Netflix is called the hub and epitome of video content, and now I know why. You can find a movie or series from any region on the planet at the stroke of your fingertip. Achieving such wide coverage requires massive human resources, technical proficiency, and a deep presence all across the globe; Netflix has them all. Bingo!

Watching a series from Turkey for the first time, in all honesty, I was not at all pumped up. I began streaming it just to post a review later on. However, I am happy that the show slapped me in the face for not believing in it from the outset.

As The Crow Flies started streaming on Netflix on 5th June and aims to make a place in the list of shows about Journalism. Before delving into a detailed review of the series, here’s a summary to help you get the context.

As The Crow Flies Review Summary

There are shows that you love, and then there are shows that leave you in awe. As The Crow Flies falls in the second category. With an engaging narration, the wholesome series keeps you on the brink of your imagination.

Now, let me take you through the story of As The Crow Flies without giving much away.

As The Crow Flies Synopsis

Spearheaded by admiration, obsession, and enviousness, As The Crow Flies follows the desire of a crazy fan to not only become like her idol but also replace her. 

Lale Kiran is a renowned news anchor, and she has a die-hard fan in Asli. When Lale ignores her in a random meeting, Asli’s affection begins to show shades of gray. As a neglected bird, she decides to hunt the lion despite her being the queen of the jungle.

The series, having its roots in Turkey, stars Birce Akalay (Lale Kiran), Miray Daner (Asli), Ibrahim Celikkol (Kenan), and Burak Yamantruk (Selim) in lead roles. It is created by Meric Acemi and directed by Deniz Yorulmazer.

Total Episodes: 8

As The Crow Flies Duration: 6 Hrs and 6 Mins Approx (including credits of almost 5-6 minutes long in each episode)

What Works for As The Crow Flies?


Mostly, web shows only manage to take a dip in a pool filled with narrational qualities. However, As The Crow Flies takes a consummate bath, refreshing all the organs of the plot. The series comes enveloped in a riveting narration that is bound to mesmerize you.

Never, not even for once, does the show feel dreary or weak on the screen. It instead treads successfully on a twisty path, led by an intriguing voiceover. As The Crow Flies absorbs the viewer using stimulants like uncertainty, agog, excitement, thrill, compulsion, and whatnot.

The series never fails to enrich you through its quality narration. I was left numb towards the end when the storytelling was at its peak. 

It has All the Feels

As The Crow Flies has an umbrella of feelings to cover you from boredom. Sprinkled with the right emotions, sarcasm, and enviousness, it keeps the viewer glued to the screen. After a point, you start feeling for the characters and follow them in their pursuits.

The office surroundings never fail to impress and bring along some fastening moments. Moreover, love and romance lead to hearty conversations, which have a deep meaning and contain the right chords to win you over.

Story and Writing

The story of As The Crow Flies is brilliantly written and executed. Powerful and crisp writing ensures all characters get their space and time. Furthermore, every scene is implemented with the utmost care, considering the kind of atmosphere the makers wanted to create.

When a lot of drama unfolds in a story, it has to be flowered with taut writing, and this Turkish show on Netflix does brilliantly well on that front. The writer creates a puzzle and then gives the baton into the hands of the audience, who begin to infer their own conclusions.

However, the writer then cunningly pulls and drops some pieces to complete the puzzle. Everything seems wrong, and your conscience won’t allow even a bit of what is going on in the story. But that’s what flawless writing is about.

It is a result of thoughtfulness and deep musings. In a rare turn of events, when Plan A fails, it has Plan B to make reparations. Meric Acemi, the writer and creator of As The Crow Flies, has a meticulous approach to making the plot arousing and stirring.

He detaches and attaches the strings at the right time to keep away the loopholes from destroying an astounding piece of art.


As I said earlier, every character in As The Crow Flies is allowed to have a significant command. In my previous reviews, I have pointed out several times how fictional individuals would be much better if they were explored in depth.

As The Crow Flies attains supremacy in that aspect when it doesn’t give a clear edge to either the protagonist or the antagonist. Thanks to the characters and their meaningful essence, the series blossoms and spreads like a rich fragrance.

Screenplay and Background Music

The series has a scintillating screenplay that pretends to be a hidden behemoth of tranquility in the beginning. With time, the presentation augments and strengthens to new heights. You deliberately want to indulge in guesswork and then wish your wild guesses do not come true.

Makers have skillfully blended the element of unpredictability with a binding screenplay. Furthermore, the upbeat and tipsy background score adds to the prowess of the story.


The concept of As The Crow Flies is not new, obviously, but it is probably the best executed among all. I remember Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan that was released in the previous decade. So many similarities could be drawn between Gaurav from Fan and Asli from As The Crow Flies.

But the reason why the Turkish series excels is its succinct packaging. It goes to great depths to ensure a vivid experience for the viewers. Mostly, a premeditated storyline in such concepts plagues the idea’s seed from turning into a plant.

As The Crow Flies efficiently nourishes the roots and grows into a tree full of fruits.


Birce Akalay as Lale Kiran is the best thing to have happened to As The Crow Flies. She ardently proclaims herself in a quiet and soothing manner. Her act is full of elegance, charm, and grandeur. 

The actor had the mammoth task of balancing a plush lifestyle and a torn inner self, which she does without a stain. Akalay creates around her a persona that’s hard to resist. She leaves a flamboyant effect despite not seeking it overtly.

A lot of credit goes to the writer for strengthening the bases of her individualistic character. But taking away even a pinch of commendation from Birce would be blatantly wrong. Her artistic valor comes to the fore in a profound manner mixed with a booze of honest reflection and ingenious acting skills.

Miray Daner plays Asli in As The Crow Flies. Her character is camouflaged with shades of embellishment, and she comes out as an ostentatious individual who reeks of perturbing jealousy and desire. Daner does a remarkable job in the series and encompasses all the hatred and ambiguity a dark character needs.

Her charm is negatively alluring, and her love seems like a pain in the neck, but still, you wish to not lose her sight. That’s how great she acts in As The Crow Flies.

Ibrahim Celikkol plays Kenan in this Turkish series and aces his act like no other. His brilliance is visible in how he develops his personality in the show. Initially, Ibrahim looks like a drizzle, but you soon realize his presence is more like a full-fledged shower.

Cast as Salem in As The Crow Flies, Burak Yamanturk demonstrates the most contained performance. He restricts himself and never lets things go out of hand. As a father, husband, and friend, he never ceases to impress the audience.  

All other actors in the series are at their best when it comes to deliverables. They make the show flow in a smooth stream and make it a blockbuster.

What Doesn’t Work for As The Crow Flies

Barring some infuriating moments where I wanted things to be different, owing to my personal opinion, not one thing felt off for this Turkish drama streaming on Netflix.

There’s absolutely nothing that works against the show.

Final Word

I know, as a reviewer, I shouldn’t be this blunt and overtly impressed by a show, but As The Crow Flies should get all the love it deserves. It’s been hours since I watched it, and now, I am on the verge of concluding the review, but the show’s impact is still hovering somewhere inside my heart.

It is a must-watch Turkish series streaming on Netflix.


Will there be a second season of As The Crow Flies?

Yes, considering the ending of the first outing, another season can be drawn using the same characters but a different storyline. However, there’s no official announcement yet.

How to Describe As The Crow Flies in one Sentence?

It is for social media fanatics.

Is Lale Kiran for real?

No, Lale Kiran is a fictional news anchor in As The Crow Flies.

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