“Infinity is the kind of thing that turns some people into mathematicians. And no doubt sends other people running in the other direction,” said one of the interviewees while expressing her theories in A Trip to Infinity.

I had two reactions to that sentence. One, a heavy burst of laughter, and the other, I knew that I fell in the second category. My last memory of infinity from school is that I used to put ‘?’ after Math and Economics answers. Simply because I was too tired and uninterested in solving the problem further.

So, it was the blabbering side of me that triggered a lengthy intro.

Coming back to the topic at hand, Netflix has released its latest documentary film, A Trip to Infinity. No, it’s not a Sci-Fi adventure show. However, it does feel like one. The idea behind this movie is to explore and discuss the dynamic yet rigid nature of infinity.

Image Credits: Netflix

I wasn’t initially sure whether to stream it or not. However, I decided to watch the trailer, which was damn arousing. Officially, A Trip to Infinity promises to be mind-bending and cerebral.

As a cinema lover, I don’t think it would be valid to judge A Trip to Infinity (there are no reasons, either). Therefore, here is my review, where I discuss several aspects of the film.

A Trip to Infinity Review Summary

A Trip to Infinity is a documentary having intelligent people who infuse a decent amount of humor while breaking down a complex concept for the general public. It’s interesting, exciting, and arousing.

A Trip to Infinity Synopsis

In this Netflix Documentary, distinguished mathematicians, particle physicists, and cosmologists from different origins muse about the implications of infinity on the universe.

Image Credits: Netflix

A Trip to Infinity is directed by Jon Halperin and Drew Takahashi. The eminent interviewees include Anthony Aguirre, Moon Duchin, Stephon Alexander, Kenny Easwaran, Eugenia Cheng, Delilah Gates, Rebecca Goldstein, Brian Greene, Janna Levin, Alan Lightman, Carlo Rovelli, and Steven Strogatz.

What Works for A Trip to Infinity?


Documentaries are dicey. Specifically those trying to break down complex themes. A Trip to Infinity, I feel, was another tough nut to crack. Why? Because why would the general public watch a non-fiction film about a mathematical phenomenon when they can simply hop onto YouTube to do the same.

The makers or initiators of the film needed to make things intriguing and stimulating, to some extent, at least. And they have done it. A Trip to Infinity presents things so flawlessly that even a dumbhead like me, who is not too good with equations and symbols, could easily understand several technical things.

Different experts in the field talk in the simplest of terms, and the makers combine their explanations with animations and VFX to throw a stunning screenplay.


It is one strong point of A Trip to Infinity, if not the strongest. Christian Stangl is the director of Animation for the film and has dexterously brought perfection to every frame. Alongside him, there’s Dimitrios Sakkas, who’s put sweat into producing aesthetically soothing scenes to the fore.

Image Credits: Netflix

Moreover, several other individuals have contributed to making the VFX and animations better. Some of them include Tom Rubalcava, Sam Niemann, Mariah Osmundson, Florian Grolig, and Grant Sanderson.


Almost all the interviewees brought their share of fun with them. And this is the best part of unscripted knowledge. You actually feel what they say and want to understand instead of just skipping things. In other words, you start enjoying the process.

I had never thought I would laugh while watching A Trip to Infinity, but Moon Duchin, Steven Strogatz, and Eugenia Cheng made me burst quite a few times.

Background Score

From exciting tones to exhilarating pitches, the background music of A Trip to Infinity is well-placed for a documentary that deciphers infinity. You would like the build-ups and want them to keep coming.


Interviewees use many exciting analogies and examples in A Trip to Infinity. From the Cat’s story to the Infinite Hotel and the theory of putting an Apple in the box, all turn out great and leave an impact. Moreover, the narrational quality of the experts was phenomenal, and why would it not be; they have been teaching and doing research for years.

Image Credits: Netflix

How they link infinity to several other topics like the black hole, boxes, circles, lines, etc., works wonderfully for the movie.

Final Word

A Trip to Infinity is a treat for cosmology lovers, aspiring mathematicians, and physicists. Also, the general audience would find a good amount of intrigue in this documentary on Netflix. I’m not sure if it matters, but A Trip to Infinity added to my knowledge.

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