Ever since Pathaan became a blockbuster, the audience and news portals have started judging each new film with the numbers at the ticket windows. Obviously, it shouldn’t be the only metric.

In fact, Shah Rukh Khan’s film has made more and more people excited about the advance booking numbers, giving rise to false equivalences. Please don’t compare every new movie with Pathaan because of several reasons.

Moving on, the latest flick to hit the Indian theaters is Selfiee, starring Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi in lead roles. It is the Hindi remake of the Malayali film, Driving License, which I haven’t watched.

Before indulging in my Selfiee review, let me throw in some basic details about it.

What is the story of Selfiee?

A famed superstar of Bollywood, Vijay Kumar (Akshay), clashes with his biggest fan, Om Prakash (Emraan), after the latter denies issuing him a driving license. The news makes the headlines and results in several social media trends, giving rise to a National level tussle between the two.

Selfiee is directed by Raj Mehta and stars Nushrratt Bharuccha and Diana Penty as the female leads.

So, what works for the film?

It is a massy affair, reflected thumpingly in the film’s storyline, laced with spicy ingredients. Several moments peak your emotions. At times, the picturization was enough to produce goosebumps.

Moreover, like most of the Akshay Kumar films, Selfiee also ceases to innovate. But that doesn’t completely work negatively, considering it is based on another movie.

So, the formula remains simple: play on human emotions and create a bulky narrative. As a viewer, you can only wish they dived deeper.

Furthermore, the concept of putting a common man against a celebrity is well executed. You wouldn’t be let down unless your expectations are too high.

How is the pace?

It is great. There are hardly any dull moments in Selfiee. You will not feel like passing out on the seat. The loud narration mixed with the emotional quotient keeps you invested.

Is Selfiee a funny film?

Not entirely, but Abhimanyu Singh’s cringe portrayal brings laughter on several occasions. Akshay and Emraan are not given many one-liners to work with. I think every time they cracked one, it was impromptu.

How are the performances?

Akshay Kumar is a natural. He plays a hugely popular movie star and fulfills the role to perfection.

His comic timing is fabulous due to which the handful of jokes allotted to him do not look overcooked. From intense scenes to light-hearted moments, Akshay never disappoints in Selfiee.

Emraan Hashmi excels as a common man. His dialogue delivery and screen presence will leave you amazed. The aura he brings to the table elevates the massy touch in a classy way.

Emraan allows himself to be pushed to the brink before making a thunderous comeback. In the average writing of the film, it is his character that has the best outline.

I cannot write much about Nushrratt Bharucha and Diana Penty. Their roles don’t carry significance in the plot, which I wish was not the case. Both of them deserved more.

What doesn’t work for Selfiee?

The movie begins with a disclaimer, dropped by Akshay Kumar himself. He tells the audience that he is grateful for them coming to the theater.

Also, the actor tries to calm the nerves, implying that people shouldn’t take the character’s words at face value.

Are we living in the 90s? Why was that even necessary? The audience is intelligent and if they aren’t, they are not your audience. As simple as that. It felt like a poorly planned populist move.

Now, coming back to the film’s downsides. It has an average initial buildup, to begin with. Maybe, more could have gone into showing Om Prakash as the biggest fan of the superstar played by Akshay Kumar.

The makers only touch the surface of the proposition. Furthermore, Selfiee is slightly cringey when it comes to jokes. It is burdened by average writing that fails to ameliorate the story.

Another interesting thing I noted was the poor color gradation, especially during sunlight shots. Akshay’s face appeared too greasy and smudgy at times (second half). I don’t know what was the issue there or how it missed the post-production team.

Additionally, don’t expect Selfiee to be unpredictable. All the twists can be easily pre-judged.

Should you watch Selfiee?

It can be watched as a pastime entertainer. Emraan Hashmi is fabulous in the film.

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