Recently, a Mexican film, A Deadly Invitation, made its way to Netflix. I found it a decent film that was able to come alive in the final hour.

My review highlighted its pros and cons.

Now, I have explained A Deadly Invitation’s ending in detail as it happened.

I have split my explanation into parts while maintaining the continuation.

Please remember that I have taken Agatha’s revelations as the starting point.

So, obviously, this blog is for those who have watched the movie.

Followed by the comprehensive explanation is a very crisp version of the same.

Here I go.

A Deadly Invitation Ending Explained (Detailed)

The First Reveal

After interrogating all the guests individually, Agatha gathers everyone in the room the next morning.

She informs that the case has finally been cracked by her.

Agatha’s theory starts with Naram’s middle name, Naram “Garcia” Martinez.

She tells everyone that Elisa, her niece, was the biological daughter of Reneta Godoy, a teenager who died by suicide.

The trigger for the extreme step was attributed to postpartum depression after she lost her child at birth.

When Agatha asked her partner (Iris) to dig up more information on the case, she got hold of a hospital admission form signed by a Ramiro Manuel Godoy.

Apparently, Ramiro was Reneta’s brother and the form was signed when he admitted her to the hospital for the birth of her child.

She further goes on to show a picture of Ramiro to everyone, which Iris got hold of after a lot of scavenging.

The guests are shocked to discover that Ramiro is none other than Naram.

Before becoming a yoga instructor, he used to work as a waiter.

Agatha then reveals how Olivia left several clues for them, including the death certificate of Elisa, which was dated seven years earlier than her actual demise.

For Naram, her niece had died a long time ago. Therefore, it came as a shock to him when he accidentally saw a picture of Elisa in a magazine one morning, who looked exactly like his sister.

Naram was flabbergasted. Her sister’s kid who had passed away at birth died only recently as the child of Carlos and Olivia.

The shock of this revelation drove Naram to seek retribution and justice for his sister, who had suffered greatly in the aftermath of her child’s death.

However, his path was fraught with obstacles, and he had unanswered questions that only Olivia and Carlos could address.

Being a middle-class man, infiltrating the world of the wealthy proved nearly impossible.

Thus, he devised a cunning plan to befriend Sonia, a seemingly well-intentioned friend of Olivia’s, though they harbored mutual animosity behind closed doors.

Naram’s strategy was to exploit Sonia’s proximity to Olivia. In his relentless pursuit, he even took on the role of a yoga instructor, immersing himself in Indian culture by reading numerous books on the subject.

Despite his efforts, Naram’s attempts to win Sonia’s trust were met with resistance. His intense demeanor during yoga sessions only pushed her further away.

When it became clear that the path ahead was steep and unpromising, Naram took a bold step.

He confronted Sonia, laying bare his plans to expose Olivia’s secrets. In an unexpected twist, Sonia agreed to collaborate with Naram, driven by her own agenda.

Together, they confronted Olivia, threatening to reveal the incriminating information.

However, to their disappointment, Olivia herself didn’t know a thing.

She thought Elisa was an orphan and the process was followed diligently when they adopted her.

Olivia promised Naram and Sonia the truth and hence, invited them to the boat.

Apart from this, the duo had nothing to do with Olivia’s death.

The Next Reveal

In her next revelation, Agatha mentions a female hospital staff who was there at the time of Naram’s sister’s delivery.

Who was that lady?

Remember when Carey offered to help Agatha in her voyage to uncover the mystery?

That was when she had asked him to look into Cristina, who turned out to be a former Social Worker.

It was Cristina who had informed Naram’s sister that her child couldn’t survive.

Witnessing her sinister deeds left bare open by Agatha, Cristina tries to shoot her and run away.

But, thankfully, Agatha had removed the bullets from all the rifles at the mansion.

She proceeds to unravel Cristina’s sordid past, revealing her former role as a Social Worker for the Muniz Foundation, owned by none other than Carlos.

Cristina’s job involved supporting single mothers and safeguarding their emotional well-being, or so it seemed.

Agatha then recalls when she overheard Carlos and Cristina’s conversation on her arrival at the mansion.

They talked about a kid who was born prematurely.

And someone named Miguel Guzman (the Governor) insisted on immediate adoption without his wife’s knowledge.

The lady they talked about was Clara Guzman (wife of the Governor).

Unfortunately, despite being rich, her personal life became the talk of the town since the two never had a baby.

She was infertile.

The Third Revelation

Now, she talks about Carlos, the owner of one of Mexico’s largest hospitals. But how did he become this wealthy?

By becoming the trusted Gynecologist of the most influential women in Mexico. Doing so helped him get acquainted with their personal problems related to fertility.

In reality, Carlos was running a racket at his hospital. He was involved in the illegal exchange of newborn babies.

While Cristina would get close to new patients at the hospital and connect emotionally with them, Carlos would bring new clients who were struggling with issues related to infertility and were willing to pay millions to have a baby.

They would then take the babies of the poor and deliver them to their wealthy clients.

The unsuspecting mothers would be told that their babies had died at birth, a deception perpetuated by Cristina, who had already formed bonds with these women.

Carlos did the same thing with Olivia, his own wife. The couple couldn’t have a baby for too long and hence, decided to adopt.

For the same, he chose to grab the child of Naram’s sister.

However, Olivia was told it was a standard adoption, which is why she didn’t have a hint of the crime.

After this whole revelation, the main investigating officer arrives in the room.

He asks about the firing incident that happened earlier.

Who Fired at Naram in A Deadly Invitation?

Agatha tells the group that ever since Cristina saw Naram at the house, she recognized him from the hospital.

Her existence was threatened. All she wanted was to kill Naram.

Her intimate knowledge of the mansion allowed her to strategically place Naram and Sonia in a specific room equipped with a secret tunnel.

This hidden passage led directly to Cristina’s room.

On the fateful day of the shooting, while Carlos kept Agatha and the assistant investigating officer distracted, Cristina utilized the secret tunnel to reach the couple’s room and open fire, resulting in the dramatic incident that had unfolded.

Who Killed Olivia then? What Was Olivia’s Plan?

Actually, no one killed Olivia. She died by suicide. She was suffering from terminal Cancer, and her pain was aggravating by the day.

Only Figue knew about it. He was the one to look after her well-being during the course of the chemotherapy and not even Carlos knew about his wife’s ordeal.

Therefore, when she found out about the illegal business of Carlos, she hatched this whole plan of gathering everyone for a party.

Had she directly gone to the cops, Carlos would have used his connections to deny the accusations.

She had the boat’s captain sail to the middle of the ocean where police jurisdiction would be conflicted.

Her plan involved stranding the guests at the mansion to stop Carlos from handing over the baby to Clara Guzman.

She further took Gustavo’s help to blow up the mobile tower, which left the guests with unusable smartphones.

Gustavo was indebted to Olivia as she had helped him with the treatment of his eye. The same was earlier promised by Carlos but he never delivered.

Olivia knew her sister had a sharp mind.

The fact that Agatha ran a crime podcast, strengthened her belief that she could bring Carlos’ shady business to light.

At this point in the movie, the cop orders the arrest of Gustavo for illegal use of explosives.

But soon, the others notice that Carlos and Cristina have sneaked out of the room.

They are running away on the beach towards a yacht.

While the cops are clueless as to what to do, Gustavo recalls placing another explosive in the boat’s engine on the directions of Olivia.

Agatha offers Naram the opportunity to blow the engine so that he can fulfill his inner desire for vengeance by stopping Carlos.

The police arrest the culprits and everybody returns to base.

What Role Did Figue Play in Olivia’s Death?

Though we know Figue knew about Olivia’s plan, Agatha never revealed his exact role in the same in front of everyone.

However, towards the end of the movie, Agatha turns to Figue as Iris makes an entry with Olivia’s autopsy report.

Now, it is the turn for her to solve the final part of the puzzle.

The autopsy report reveals that Olivia’s cause of death was high levels of morphine in her system.

Earlier in the film, Agatha had inadvertently caused Figue’s belongings to fall, revealing several bottles of morphine in his bag.

With a determined expression, Agatha prompts Figue to confess.

He used to work at Carlos’ hospital as a Surgeon and was once called in to do a C-section. However, since he was under the influence, the surgery failed and the patient died.

Fearing lawsuits, Carlos tried to buy Figue’s silence, which the latter declined. However, Olivia talked him into accepting the money and putting it into a noble cause.

When Olivia involved Figue in her plan, she was actually calling in that favor.

She could trust no one else and his medical expertise was another plus point.

Figue gave her high levels of morphine so that she could not feel extensive pain after jumping to the yacht’s base.

Olivia was suffering. She knew the news of her murder would surprise everyone. Still, she didn’t want to die a painful death.

She went to extraordinary lengths in order to protect her loved ones and ensure justice was served.

Figue only helped her with what she wanted. Hence, after listening to him, Agatha decides not to push charges.


Crisp Explanation

Carlos ran a shady side business of Child smuggling at his hospital. Cristina helped him in the same. They would take away the kids of middle-class women at the time of birth and deliver them to their rich clients.

Elisa, the adopted child of Carlos and Olivia was also obtained using the same means. When Olivia found out about the same, she planned a yacht party and invited everyone involved in this cycle in some or the other manner.

Naram was the uncle of Elisa (wanted to take revenge on Carlos).

Sonia was Naram’s girlfriend and Carlos’ ex-girlfriend (involved with Naram).

Agatha was Olivia’s sister (sharp mind).

Figue worked at Carlos’ hospital and was part of Olivia’s plan.

Gustavo was a loyal man to Olivia.

Cristina was hand in glove with Carlos.

Carey was Olivia’s ex-boyfriend (owed money to Carlos).

Olivia killed herself which triggered an investigation by Agatha. In pursuit of finding the killer, she exposed the illegal business of Carlos with proof.

Carlos was taken aback since he was not at all aware of what was coming. Had he known beforehand, he would have used his connections to stay clear.

With mobile connection not working, he could not make calls to save himself.

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How did Agatha know that Naram never went to India?

She saw him eating with his left hand. In India, it is very rare to see people eat with their left hand since it is used to do several other non-pious things related to personal hygiene.

Coming from India, I can happily agree with this fact. A major part of my country doesn’t do even a religious thing with their left hand let alone eating food.

Who is Clara Guzman in A Deadly Invitation?

She is the wife of Governor Miguel Guzman.

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