Squid Game is a South Korean web series that buzzed the entertainment world with pastel colors and blood. Around 111 million Netflix accounts streamed at least 2 minutes of Squid Game in October 2021 itself.

This series provides a unique storyline and a deep perspective towards life. It has many hidden life lessons which only a person will understand if thought about the teachings seriously.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: This article is filled with spoilers. Read ahead at your own risk.

Imagine you are watching all nice things on the screen like vibrant pastel colors, cute dolls, aesthetically pleasing sights, and then bam! Suddenly, there’s blood and all the things that creep you out.

This is what the mind-boggling Netflix series Squid Game is all about slot99. It has a bunch of mysteries that keep you hooked. However, there is a fair chance you missed a lot of hints and things you failed to notice while watching it the first time.

In this article, I have tried to compile things about Squid Game Season one that you may not have noticed.

The behavior of Player 001 During The First Game

Firstly, just to make you grin, do you remember player 001– II-nam? Of course, you do. The first game was Red Light, Green Light. And whoever was unable to stop, or showed a movement, was shot dead. The players were horrified by this act, and most of them started to run everywhere while the doll shot.

Everybody was shocked by this except for player 001. He is the mastermind of the game, after all, so he knew it, and the joy, the no-shocked look on his face, was a hint of his connivance.

The Coffins

Oh, the Coffins with a cute pink ribbon. How do we forget that, huh! The dead players were carried in them. In In-ho’s room, there was a business card box that looked exactly like the coffins shown. Even the ribbon was tied in the same way.

Jun-ho’s Phone

Jun-ho, the cop who somehow managed to get into the leading masked man’s room. He was taking pictures of the players’ medical records, and while at it, his camera was making a shutter sound.

This happens when the phone is not on silent. So, why wouldn’t he put his phone on silent when he is hiding in the lion’s den? This is something you should notice.

Player 001 Chose To End The Game

A poll was conducted because the majority said they wanted to leave the game. There was a red button and a green button. After everybody finished voting, it was a tie between the ones who wanted to stay and those who wanted to quit.

Player 001 was left in the end, and the result depended on him. He chose the red button, and the game ended, meaning that the players could leave. This is because II-nam always wanted to give them a FAIR chance. The main goal of Squid game was to give everyone a fair chance, and hence he decided to end it.

The Players’ Files

When In-ho, the cop, was searching for his brother’s details, he found a 1999 binder that started with 001 player’s details. But, when he saw the 2020 binder and opened it, the first page was of 002. There was no page for player 001. The reason is apparent—he was the mastermind.

Ga-Yeong’s Photos

After the first game ends, because of the poll, Gi-hun returns home, and a picture of his daughter Ga-Yeong is visible on the wall beside the door. In that picture, she’s standing alone.
However, the image shown at her mother’s house is different, where she’s seen with her mother, stepdad, and stepbrother. This shows Ga-Yeong’s relationship with her dad and her mother.

Dakji aka Pogs

Do you remember the game that Gi-hun played to enter the game? He was sitting on the bench at the station, and a well-dressed man approached him and asked him to play.
In Dakji, you have two square folded papers, and you have to flip the opponent’s paper. It is similar to the game– Pogs or milk caps in America (popular in the 1990s) and Menko in Japan.

The Walls Showed It All

After so many games, only three players were left—Gi-hun, Sang-woo, and Sae-byeok. There were only three beds, and the huge room was empty. The walls had drawings of all the games played by them earlier. They were on the wall all the time. The players could have just moved their beds and seen them.

Mi-nyeo’s Killing Strategy

During the game of tug of war, Mi-nyeo said that when she was leaning, she felt ‘powerful.’ When Deok-su cheated on her and humiliated her, she decided to kill him.
During the bridge game, the two both faced each other. And Mi-nyeo held Deok-su tightly and leaned back; they fell and died.

Their Real-Life Stories

The way the players- Sae-byeok, Ali, and Deok-su- die is already foreshadowed in the game. Ali steals his boss’ money and runs away. Later, he gets eliminated (does) because Sang-woo steals his marbles.

Deok-su jumps off a bridge to get rid of the debt chasers, and later in the game, he falls off the game bridge with Mi-nyeo and dies. Sae-byeok threatens the man she’s paying to get her mother into South Korea with a knife, and later, Sang-woo slits her throat.

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So, these were the ten things you probably did not notice while watching Squid Game for the first time. The show keeps you engaged and makes you wonder why everything is happening. The revelations at the end make it easier, though.

There is a high chance that a second season will come too. Well, what about a similar blog then?

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