Treason Series Review Netflix: A Riveting Spy Thriller from Britain that Does Nothing Wrong

How much do you like British shows? Or, what do you like in British shows? The accent, isn’t it? Also, creations from the United Kingdom have an eclectic mix of palatable elements.

A new show from the region has been released on Netflix. Called Treason, it is a spy thriller that promises suspense-worthy drama.

Also, you can expect intrigue every step of the way. But the big question is, does Treason deliver?

Image Credits: Netflix

Created by Matt Charman, the show stars Charlie Cox (Adam), Olga Kurylenko (Kara), Oona Chaplin (Maddy), Ciaran Hinds (Angelis), Beau Gadsdon, Samuel Leakey, Alex Kingston, and Tracy Ifeachor in prominent roles.

Let’s now move to my Treason review.

What is the story of Treason?

After his boss is poisoned, Adam Lawrence gets to the top position at MI6. However, the events afterward turn his life upside down and make him question his entire existence.

What are the positive aspects of Treason?

The concept is scintillating. Initially, the show appears run-of-the-mill, similar to Designated Survivor in letter and the recently released The Recruit in spirit.

However, once it sets up, things become more evident, and its uniqueness comes to the fore. What is of significance is that the idea never ostentatiously hints at ‘treason.’

It remains subtle in presentation while keeping the revelations natural. The concept is then brilliantly taken forward by an intriguing plot.

Image Credits: Netflix

Ups and downs in the story are pitched to perfection. As the tale jumps ahead, you want to remain glued to the screen. There is no dullness in the narration.

An exciting feature of the storyline is it doesn’t carry flashy twists and turns but still satiates you wholly. That’s where the writers of Treason come into the picture.

Furthermore, the British series has a screenplay worth admiring. Each and every frame carries depth and excitement. The intersections, overlays, and the surprising lack of flashbacks accentuate the viewing experience.

Treason comes with a pacy narration that closes all doors for you to leave the screen. From the first to the final episode, the speed always stays on track.

The fact that Treason only has five episodes also works in its favor. In totality, the series runs for approximately 200 minutes. Hence, you can easily adjust it in your schedule.

How do the lead actors perform?

Charlie Cox plays Adam Lawrence in Treason. His mature comportment works wonders for the character in question. The actor transfers his ability to the screen without making it obvious.

He doesn’t get to play a macho or even a highly adept action hero, which makes him more affable and relatable in the series. Cox is down to earth, calm, and generously shrewd.

Olga Kurylenko, as Kara, prudently aces being a shady protagonist in Treason. Her intensity is what makes Kara treacherous. Moreover, her Russian accent feels genuine.

Image Credits: Netflix

The actress’ screen presence is also something to behold in the grayness of her aura. And how she shuffles her intonations makes Olga more assertive in Treason.

Oona Chaplin is Maddy in this British series. She doesn’t get to be among the high-profile frontrunners initially. However, the growth of Maddy across episodes is engrossing to watch.

I thought she would be made futile after a while in Treason with the way things were going, but that doesn’t happen, and the makers keep her in the loop.

What are some drawbacks of Treason?

I couldn’t find anything that doesn’t work about the show. It delivers on all fronts.

Should you watch Treason?

Yes, the spy show is highly recommended from my end. Treason is thrilling, suspenseful, and compelling.



Will there be Treason season 2?

Yes, going by the show’s ending, it is sure to have a second outing. Maddy will probably be at the helm in a cross-country operation in Treason season two.

I also expect Kara to survive till the first half. Moreover, Adam’s children might play a crucial role in the next part. It will be interesting to see how the leadership change works in the country.

Treason Ending Explained.

Adam was killed by Dede while trying to obtain the hard drive. Maddy and Kara were witnesses to the incident. Later on, they hatched a plan to use the data against Angelis.

While doing so, they throw bait for the Russian double agent, Dorian. Eventually, it turns out that Patrick is Dorian, and he had been playing against his own country.

Maddy hands over the hard drive to Gratz, who then ensures that Angelis goes behind bars. Moreover, since Kara finds out who killed her five men in Baku, she wastes no time in eliminating Patrick.

Afterward, when Maddy is about to leave the country with her children, she calls Dede and warns her of revenge. That’s when we see the curtains falling on the Treason season 1.

This is precisely why Maddy would be at the helm of things in the second outing of the British show.

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