Who Were We Running From? Series Review: Turkey’s Slow-burning Psychological Drama Manages to Ride on a Thin Plot

You won’t disagree when I say that almost all the Turkish shows on Netflix are amazing. From the recently released Hot Skull to Man on Pause and Another Self, the country never fails to deliver.

Interestingly, the stories are far from what we are usually fed. They have an intrinsic value of contentment.

Netflix has released a new show from the region, Who Were We Running From? It has seven episodes and a rough duration of five hours.

Furthermore, the series is based on the novel by Perihan Magden. Before I step on my review, here are some more basic details you might be interested in. 

What is the Story of Who Were We Running From?

Running from hotel to hotel, escaping the eyes of onlookers and the agencies, while committing crimes on their way, an enigmatic mother-daughter duo is on a destination-less voyage.

But who exactly are they running from?

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Umut Aral and Gokcen Usta, Who Were We Running From? stars Melisa Sozen (Mother) and Eylul Tumbar (Daughter) in lead roles.

What Works for Who Were We Running From?

The series serves an interesting premise, one that evoked my curiosity initially. A mother surfs across the country alongside her daughter to protect them from an enemy.

What happens on the way is both gruesome and menacing. The emotional vulnerabilities, extraneous paranoia, and innate panache; these three factors just change the face of how you perceive Who Were We Running From? at different points.

It has a wicked storyline that cannot be judged at face value. The show’s unorthodox moral compass is rather astonishing.

Image Credits: Netflix

Moreover, the psychological part is mindfully presented on the screen, not giving too much away at a time.

Who Were We Running From? has a slow-burning background score, accentuated by a flaming screenplay that doesn’t reek of flamboyance.

At no point does the series coerces itself on the audience. Its gloomy surroundings, limited pandora box items, and the gently charming lead pair are naturally attractive.

The tragic backstory blends quietly with the narrative.

How are the Performances?

Melisa Sozen is sharp with a bold outlook, exactly what the doctor ordered for Who Were We Running From? She puts up a sparkling show, marvelously radiating on the individual front.

Somewhere down the line, her mien is fiery and unwavering. And she does extremely well to reflect the exact opposite from the outset.

Image Credits: Netflix

Sozen contributes a praiseworthy performance to Who Were We Running From? The real, raw, and authentic nature of her portrayal deserves applause.

Eylul Tumbar plays the young daughter in the Turkish series. Her sweet numbing effect on the screenplay is deviously mesmerizing.

How she hides behind the veil of naivety and gradually comes out of the closet is exemplary. Tumbar swells simultaneously along the narrative of Who Were We Running From?

What’s off About Who Were We Running From?

The series has been shot with extreme meticulousness, no doubt. However, its pace is slightly on the slower side. We would have an even better outcome had the narration been a tad brisker.

Also, in hindsight, I think Who Were We Running From? rides on a thin plot. It undermines the power of authorities in being effectively vigilant.

Doing such crimes in America would attract extreme scrutiny from the forces. However, the series makes the perpetrator too powerful to be trapped.

From a creative perspective, that’s awesome. But seeing it as a commoner, it doesn’t make much sense in the real world.

In modern times, when the tiniest of details are available at the tap of a button, tracking people is not a big deal. Evading everyone for years is way too much.

Should You Stream or Skip Who Were We Running From?

It is watchable. The idea is exciting and they have executed it beautifully, too. Only keep in mind the negatives I have mentioned in my Who Were We Running From? review.

About the playback speed, streaming at 1.5x won’t hurt.

The following section contains spoilers.


What is Bambi in Who Were We Running From?

Bambi means baby deer. In the series, the mother uses it as a figure of speech to describe her daughter. She consistently narrates her the story of a Bambi to shape her ideology of survival in extreme circumstances.

What happens to the daughter in Who Were We Running From?

The daughter survives and sets off on a path of her own, away from the shadow of her mother.

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