While Netflix’s latest American show 3 Body Problem is growing in popularity with each passing day, it also has some vague concepts.

One of them is the VR game. 

In the series, the main characters find a strange-looking helmet. 

When they wear it, they enter a virtual reality game, which is too real to be called a game.

The game has 4 levels. In this blog, I will list the civilizations in each of the levels. 

Moreover, I will share what happens at each level, including why the aliens wanted to land on Earth.

Level 1: Civilization 137

Jin meets the count of the west, accompanied by a girl.

They go to the pyramid to see Emperor Zhou.

The count tells her that it is a chaotic era. 

According to him, except for stable eras, all times are chaotic eras.

When a new era arrives, Emperor Zhou consults great minds about the movements of the sun.

Image Credits: Netflix

Jin’s task is to decide whether a specific era is chaotic or stable. 

If Emperor Zhou is wrong, an entire civilization will be destroyed. 

Suddenly, the sun rises and the three hide under the shade of a rock. 

As it reaches the zenith, the size of the shade keeps reducing.

The count sacrifices the little girl because she is the only viable option. Why? Because he must deliver his prediction to the emperor while Jin is indispensable. 

However, he tells Jin that the girl can be revived later on when a stable era arrives.

The girl lays down on the ground and her body burns under the raging sun.

The count wraps her remains and tells Jin that those who dehydrate fast enough can be preserved and rehydrated during stable eras.

When Jin asks him if this is how people survive the chaotic eras, he tells her that if one of them survives all of them survive. 

In the emperor’s palace, the count presents his prediction.

He says that he has created a code for the universe through which he can predict the movement of the sun. 

He uses I Ching to demonstrate the same.

What is I Ching?

The I Ching, also known as the Book of Changes, is one of the oldest classic Chinese texts. 

It is a divination system that has been used for thousands of years to provide insight into various aspects of life, including personal dilemmas, relationships, career decisions, and more.

The I Ching is based on the concept of change and the observation of natural phenomena. It consists of a set of 64 hexagrams, each made up of six stacked horizontal lines.

These lines can be either solid (yang) or broken (yin), representing the dynamic interplay of opposites and the continual process of change.

Jin calls it prophesy instead of prediction. 

She says that though the I ching is beautiful, it is not scientific. 

It is divination and doesn’t follow any physical laws, which is why it won’t be able to solve the emperor’s problems.

When the Count is ready with the code, the emperor asks him when can he safely rehydrate the masses.

The count comes to the conclusion that the chaotic era will last another eight days after which there will be a glorious stable era for 63 years.

He tells Jin to let the days fly past. As Jin pushes the ground with her palms, eight days fast forward.

The stable era arrives and the emperor directs the rehydration of the masses. 

The sepoys throw the dehydrated bodies into a lake and they come out rejuvenated. The little girl also comes out and thanks Jin.

Celebrations are yet to subside when the clear sky suddenly becomes a hoard of dark clouds. 

A cyclonic storm occurs and the entire population is wiped out, including the little girl.

Quick points:

– Civilization 137 was obliterated by extreme cold.

– Jin couldn’t save them.

– However, she was able to establish the supremacy of science over mysticism. 

– She is tasked with saving the civilization in the next level using science.

Level 2: 152

Jin plays in multiplayer mode with Jack.

They find themselves in England instead of China, where level 1 was played.

They find the little girl.

She tells them they need to hurry since The Pope is about to make his decision.

At the palace, the Pope is already accompanied by Aristotle and Galileo.

He asks Jin and Jack to present their proposal explaining the behavior of the sun.

Image Credits: Netflix

Jin takes the lead and says she has made three observations regarding the sun:

– The sun’s apparent size and luminosity do not correlate.

– Sun’s position relative to Earth is receding on a short timescale.

– There is more than one celestial body too bright to be a planet, moving relative to the fixed background of the stars.

She reasons that these observations point toward only one thing:

The Earth is a part of a three-body star system.

What is a three-body star system and the 3 Body Problem?

If Earth revolves around one of the suns in a stable orbit, it is a stable era.

However, if one of the other suns snatches our planet away, the earth wanders through the gravitational fields of all three suns leading to a chaotic era.

This creates a 3 body problem.

Aristotle and Galileo call her idea bullshit.

The Pope orders to burn Jin. Jack tries to save her. Suddenly, everybody’s attention shifts to flames of light in the sky.

The little girl enters the palace on a horse and tells Jin that there are three suns in the sky wreaking havoc on their planet.

She asks her to save her but the girl burns to death along with other occupants.

Only Jin and Jack survive because they are right about the three-sun theory.

Quick Points:

Civilization 152 was destroyed by a tri-solar day, meaning a day with three suns.

Jin and Jack successfully reveal the basic structure of the star system.

Level 3: Civilization 184

They are in Shangdu aka Xanadu, where Kublai Khan decreed his stately pleasure-dome.

They find the girl who is now a soldier in the army.

Kublai Khan is already accompanied by Issac Newton and Professor Turing.

When the king asks Jin and Jack if they have a solution to the three-body problem, the former tells him that it is impossible to solve.

He then turns towards Newton and Turing. 

They have prepared an army of 30 million soldiers to demonstrate their proposal of the Human Abacus, which will tell them when will the next chaotic era arrive.

In other words, they have made a human computer that shows binary values of either 0 or 1. Similarly, the soldiers either show the black or white side of a flag.

The two intellectuals order the army to run the solar orbit computation software, Three Body 1.0. When the soldiers are done, a messenger informs them of the output.

The findings are:

– A chaotic era will commence in three days. 

– It will last eight months, followed by a stable era of 10000 years.

The king orders the soldiers to dehydrate.

After the prescribed time, Newton and Turing celebrate their victory while the king directs his soldiers to boil Jack and Jin alive. 

They are thrown in the boiling pot.

Jin is sure that their theory will not last in the long run.

She goes to the floor of the boiling pot and puts her palms against the ground, which leads to the fast-forwarding of time once again.

After a while, the sky witnesses three sons in one line aka syzygy.

What is a Syzygy?

Syzygy refers to the alignment of three celestial bodies in a straight line, particularly in astronomy and astrology. 

The term is derived from the Greek word “syzygia,” which means “yoked together” or “paired.”

Their counterparts say that it is just an eclipse and the planet is not hotter than it was before.

The King is shocked to see his army flying in the air. Soon, everybody floats in the air, humans and animals alike, getting pulled toward the sky. 

Image Credits: Netflix

The King cuts Newton and Turing in half because their wild idea led to the downfall of the whole civilization.

Once again, the little girl cries for help from Jin. However, the result remains the same.

This is when Jin realizes that their goal is not to solve the three-body problem but to save the lives of the people. 

She remembers the words of the Count in Level 1 who had told her that survival is everything. 

Quick Points:

– Civilization 184 was destroyed by the stacked gravitational attractions of a tri-solar syzygy.

– Jack and Jin determine their true purpose in the game i.e., to save the people.

Level 4: Civilization 9478: The Reason Behind Aliens Coming to the Earth

They find themselves in a wasteland.

The narrator of the game meets them.

She is accompanied by the little girl.

The narrator tells them that they are right. There is no solution to the three-body problem.

The little girl puts her palm against the ground to fast-forward the time. 

In the background, eras keep networthhaven changing but all of them are unstable.

The narrator tells them that:

– No computer can predict the behavior of three bodies indefinitely. 

– With three suns in the sky, every civilization ends in chaos.

– Their planet will be ripped in half or pulled into one of the suns or expelled into space forever.

– The only solution to the crisis is to flee and find a new home. 

– They have built an interstellar fleet of 1000 ships, headed for the earth.

– The earth is the final hope of civilization 9478.

This is the reason why the aliens are headed toward the earth.

Their planet is facing the three-body problem which is why they are trying to find a new home. 

The whole game was played on their planet but Jin and Jack didn’t know that.

The purpose of the game was to make them understand the reason behind the arrival of the aliens.

They want to coexist with humans because that’s the only way for them to survive. 

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