It’s always raining content on Netflix. A new Polish show has recently made its way to the platform. With Science Fiction at its heart, A Girl and an Astronaut is now streaming with six episodes.

If you don’t know already, the series blends romance with Sci-Fi to bring a palatable dish to the fore. It was released on 17th February, and I am almost a week late to review the series.

Well, better late than never, right? So, join in and read on.

What is the synopsis of A Girl and an Astronaut?

A Polish fighter pilot is sent to space by a Russian company for their research into sub-hibernation. However, he disappears to return only after thirty years. That too, without aging a day.

Image Credits: Netflix

A Girl and an Astronaut is a Sci-Fi romantic story set in 2052, where the world is run by Artificial Intelligence.

Directed by Bartek Prokopowicz, the series stars Vanessa Aleksander (Marta), J?drzej Hycnar (Niko), Jakub Sasak (Bogdan), Magdalena Cielecka, and Andrzej Chyra, among others.

Is the series any good? Let’s first look at what works for A Girl and an Astronaut.

If there’s one department where the Polish show doesn’t do anything wrong, it is the screenplay. Shuffling between suspense, romance, and impending longing, A Girl and an Astronaut ensures your attention.

Furthermore, the change in narration from the past (2022) to the present (2052) is also interestingly portrayed. Once you get hold of the characters, it is savory.

Image Credits: Netflix

However, I felt the makers could not match the pace with the Sci-Fi genre. It made the story sloppy at times. There could have been more thrill, considering what lies at the heart of the series.

How is the love story?

The romance in A Girl and an Astronaut is nothing out of the world. It is quite ordinary. But that’s where it shines. Simplicity makes the love story worth witnessing.

Don’t go in for a unique tale of love. Instead, opt for a decent one, where the emphasis is on the bigger picture in terms of the storyline.

Did we talk about pace independently? We didn’t, okay. So, overall, the Polish show is a tad slow. If I was to recommend you, I would suggest you play it at 1.25x. In fact, some sequences seemed much better in 1.50x.

How do the lead actors perform?

Vanessa Aleksander plays Marta in the show from Poland. She explores the free-living spirit of a woman in her twenties and lives it fully. From expressions to her bold demeanor, Vanessa shows her spark all the way.

J?drzej Hycnar as Niko shines in every frame of A Girl and an Astronaut. His physique adds to the acting skills he possesses.

Image Credits: Netflix

There were several moments when the Polish actor outsmarted others in the same frame. Specifically, he deserves praise for the subtle variations in his body language.

Jakub Sasak is Bogdan in the series. My initial impression of his character was on the humble side. However, the actor stupendously turned things around by bringing sharp adroitness into play.

So, those were the positive aspects of the series. Now, let’s discuss what goes completely wrong for A Girl and an Astronaut.

To begin with, I feel the concept was feeble. When you throw up a unique idea to the audience, they come up with predictions about the storyline. It is, therefore, important to be a step ahead and give them the suspense they expected.

The idea of A Girl and an Astronaut falls flat after some time because things start to ease up. You can easily predict what is to come next. Neither the mystery nor the romance could keep me utterly hooked.

Furthermore, a weak storyline gives rise to boredom. The combination of emotions and relationships fails to sustain the tale. More intrigue was needed.

Image Credits: Netflix

Another unimpressive part of A Girl and an Astronaut is its lack of depth, resulting from poor presentation. When there’s a potential mystery waiting to explode, you need to serve it rightly.

The main protagonist is left in the lurch and his arrival after thirty years only brings expectations for the viewer. In the end, you wish the scale of the concept was matched subtly by the onscreen happenings.

Moreover, I felt the love triangle was too pretentious. It has to do with the writing of convenience. If there’s a thirty-year leap, you might want to show how the female lead came to her final decision; the dilemmas she faced; if she was able to achieve her initial goal or not.

All these things would have made the series much better.

Should you watch A Girl and an Astronaut?

It can be watched for the performances. But, as I said, you should check the playing speed beforehand. I recommend 1.25x.

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