Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Review: From the Jaws of a Conservative Family Rises A ‘Cosmic’ Female Savior

A mainstream Asian Supergirl is what the universe has been waiting to see for years. Times are changing, and Marvel Studios, arguably the biggest production house, thought it was an apt moment to present the same on the screen.

The trailblazers at Marvel have finally come up with Ms. Marvel, a new series featuring a Muslim female superhero.

The show began streaming on Disney Plus on 8th June with weekly episodes. This is the first time I will be reviewing a series episode-wise. Wish me luck, and of course, keep reading my Ms. Marvel review.

Ms. Marvel Review Summary

What happens when a female superhero rises? Well, I can’t say for sure, but Ms. Marvel’s first episode managed to push my expectations. It is a well-crafted series (or episode) worth every minute.

However, there are many things Ms. Marvel hits and misses. Keep reading my review for more.

Ms. Marvel Synopsis

Kamala Khan is a teenage girl residing in New Jersey with her immediate family. She is a huge fan of Marvel’s Avengers and is keen on attending Avengercon. However, her parents are conservative and oppose girls going out at night and wearing tight clothes.

When Kamala finally manages to sneak out for the event, she discovers there’s more to her obscure personality than poor grades and love for doodles.

The show is directed by Adil and Bilall and stars Iman Vellani, Matt Lintz, Mohan Kapoor, and Zenobia Shroff in lead roles.

What Works for Ms. Marvel?

The Initial Setting

Ms. Marvel is set up in New Jersey, and the protagonist has her roots in a conservative Pakistani family. The makers successfully depict the daily chores of the area and almost intrigue you with the family’s errands.

Though the conventional portrayal of a Muslim family seems slightly cliched, things aren’t that bad when seen as a whole.

Build up

The first episode of a superhero film is all about the drumbeating build-up, eventually ending up with realizations and recognitions. Ms. Marvel takes the safest way to a surprising end. The makers don’t do anything new or indulge in uncovering a novel presentation.

However, their easy route doesn’t feel overbearing and makes for a good watch. The final escalation and excitement in the screenplay provide ample stimulation for curiosity.


Yes, it has been shot well. The camera angles and, particularly, the vertical perspectives look brilliant when witnessed on-screen. Combined with the pace of the show, the captures feel stunning.


The lead actress, Iman Vellani, who plays the titular role of Ms. Marvel and the character of Kamala Khan, shines from the beginning till the end. As they say, someone getting chosen for such a massive role must have the X-factor. Though I am not sure about that, Iman does have something unique to her acting prowess.

Maybe, it’s her composure that sets benchmarks for her immaculate performance. Or, it could be her flamboyant expressions, visible in Iman’s tryst with deliberate imperfection. She begins running in the shoes of a no one but goes on to create a distinct space for herself.

It will be interesting to see how Vellani copes with the enormous expectations when she becomes a full-fledged superhero in the coming episodes.

Mohan Kapoor is a well-known Indian actor, and I am happy to see him play a significant role in Ms. Marvel. He portrays Yusuf Khan, Kamala’s father, and never looks out of touch. It is his pristine command on acting that allows him to retain the features of the character.

Matt Lintz, as Bruno, gets to showcase the friend we all want in our lives. He offers a shoulder to Kamala when she needs it the most. Though not novel, his role is pivotal to the concept of Ms. Marvel.

He aces all the scenes and never ceases to bring his best on-screen. His character is sure to trend upward in the future.


The first episode flaunts the perfect pace, ensuring you are glued to the screen. There’s not a shred of slowness in Ms. Marvel, for the time being. If it continues in the same way, we are sure to have a riveting display of action and adventure.

What Doesn’t Work for Ms. Marvel?


Like most other superhero films and shows, Ms. Marvel is also easy to predict, at least till now. You can easily guess how things will conclude. The plot is pretty straightforward, leading to a formulaic storyline.

Let’s see whether the series makes a comeback and adds unpredictable twists second episode onwards.

Final Word

Ms. Marvel’s first episode is not intriguing but compelling to a large extent. The story never feels dreary and has a fast pace. Furthermore, it is exciting and entertaining, making for a good watch.

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