It has been a dull week on streaming platforms. So I didn’t have any new show or film to review. It allowed me to work on an idea I have been pondering over for a long time now. Just couldn’t give it a go due to various reasons.

Before me, there must have been many people to do this. But for yours truly, it is a first. So, do you believe in alternate endings?

You might have watched hundreds of movies and series that couldn’t satisfy you with their ending. It has happened to me a lot.

I would always think what if there was another ending? Following my desire, while I awaited a new movie to review, I went ahead with the thought.

Image Credits: Netflix

A new Indian series was recently released on Netflix. Called Rana Naidu, it is the official adaptation of the American show, Ray Donovan. Most of the series’ actors are from the Telugu film industry, including the likes of Rana Daggubati and Venkatesh Daggubati.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before going further with this blog:

i) This is just my version or perspective. I am not criticizing the writers in any way.

ii) I understand that it is an adaptation. The present ending of Rana Naidu might be tied to the original show, which I haven’t watched.

iii) The blog is full of spoilers and is only recommended for those who have watched the series. Don’t go ahead if you are planning to stream it.

iv) You can read my Rana Naidu review, here.

Rana Naidu Alternate Ending

The change in Rana Naidu’s conclusion begins with the CBI officer, Eijaz Sheikh, who is killed by Naga. I would not do that and instead, keep him alive.

Since Eijaz has evidence against Prince and Rana, he goes to the superior officers showing the duo’s involvement in the murder of the girl fifteen years ago.

But the proof is not accepted by the CBI because audio recordings are not admissible in court. Sheikh’s boss asks him to bring something more materialistic.

Image Credits: Netflix

Now, the officer is alive and also Rana and Prince are safe from the Police. On the other hand, Rana will still have a determined enemy who also has the power to arrest him.

Moreover, if there’s no CBI on his back, what is the need of calling Surya to kill Naga. I found it a bit strange. So, we keep Eijaz’s quest for crucial evidence alive while still bringing Surya into the game.

And since Surya is on the most wanted list, police and other agencies will activate the minute he breaks out of his shell. With the help of his informants, Eijaz will get to know about him being alive and kicking.

Against this backdrop, when Surya puts the gun to Naga’s head, the police, led by Sheikh, would catch him.

Till now, Prince is alive. And, as planned, he goes to the award ceremony with Rana’s son. Originally, he is killed by Naga and Surya in his house because the former tells the latter about the murder of his then-girlfriend.

On the other hand, OB Mahajan dies during surgery, which, of course, didn’t happen originally. It would mean that Rana Naidu loses the political backing he had been thriving upon since his arrival in Mumbai.

I don’t think the murder of Maharaj needs to change. It remains as it is.

Now, suppose the entire final scene is a conspiracy. Surya is already caught by Eijaz and since he is one of the most wanted criminals, he is offered relaxation in jail term in exchange for playing against Rana. Hence, Surya takes Srini and asks Rana for money and a safe passage.

Image Credits: Netflix

This is when Naga realizes that he needs to protect his son at every cost. He tries to reach out to Rana and stop him from pursuing Surya. But his calls are ignored by the titular character.

Eventually, Rana is arrested by the CBI for his involvement in the murder case.

I know what you are thinking. Where is the evidence?

Yes, the CBI knows that audio recordings cannot be admitted in court. But Prince doesn’t.

A pack of police officers arrests Prince from the middle of the award ceremony. Imagine, a superstar being heckled by the cops from a nationally televised program. How big of a news it would become in the era of social media?

This is where the first season can end. It would avoid the reliance on family drama and infuse curiosity among the audience regarding what is to come.

Moreover, putting a behemoth like Rana Naidu on the backfoot would make things intriguing. A comeback from there would make the audience drool.

My proposition is would an actor like Prince be ready to put his stardom at stake? This can be used to have him confess about Rana’s involvement. But but but… the second season can come up with an entirely different start.

That was my alternate ending for Rana Naidu. Yes, it is not perfect. Yes, I hold no authority to twist an established narrative. But the heart wants what it wants, ain’t it?

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