Anger Tales Anthology Series Review: Lacks Finesse but the Stories are Bingeable

A Telugu show, Anger Tales, recently began streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar. It has been dubbed into several languages to achieve a bigger reach, and Hindi is one of them.

More than a series, Anger Tales is a four-part anthology, each of them having different premises. Moreover, it is helmed by the director, Prabhala Tilak.

The approximate combined duration of the show is three hours. Antithetical to the title, the stories don’t directly revolve around anger.

I am going to review Anger Tales episode-wise to avoid a one-size fits all approach. So, here I go.

Anger Tales Episode 1: Benefit Show


Ranga arranges a fan screening for his beloved superstar’s new film at a single-screen theater. However, the chain of events spoils his plans. Actors like Venkatesh Maha and Suhas star in the first episode of Anger Tales.


The idea is quite fresh for the screen, not entirely though. It has the power to glue the audience to the screen. You wouldn’t want to stop once the ball rolls.

Image Credits: Disney Plus Hotstar

There are no larger-than-life assumptions in a storyline that could have easily lost the way. Calling Benefit Show crisp wouldn’t be wrong.

The makers manage to keep it grounded.

How about the performances?

It rests on the shoulders of Venkatesh Maha. He superbly presents a commoner who is an ardent fan of an actor. His countenance makes you believe in the plot.

Additionally, Maha’s natural expressions bring a silently nourished aura, meant for the screen.

What is off?

Nothing. The makers have aced the first episode.

Anger Tales Episode 2: Food Festival


The doctor tells Pooja about her deteriorating health. She must start eating eggs and non-vegetarian food to enhance her protein intake, which she is not allowed to consume by her husband’s family.

Playing the lead in Food Festival are Madonna Sebastian and Tharun Bhascker.


If I had to rank all four episodes in Anger Tales, I would put this one on top, because of its conceptual base. Food Festival makes you think and predict what is to come.

Image Credits: Disney Plus Hotstar

There are no extreme twists or turns, which makes it even more commendable. Control, in any form, of another human being, is wrong and that’s where the story hits hard.

The flashbacks feel genuine, the visuals excite you, and you want to empathize with the protagonist. For a thirty-to-forty-minute episode, that’s all you need.

And, the performances?

Madonna Sebastian excels as Pooja in Food Festival. She is joined by Tharun Bhascker, in a limited capacity. Madonna’s ability to be emotionally feeble will impress you a lot.

What doesn’t work for Food Festival?

It could have used more finesse. The camera angles on many occasions are cut haphazardly.

Anger Tales Episode 3: An Afternoon Nap


Living in a dilapidated state, Radha must sail through financial hardships and uncivilized behavior from her landlords to survive. It stars Bindu Madhavi and Ravindra Vijay in lead roles.


It is another palatable story from Anger Tales, depicting the true life of a housewife, especially in the Indian context. Most of you would agree with the authentic presentation.

Image Credits: Disney Plus Hotstar

Moreover, the episode successfully gives the impression of impending doom. The inherent buildup travels parallelly with the quietude.

I specifically liked how the makers were able to bring the taste of commonality to the forefront in An Afternoon Nap.

How are the Performances?

Bindu Madhavi is outstanding with her killer instincts. She potently delivers a slow-burning acting performance. The critically acclaimed actor Ravindra Vijay reminds you of his previous outings as a common man.

Their chemistry on the screen is one to behold and enjoy.

What is not good about An Afternoon Nap?

Unfortunate as it might sound, it is the slowest episode in the lineup. There are a couple of bland moments that take away the curiosity.

Furthermore, An Afternoon Nap is a little overdone. The subtlety of Anger Tales is lost for the first and only time in the third episode.

Anger Tales Episode 4: Helmet Head


Giri struggles with acute hair loss. His job is unstable and he is unhappily unmarried at 32. Can he change his life? The fourth episode stars Phani Acharya (Giri), Sudha, and Praveen Katari in prime roles.


What works for Helmet Head in Anger Tales?

It has a relatable storyline. Nothing out of the box, though. Still, Helmet Head manages to stand on its own. There is a flow that comes naturally and takes you forward.

Image Credits: Disney Plus Hotstar

The idea is executed in a timely manner, allowing ample space for supporting actors. Also, the pace is on the bright side.

Nothing is dazzling about the screenplay but that doesn’t mean you’d be exposed to dullness. The episode attracts you every minute.

How are the performances?

It is all about the actor in the lead who happens to be Phani Acharya. At the first instance, you’d find him tailor-made for the role. His mien makes him a perfect fit for a common man.

What’s off?

Again, there are technicalities. The position of the helmet when the police officer hands it over to Giri changes along with the change in angle. That should have been contained since the focus of the shot was on the helmet.

Moreover, there was a scope for improvement in displaying the brewing dilemma in Giri’s head.

Should you watch Anger Tales on Hotstar?

Yes, it is watchable. What works best is the short duration of the series. Overall, the show relies on strong performances and engaging stories, involving common people.

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