How important is Music to you? For me, it is like a positive trigger that envelops me in a zone of agonizing comfort. Even though I didn’t know agony could be a boon, music taught me how to extract good things from the worst situations.

As far as I remember, the last musical web series I watched was Bandish Bandits, a Hindi show on Amazon Prime. There have been many films, however, falling in the genre.

Only for Love is a new Netflix series that was released last week. It is a Brazilian show, and I am guilty of reviewing it pretty late in the day.

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Furthermore, the series is a musical romantic, and emotional drama that promises to infuse healthy vibes. Here’s my review of the six-episode long series that is more than six hours in length.

Only for Love Review Summary

There is more to what meets the eye in Only for Love. Wrapped in mellifluous melodies, the show delivers a well-made representation of life as it is. However, it also falls prey to the greed of infusing unnecessary twists at some points.

This and more in my full review of Only for Love.

Only for Love Synopsis

Only for Love is a musical drama created around a passionate band and solo singers. When Eva’s dream is about to come true, she faces an unprecedented shocker. Meanwhile, Deusa and Tadeu’s band faces an existential crisis after the tides turn against them.

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Can the three of them find a way out, or will they remain stuck in a vicious cycle of struggle? Created by Luciano Patrick, Only for Love stars Lucy Alves (Deusa), Filipe Bragança (Tadeu), Agnes Nunes (Eva), Micael (Valdo), Giordano Castro (Patricio), Adriano Ferreira (Nelton), Luiza Fittipaldi (Roberta), Gustavo Vaz (Cesar), Ana Mametto (Ana Ligia) among others.

What Works for Only for Love?


It had to top the list. Though I am in no way connected to Brazil, all the songs in the show were able to impact me. Music has an all-pervasive language of its own, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in your mother tongue.

From emotional to romantic and stimulating, Only for Love has all types of songs to keep you engrossed. Moreover, whenever I noticed the subtitles (which I usually don’t do when a song is playing), I realized that almost every melody narrated a story. It felt amusing. More or less, you will enjoy the songs and never feel dreary while binge-watching the series.

Engaging Storyline

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Most of the musical shows revolve around a band and how its members get disoriented after a while. Romance and relationships are other common things in such shows. Though Only for Love doesn’t bring too many new things, it creates several dimensions from within the cliches. Gradually, it starts feeling like a different show from the usual.

Subtle Emotions

Vibes make a difference, and Only for Love masters them beautifully by infusing emotions that are cleverly brought into play. You are never forced to feel for a particular character. Instead, the series emphasizes authentically molded aspects that extract feelings from the audience.

Everything is natural in Only for Love, whether it’s the humor or the sobby side of life.


Lucy Alves as Deusa brings her best to Only for Love. Her magnetic screen presence inspires all kinds of sentiments and makes you crave more. Though she starts as a calm and ambitious individual, Alves intricately shows you the changes that come with fame. I was seeing her act for the first time and observed how wide her professional array is.

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Filipe Braganca plays Tadeu in Only for Love, and he is phenomenal. His charming demeanor was one of the highlights of the series for me. I felt Filipe carried the show on his shoulders, but it was so finely done that there’s nothing overt about his performance. The actor’s calmness will surprise you at times.

Agnes Nunes shines in a pivotal role as she embarks on Eva’s journey. The spontaneity in her act raises the bar of Only for Love. You are always in awe of her characteristic magnetism. How Agnes managed to bring layers into a show that’s not too intense was awe-inspiring.

Micael and Adriano Ferreira play Valdo and Nelton, respectively. While the former is ostentatious, the latter is restricted. The stark contrast is created to highlight their difference as half-brothers. Both do a commendable job in Only for Love.

Giordano Castro as Patricio and Luiza Fittipaldi as Roberto deliver honest performances. Almost all the humor and sarcasm come from Castro’s weaponry. His naturally chaotic act is affable and entertaining.

On the other hand, Luiza gives you a taste of confined walls within the heart. Roberto is brought into a mess and made to suffer with zero rewards eventually, well portrayed by Luiza on the screen.

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Gustavo Vaz as Cesar propels the shady engine of Only for Love. He derives strength from his expressions and adds other personality-based ingredients to strengthen the storyline.

Ana Mametto is primarily able to speak with her body language. The bold, independent, and unapologetic features of Ana’s act are unavoidable. She delivers a sturdy presentation.

What Doesn’t Work for Only for Love?

Refractive Writing

This is related to the final two episodes of Only for Love. Before that, the writers have done a fantastic job of keeping annoyances at bay.

I felt the makers went into a state of alarm as the end neared for the series. They seem to have made several forced intrusions in a plot that was originally authentic and natural. Some of the twists feel vague and unacceptable when you start loving the series.

At times, we need to distinguish unpredictability from unacceptability. In the quest for the former, Only for Love mistakenly achieved the latter. Maybe, they helped the show become more screen-worthy, but, in my opinion, such changes made the story weak.

Final Word

Initially, I was planning to call Only for Love a must-watch show. But the end made me think otherwise. Nevertheless, it has everything swoon-worthy, and you can watch it for a musically wonderful experience.

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