If you have just become a new player of Identity V, then there are some common mistakes to be made by newbies that could shatter their hopes and efforts. As a result of these mistakes, you could easily get killed. These mistakes include throwing continuous pellets at hunters and not taking hits for teammates. But if you are a beginner with nothing to start with, you can get IDV topup to get geared up for the first impression.

For most beginner players, this guide will help them to play like a champ while avoiding the common mistakes as a beginner. If you want to jump into the pro ranks, you can buy Identity V account from U7BUY to make a strong impression with new sets of survivors. Let us guide you through the common mistakes to avoid in Identity V and why you should avoid them.

Mistake #1: Putting Down Pellets at IDV Hunters

One of the most common mistakes to avoid in Identity V includes continuously putting down pellets at the hunters when they are closer to you. Such an action makes it convenient for the hunter to hit you. Hence, it is recommended to keep things slow by gradually putting down pellets at Hunters. The recommended way is to turn and run behind the pallet, which confuses the hunter that you might put down the pellet.

Method #2: Not Using the Camera

One of the most common mistakes in Identity V is not using the camera to look around and completely relying on the game to turn the camera at the hunter. Using the camera is crucial to keep the hunter in your targets. The camera also helps you to check Geisha’s dash, Gamekeeper’s hook, Spider’s web, Clown’s rocket dash, and the Ripper’s fog blade.

Method #3: Flipping Across with Teammate

This could happen by mistake by some players, but jumping through the window with your teammates is among the things to avoid in Identity V. If you have a full health bar, then it’s recommended to take a different path from your teammate. Also, avoid flipping the pellet when your teammate is behind you while the hunter is behind them.

Method #4: Not Taking a Hit for the Teammate

If frustrating when your teammate rushes over you, saves you, and then runs away while you take the hit and get placed on the rocket chair. Not blocking a hit for your teammate means wishing them to die faster. Once you take the hit for your teammate, escape as quickly as possible during the time when the hunter is recovering.

The above-mentioned things are some of the most common mistakes to avoid in Identity V, especially if you are a beginner. You are always welcome to experiment as long as it does not affect your reputation. Try to avoid mistakes in this way. Not only will your game be improved, but you will also start enjoying it. Hopefully, this article has guided you well, and now you will play the identity V like a pro.

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