Germany is more active on Netflix via shows than movies. At least, this is what I have observed in the past year.

The country’s dark and enigmatic stories reverberate across borders. Can we expect the same from Sixty Minutes or 60 Minutes, the latest film from the region to hit the streaming platform?

It is an action flick with a focus on Mixed Martial Arts. The ninety-minute runtime aims to enthrall viewers using a strict plotline.

Here is my review.

Sixty Minutes Synopsis

A Mixed Martial Arts fighter abandons an important match to attend her daughter’s birthday party after his ex-wife gives him a deadline of sixty minutes or else, he’ll lose the custody of his little girl.

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Oliver Kienle, the movie stars Emilio Sakraya (Octavio), Dennis Mojen (Paul), Marie Mouroum (Cosima), Paul Wollin (Chino), and others.

Sixty Minutes: Positives

With an exciting concept, Sixty Minutes sets a hook-worthy atmosphere right from the beginning.

Octavio, a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, is caught in the crosswinds when his extremely important MMA match clashes with her daughter’s birthday. 

He tries to manage the two things somehow, but the magnitude of problems simply keeps piling up as his fight nears. 

Eventually, he makes a decision that changes the course of his entire day.

The action scenes in Sixty Minutes are superbly executed and they get on your nerves pretty quickly. 

Authenticity remains their best part. Combat sequences are meticulously packed throughout the ninety-minute duration to enhance the impact of every punch, kick, and explosion. 

Each fight builds upon the previous one, escalating in intensity as the film progresses. 

Image Credits: Netflix

The seamless execution, with the characters carrying an almost preternatural fluidity, captivates the audience sumptuously. 

In some way, Sixty Minutes does break the boundaries of conventional action. 

Its innovative approach to hand-to-hand battles adds ample stimulation to the film’s narrative. The movie gets help from an evenly-paced plot that never becomes dull. 

Furthermore, the screenplay has many praiseworthy aspects, starting with the emotional density associated with action scenes. 

The tension in the air sustains viewers for a long time. Once you sit down to watch Sixty Minutes, you will probably get up after finishing it. 

Help also arrives from the background score – that never overpowers the onscreen visuals – and ambient lighting, which also adds a touch of dark exhilaration.

How are the Performances?

Emilio Sakraya plays the main protagonist, Octavio, in the movie. His physical build is as sturdy as his acting instincts. 

From emotions to insane action, the actor wizardly triumphs in all departments. 

His intricate expressions lend the movie the desired depth one would expect from a partly sentimental storyline. 

There are no hiccups in his mien, which he uses to forward the tale. 

Image Credits: Netflix

At times, we find actors with strong physical features capable of only delivering smooth action sequences. 

They completely falter in the real realm of acting. However, Sakraya quashes this notion with his thorough performance.

Dennis Mojen and Marie Mouroum are also exquisite in their respective acts. Not with major screen time, the duo instills balance in Sixty Minutes. 

Marie’s action-packed maneuvering is delightful to watch while Mojen sustains the plot with his light appearance.

Sixty Minutes: Downsides

Well, the film aces what it sets out for. You can have issues with the story, at times. 

For example, why didn’t the protagonist take the car when he had the opportunity, or was it really needed to put him in those many problems to make the movie interesting. 

However, these are individual opinions and not glaring issues with Sixty Minutes. 

Stream or Skip?

Sixty Minutes gives a lot of adrenaline rush and produces everything it promises. I would recommend it to you.

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