Welcome to the land of illusion and economic tricks, where the government’s grand masterstroke has taken yet another turn!

Brace yourselves as we bid adieu to the mystical Rs. 2000 notes, which were once hailed as the savior of our economy, only to vanish into thin air.

The Reserve Bank of India introduced the high-denomination currency in November 2016, post the Indian government’s sudden demonetization.

Over the past few months, speculation had been rife about the note getting discontinued. However, since we are government ‘obliging’ citizens, we didn’t give a damn about the whataboutery.

And it is for people like us that 19th May 2023 should be an eye-opener. We didn’t believe in rumors, but the fateful night made us look like clowns.

RBI announced it was discontinuing the Rs. 2000 note because its purpose had been fulfilled. The said goal of the currency was to bridge the “cash” gap that arose due to demonetization.

They thought a bigger currency would quickly infuse cash into the system. The intention was right but what about the time taken to calibrate the ATMs according to the newly designed notes?

Points of contention are many. And I will not waste my time on them. This blog is more about what I feel from the bottom of my heart about the circus being played out in India by those in power.

The Purported Grand Spectacle to End Corruption

Ah, the Rs. 2000 notes, those colorful pieces of paper that were supposed to revolutionize our lives!

They were like mini-wands, capable of making corruption disappear, transforming black money into confetti, and teleporting our economy into a digital wonderland.

But alas, like a magician’s trick, they appeared one day and disappeared the next, leaving us scratching our heads in confusion.

Remember the long queues outside banks? The frantic search for ATMs that actually dispensed cash? Well, those were the good old days of demonetization.

How we used to take selfies with the Pink colored piece of paper to brag on social media? Oh, you must remember when some journalists made us believe that the note had superpowers (an in-built GPS chip)?

Don’t tell me you have forgotten everything? It’s only been what like less than seven years.

We were promised that this grand spectacle would eliminate corruption, but instead, it turned us all into amateur treasure hunters.

We scoured every nook and cranny, hoping to stumble upon a hidden stash of the elusive Rs. 2000 notes. Alas, all we found were dust bunnies and disappointment.

The Master Plan

But fear not, dear readers, for the government has a master plan! They believe that by erasing the very existence of the Rs. 2000 notes, they will somehow cleanse our economy of all its ills.

It’s as if they’ve discovered the secret to vanishing problems – just make them disappear, and poof! Everything will be magically solved. If only Houdini were here to witness this grand act of escapism.

The only difference this time is there was no 8 PM announcement by the Prime Minister. He must have asked the RBI to take the plunge.

Dear Modi Ji, don’t worry, we would have still voted for you if you had simply acknowledged the fact that your masterstroke had failed. Or, it wasn’t a masterstroke in the first place?

Bye-bye, Rs. 2000!

Now, we find ourselves in a peculiar situation. We have a currency note that was once valued at Rs. 2000 but is now as rare as a unicorn sighting. If you happen to stumble upon one, hold onto it tightly!

It may become a relic, a collector’s item, a reminder of the time when our economy played tricks on us and pulled the rug out from under our financial stability.

As we bid farewell to the Rs. 2000 notes, let us remember the absurdity of it all. The government’s grand illusion, promising a brighter future, has left us with a sense of bewilderment.

But hey, at least we can find solace in the fact that our wallets will be lighter without those bulky notes.

Let us raise our pens and voices in a satirical ode to the disappearing act of demonetization, reminding ourselves to question the tricks played by those who promise economic miracles.

If I go on to pull out old interviews and announcements of late 2016, I will find endless boasting by the party in power.

They were literally hailing with garlands the demonetization plan and how the Rs. 2000 note would end corruption.

The same people are today saying the withdrawal of those notes would end corruption and hoarding.

Now, I need to take your leave and prepare myself to queue up in front of a bank in the scorching heat of Delhi.

Yeah, I know it’ll begin on 23rd May. Still, one needs to be mentally strong to get out of the house, leaving all the work behind just to ensure their hard-earned money is usable once again.

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