You’re excited about your trip to Split, Croatia, and the good news is that you can make the popular tourist spots more accessible with a car rental. You can even discover off-the-beaten paths that only a few people know and take amazing pictures.

Before you book a flight to Split and conquer its coast, you might want to search for legitimate companies that offer a car rental from the airport to your destination. They often have economy packages or family cars where your luggage can fit comfortably. There is guaranteed pricing from various companies, and opening hours can also be posted on their websites.

In case there’s a need for an airport transfer through hired chauffeurs, you can easily arrange these services with the right company. What’s more important is to find one that will cater to your needs while you’re there.

Should You Go for Car Rental?

When your intention is to explore the nearby islands of Croatia and you’re only going to stay for a few days, then there’s no need to hire an automobile. There are direct bus lines from the city centers that can be hailed from the airport, and taxis can also be an option if you’re going to a single destination.

However, if you’re going to Dubrovnik, then rentals can be an option where you can take the highway to the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. You can also follow the coastal roads and enjoy the scenery while you’re at it.

The costs of the rental can vary, and there are affordable or luxurious packages depending on one’s needs. This is where people can reserve online through leiebil Split websites and make sure that they are getting what they need. If you’re up for a road trip, then this is something that you should not miss out on. It’s the tail end of a great vacation after you’ve done several island-hopping tours.

What Can You Do?

1. Book Immediately

As soon as it’s confirmed that you’re going to Croatia, it’s always a good idea to book immediately so you’ll get the cheapest rates. Find deals that are going to get you around in the cheapest way possible. There’s no need to worry about getting a taxi at popular tourist destinations or having to wait for bus schedules when you can drive your vehicle in a foreign country.

Extending from the last minute can also be possible, and when you haven’t booked initially, you might find that the prices can nearly double in two weeks, especially if you prefer a nearer date. Overall, it can be extremely affordable to plan your itinerary and choose the off-peak season that’s after August. Hotels and local accommodations can also be cheaper when they are not expecting a lot of people.

Free cancellations can also be included in the package, so you don’t have to worry about them. Just make sure to lock in a great rate that will make your vacation overseas more affordable.

2. Airport Car Pick-ups

It’s very convenient to get the keys to your chosen automobile after the plane lands. You can go to a nearby restaurant, check in at your hotel to get some rest, or go directly to the shopping centers. Generally, you might find that there are companies that are waiting for you at the airport, but know that they are pricier compared to the ones listed on the site and those that were booked in advance.

The airport in Croatia may not be as big compared to the major cities, but it caters to a lot of passengers all around the world who have non-stop flights. Many tourists from other parts of Europe would also visit Croatia during vacations. Even leaving the airport can mean getting a lot of offers, but make sure to check them thoroughly first before agreeing.

When you’re renting, you need to check your text messages and emails to confirm the company. They might have a different office address, so call them. Others have small offices that are located in the major city hub, so you’ll either need to take public transport or a taxi to get there. It’s best to confirm that they offer airport pick-ups beforehand, so there will be less hassle.

3. A Selection of Manual or Automatic Vehicle

Car types are already displayed on the website of the rental company. If you need automatic and you’re not used to the stick shift, then make sure to inform the provider about this in advance. Automatic vehicles are not very popular in Europe compared to other parts of the world, so expect to pay more for them. Filter your options to show only the automatic car offer, and snap up the best offers because they are going to sell out fast.

4. Snap Photos of the Current Gas Levels

You need to have solid proof that you’ve got a car rental with a 100% gas level or a vehicle that has already been damaged to the side. This can mean extra charges, so it’s best if you can take a video or a photo of the dings and scratches.

Walk around the vehicle and take photos from every angle while it’s still parked at the dealership. This way, you won’t have to file for insurance, and it’s not going to be too much of a hassle for you. A smooth experience in Split, Croatia can mean being wise with your decisions and reading the contract before signing it.

5. One-Way Bookings and Rentals

The thing is that many tourists are unsure of where they are going to end up when they decide to go to different destinations. Depending on your itinerary, it’s always a good idea to get a one-way rental, especially if you’re planning to go to another country. Some might charge an extra drop-off fee, but this is often a good alternative rather than having to drive to the first destination when the next location is in the opposite direction.

Road trips can take most of the day, and you can utilize a ferry to go to Dubrovnik. Others are going to fly out from there, so it’s best if you can book a company that has satellite offices in other locations so you can leave the car with them without any problems.

6. Passports Are Essential

When taking the automobile to a different border or country, you need to make sure that you have the right passport. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies that can allow you to travel to other parts, like Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, so you don’t miss the other amazing destinations, so be sure to check them out.

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