Are you also feeling a sudden lack of films and shows on Netflix? Usually, I have a new creation to watch and review every day. However, it is changing off late.

Nevertheless, A Night at the Kindergarten is the latest Polish movie that released on 28th December on Netflix.

It is a comedy film, also intimate and offbeat in nature. I have certain expectations from A Night at the Kindergarten, considering some recent releases from Poland.

The film is a little under a hundred minutes in length, directed by Rafal Skalski. A Night at the Kindergarten stars Piotr Witkowski (Eryk), Lena Gora (Justyna), Zbigniew Zamachowski, Aleksandra Domanska, and others in lead roles.

You can call it an ensemble of sorts. Before starting with my A Night at the Kindergarten review, here is the film’s synopsis.

What is the synopsis of A Night at the Kindergarten?

Eryk must sail through a late-night school play rehearsal and ensure his girlfriend’s son is not expelled by eccentric parents and teachers.

What works for A Night at the Kindergarten?

The movie is as eccentric as it might seem to you from the synopsis. Honestly, the concept initially felt vague when it played on the screen. However, A Night at the Kindergarten delivers better when you give it the space to explore.

I couldn’t fathom the timing of the event because I am not too familiar with late-night rehearsals in schools. But that’s what adds a dark touch to the film.

Moreover, some of the funny scenes are genuine and tickle your bones. The comedy is accentuated by the story’s offbeat nature.

Why is A Night at the Kindergarten unorthodox?

The ambiance is different from the usual kind. They have tried to present a simple idea innovatively, which, though dicey, is quite palatable.

Even the jokes are preceded by a gloomy pretext, making the surroundings less affable.

Another plus point for A Night at the Kindergarten is its intended message. As parents, we want children to learn in a specific environment, but we ourselves forget the tenets of calmness once put in a spot.

How are the Performances?

Piotr Witkowski plays the lead role in the film as Eryk. His character is like a snack dropped into a sugar serum, which the actor aces brilliantly.

I recently saw him in an action flick, and his vast abilities are gradually coming to the forefront. Whether frustration or emotional manifestations, Witkowski shines in every department.

Lena Gora, as Justyna, is another actress who impressed me with her slick performance. Her occasional gray composure in A Night at the Kindergarten keeps your interest alive.

What doesn’t work in A Night at the Kindergarten’s favor?

The idea’s execution is a big letdown. It makes the film struggle from the start, with bumps and confusion being regular features.

The story could have had more ease of expression. Instead of focusing on the surroundings and the presentation, ameliorating the narration would have worked miles.

Furthermore, the storyline itself was feeble. There are very few arousing conversations and dialogues. The film’s emphasis is on impromptu conversations. In a way, casualness is the running fuel of the Polish flick.

And that’s precisely where the faults in the storyline become visible.

Should you watch A Night at the Kindergarten?

It can be watched, but please debar yourself from having huge expectations.

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