After some technical issues, I am finally back to reviewing movies and shows regularly. The first of many is The Longest Night, a Spanish series streaming on Netflix. It is a crime thriller focusing on a hostage-type situation.

The last show originating from Spain I watched was Wrong Side of the Tracks, which didn’t meet my expectations. However, the concept of The Longest Night is intriguing, and its trailer was also much appreciated by cine-lovers.

Whether or not the show comes good on the promises is another thing to consider. Here’s my review to help you make a wise decision.

The Longest Night Review Summary

Image Credits: Netflix

This Spanish thriller has an intriguing plot combined with several compelling moments. It has a storyline to keep you hooked till the end. Moreover, the cast of The Longest Night performs exceptionally well to maintain the momentum.

But that’s not it. Several things don’t particularly work for The Longest Night, and you need to keep reading my review to learn about them.

The Longest Night Synopsis

A deadly serial killer, Simon, is caught by the police after years of struggle. Apart from his sins, he carries the secrets of many others who don’t want him appearing before a judge. Therefore, a plan is executed to rescue him from a psychiatric prison facility.

However, Hugo, the warden, is in no mood to hand over the prisoner, despite a hanging threat. Will Simon escape or not? The Longest Night presents the events of one night, including a stand-off between the prison facility and the goons wanting to have Simon alive.

It is created by Xose Morais and Victor Sierra. And the show stars Alberto Amman (Hugo), Luis Callejo (Simon), Daniel Albaladejo (Cherokee), Barbara Goenaga (Dr. Elisa Montero), Lucia Diez (Nuria), Cecilla Freire (Manuela), Xabier Deive (Bastos), Maria Caballero (Laura), Jose Luis Garcia Perez (Lenon), and Caesar Matio (Willy), among others.

What Works for The Longest Night?

Image Credits: Netflix


The reason I am putting the story above concept is the absence of nonsensical approaches. You will not find any fallacies in the story of The Longest Night. Yes, there are some questionable facets, but they majorly relate to illogical elements.

The tale of this Spanish series works big time. It has the potential to keep you attentive. However, some loose points could have been covered better to enhance the experience.


A lethal criminal, a prison with inmates, and an attempt to hijack. These are the three primary tenets of The Longest Night’s concept. From these elements, it draws all that is important to take the story forward. You may have seen movies about hostage situations; still, this Spanish show on Netflix manages to have a distinct appeal.

There is suspense and thrill to enchant the audience.


The Longest Night identifies itself as a Spanish crime thriller on Netflix. But does it transport the same to the audience? Yes, it does. Right from the word go, the series stimulates you with moving scenes and ominous background music. Everything combines into a well-made thriller having various startling moments.

However, I never felt goosebumps, in case you were wondering.


Image Credits: Netflix

The Longest Night is led by not one but several individuals. However, at the forefront are Alberto Amman as Hugo and Luis Callejo as Simon. Both have contrasting yet intermingling roles to play.

Alberto appears like a sorted individual ready to take on challenges and emerge a winner. He never ceases to disappoint through his balanced act. However, there are moments where his intensity could have been on the higher side. Especially when the other characters were rising to the occasion.

Luis Callejo is at the center of attraction due to the essence of his character in the story. But that doesn’t necessarily make him overshadow others. Luis does well to remain composed and put up a manipulative performance. His act is effortless simply because of Callejo’s prowess as an actor.

Daniel Albaladejo as Cherokee is fierce, intense, yet emotionally fragile. There is never a dull moment when he takes charge of the situation. Daniel’s physique works in his favor and allows him to play with force.

Image Credits: Netflix

As the perfect blend of love, peace, and ferocity, Barbara Goenaga brings sweetness to the table. She plays Dr. Elisa in The Longest Night and never fails to impress you through her knitted act.

I reserve my special mention for Lucia Diez, who portrays Nuria in this Spanish thriller on Netflix. She comes across as an eccentric individual whose prolonged existence seems dicey. However, Lucia gradually gets into your skin with some arousing moments.

Image Credits: Netflix

A specific scene that left a mark on me was when Nuria sits beside a guy, with their heads resting on a sideway wall. Their conversation leads to an emotional outburst but the way in which Nuria improvises while crying is probably the best scene from The Longest Night.

She cries but doesn’t let tears overflow. Instead, she imitates scratching her cheeks so that the guy remains unaware of her emotional state.

Everybody else, including Cecilla Freire (Manuela), Xabier Deive (Bastos), Maria Caballero (Laura), Jose Luis Garcia Perez (Lenon), and Caesar Matio (Willy), express themselves in the best possible manner.

Screenplay and Characterization

There is something strange about the characters in The Longest Night. All of them are enigmatic, especially Simon, the criminal everyone is after. The makers of the show succeed in making the audience curious. However, they leave the revelations hanging too long.

The Longest Night has a captivating screenplay to complement its storyline. It was a bit wayward in the beginning but got better with time.

What Doesn’t Work for The Longest Night?

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The Longest Night creates a lot of mystery points to keep the viewers interested. However, it never reveals them, and it is already too late when it does. Sometimes, answers become vital when questions are intrinsic to your plot.

In this Spanish thriller on Netflix, you are never served answers in time. Even after it ends, you only have guesses and nothing concrete. The show introduces many characters but hardly sides the dust on them.

The makers have left everything for the second season, which should not have happened. Because now you cannot call it “The Longest Night Season 2” simply because the night will end at some point. A better option would have been to throw open the mysteries and start the next season afresh.


The intentions of The Longest Night are right, but the show needs to answer several questions. When someone can arrange weapons and carry them, why on earth would they use a jigsaw to break through a door? They could use detonators or RDX to finish the task.

Furthermore, some scenes hardly make sense, but mentioning them here would be inappropriate.

Final Word

The Longest Night has flaws, but they don’t alter your binge-watching experience. It is an engrossing Spanish series on Netflix that should be watched if you love crime thrillers.


Frequently Asked Queries (FAQs)

Will there be The Longest Night Season 2?

Considering the ending of The Longest Night, the show may return for another season. All the ends of the thread are open, and the makers can simply continue from where they have left in the first season.

The Longest Night Ending Explained

As you must have seen, Hugo fails to save his daughter, Laura, mainly because of her prevailing heart condition. Though he succeeds in reaching the Green Block and making the call, everything goes in vain. However, we are not shown whether Laura has died.

On the other hand, we hear police sirens nearing Baruca. But don’t be fooled by the sound; it might be another plot to save Simon.

While at the terrace, Lenon tells Hugo that no one knew about Simon’s transfer to Baruca, which meant someone helped him all the while. And just after this, the camera moves to the house where Laura is kept. It further pans to a photo frame on the table.

Surprisingly, we see Hugo alongside the couple who had hijacked his daughter in the picture. There is also a third person who has been at the forefront of this operation. Therefore, the makers are trying to give an impression that Hugo was hand-in-glove with the perpetrators trying to save Simon.

This theory is believable because Hugo was always physically close to Simon even when Dr. Elisa advised him otherwise. However, we should not forget that the couple who has Hugo’s daughter is also unaware of what is happening around them.

In fact, their baby girl was also kidnapped hours before the Baruca operation. Also, had they known Hugo, they would have easily identified Laura.

Hence, if I had to put up a theory, I would say Hugo is not a part of the operation. He was being tracked for a long time so that they could use him at the right moment. It is further enhanced by the similarities between his and the couple’s situation.

We will only get the answers in the second season of The Longest Night.

Till then, goodbye!

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