Creative minds are always busy. For a filmmaker, every tiny bit of their product is significant. From the title to the end credits, everything matters. 

Some titles are entirely contradictory like the latest British show, The Gentlemen, where nobody seems like a gentleman, I would say. 

Nevertheless, the series is a spin-off of a 2019 film by the same name and created by the same person. It has eight episodes and runs for almost seven hours.

The Gentlemen Synopsis

Eddie Horniman inherits his father’s estate upon the latter’s demise. An out-of-turn reward, he must now look after the pending business of the family.

A tale of crime begins.

Image Credits: Netflix

Created by Guy Ritchie, the series stars Theo James (Eddie), Kaya Scodelario (Susie Glass), Daniel Ings (Freddy), Joely Richardson (Lady Sabrina), Vinnie Jones (Geoff), Michael Vu (Jimmy), Harry Goodwins (Jack), and others.

What Works for The Gentlemen?

Spin-offs are a tad vague in hindsight. It is hard to call an idea fresh when it has already been used once by the same creator.

The Gentlemen is offbeat, or, rather, dark, in approach. It has a concept that’s ideally goofy.

After the death of the Duke of Halstead, Eddie, his son, inherits the family estate. But with great power comes great responsibility. For Eddie, the responsibility is to take care of his father’s illicit business interests, which he didn’t know existed. While trying to push the criminals away from his property, he himself becomes one.

The Gentlemen Plot Outline

From there, the storyline takes the shape of a distinct crime drama. It brings in odd characters with offbeat expertise in handling certain situations.

The intricate stitching of threads of the right length helps in mitigating the fear of over or under-exposure.

The series is also grand in scale right from the word go, given its ‘English’ origins. A touch of lavish and exquisite props on the background makes it soothing to the eyes.

Image Credits: Netflix

Most of the time, there’s dark humor at play in The Gentlemen. You will start with a gentle chuckle and end up laughing your heart out, at times.

The best part is, the characters don’t pretend to be funny.

They are subtle and strategic in executing the jokes, which makes the series impactful as a whole.

Moreover, it won’t be wrong to describe The Gentlemen as a fast-paced crime drama that’s serious and yet unserious.

Things never get bland for the show. You have a strong writing setup, an arousing background score, and a humorous royal ambiance.

All of it adds up to make The Gentlemen arithmetically sturdy.

The creative expression is worthy of your attention plus the fitness in its cinematography delivers allure.

How are the Performances?

Theo James wears the shoes of Eddie in The Gentlemen. He is calm and composed while deploying a wholesome aura around him.

James also carries style and elegance within the realms of a fixated countenance. He always looks in control of the narrative through a worthy persona. 

Kaya Scodelario plays Susie Glass. You will never see her expressing herself vividly. Her facial demarcations are nuanced. 

Still, she goes on to whisper right through the most sensitive of scenes. Kaya has power in her eyes, fierceness in her demeanor, and a classy tone in her voice. 

You will find her broadly ecstatic and narrowly restrained.

Image Credits: Netflix

Daniel Ings is Freddy in The Gentlemen. After finishing the series, if you think of humor, you will automatically think of him. 

His well-emulated acts of foolishness take The Gentlemen forward. 

There’s not a shard of doubt in his acting abilities and you’ll love whatever he does on the screen. He has the best expressions. 

In fact, Daniel is the only actor in The Gentlemen who is allowed to make use of his facial acuity, which is why he stands apart. 

What Doesn’t Work for The Gentlemen?

The show promises a powerful ending and the finale has some amazing moments as well. However, it doesn’t reach fruition. 

The Gentlemen produces an underwhelming ending, falling short of the high expectations set by itself. 

I think the plan was to bring up another season and hence, they tinkered with the theatrics.

Stream or Skip?

The Gentlemen is a satisfying watch, overall. It appears to be a worthy spin-off.

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