Tahir’s House (2023) Series Review: The First Ever Saudi Show on Netflix is Watchable

Watching creations from new and exciting locales is always a delight, and Netflix has once again expanded its horizons by introducing Saudi Arabia to its diverse lineup of content. 

Leading the charge is Tahir’s House, marking a significant milestone as the first Saudi Arabian show to grace the streaming giant’s platform.

With its quirky and light-hearted charm, Tahir’s House stands out as a refreshingly original title.

Boasting a total of six episodes, this delightful series offers viewers a three-hour-long escape into its whimsical world.

Here is my review of the first Saudi Arabian series on Netflix.

Tahir’s House Synopsis

The Tahirs are reeling with poor finances as their Fish shop isn’t generating enough returns. On top of it, Youssef loses his job and henceforth, a chance to live with his wife.

Image Credits: Netflix

In a desperate search for change in fortunes, he stumbles upon a powerful local plant, Habsa, and plans to convert it into a business opportunity.

Several talented individuals have directed the show. It stars Joud Alsufyani (Azizah), Naema Alhumaidi, Khalid Abdoon, Rand Algosaibi, Mohammed Bakhsh, Mohammed Elfara, Eman Bushnag, and others.

What Works for Tahir’s House?

The light-hearted comedy of errors or say dramedy of errors in Tahir’s House gives way to an enjoyable experience.

The narrative, while quirky, is quite adept at orchestrating a series of mishaps that keep the storyline intriguing.

This series maintains a subdued and satisfying tone throughout. 

It eschews loud writing and excessive puns, opting instead for a gentle approach to its storytelling and character dynamics.

Viewers are invited into the world of a Muslim household, characterized by a slightly orthodox patriarch who holds absolute authority in decision-making. 

Image Credits: Netflix

This portrayal subtly reflects the traditional dynamics of Asian families, without resorting to humor at their expense; it serves as a symbolic reflection of real-life situations.

In addition, Tahir’s House refrains from indulging in excessive drama. The focus remains squarely on the content, steering clear of melodramatic scenes or heavy sentimentality. 

The series is committed to maintaining its light-hearted ambiance throughout its runtime.

What’s more, the brisk pace of the show ensures a seamless and engaging screenplay, sparing audiences from any sense of clumsiness or boredom. 

While it may not have you laughing uncontrollably, Tahir’s House consistently keeps you entertained and invested in its unfolding narrative.

How are the Performances?

I hate to say this, but despite liking the performances, I cannot write about them simply because I don’t know who played who.

There is no information on the internet (as of now) about the actors barring one or two people. The end credits are probably in Arabic which I don’t understand.

Image Credits: Netflix

I just have a simple suggestion for whoever handles these things: if you are going global, you need to act global.

Use English when rolling credits since it is a language widely accepted. Also, update your show’s page on websites like IMDb.

This will only help your interest.

Unless you are serious about these things, the audience won’t take you seriously.

What Doesn’t Work for Tahir’s House?

In blunt terms, the Saudi Arabian show is noticeably devoid of what we commonly associate with ‘fun’ or ‘comedy.’ 

Punchlines are in short supply, leaving a noticeable absence of humor in the dialogue.

Tahir’s House predominantly relies on situational comedy, which doesn’t consistently hit the mark. 

Image Credits: Netflix

As a viewer, your continued engagement with the series hinges largely on the progression of the storyline.

The incorporation of more humor could have certainly added value and made the show more enjoyable.

Moreover, injecting subtle progressive themes into the narrative could have elevated the overall impact of Tahir’s House.

Stream or Skip?

The primary motivation to give this show a chance might be its relatively short duration. 

Also, exploring a new creative perspective from a region not typically associated with filmmaking could be an intriguing reason to watch.

So, yes, you can certainly give it a go.

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