ignorance in the second half.

The movie doesn’t rely on sense while concluding things. Sometimes, you would notice the lead barging into a hub of criminals and killing them one by one. However, while he is at it, the other hooligans don’t even get a little sniff of the hero’s intrusion.

In one of the scenes, he kicks a guy into the river, and the splash of water goes unnoticed. Such instances are in plenty throughout the movie, but more so toward the end.


Till the first half, VFX and edits seemed decent. And one could not find a significant loophole in the department. Only one green screen sequence was out of touch.

However, things tend to go out of hand when the action reaches its peak in the latter part of the second half.

Bullet wounds, gunshots, and blood splashes appear immediately after the impact; however, they disappear as soon as the camera angle changes.

In one of the shocking scenes, a bullet-ridden character survives miraculously.

The makers should have given more attention to such scenes.

Over-the-top Ending

Exaggeration is not new in action flicks. Almost every film has overblown moments and picturization, focusing solely on the lead’s redemption.

OM is no different when it comes to silly action sequences. Whether it is about the protagonist jumping from a helipad or beating goons like cotton, OM surpasses all heights of heroism.

Final Word

Considered in totality, OM has its pros and cons. However, when experienced in a theater, the Aditya Roy Kapoor starrer is a must-watch for action lovers.

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