Lately, I have been dissecting movie endings and the Spanish film Awareness is my next subject. 

It is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

In case you haven’t read my review of the movie, you can go here.

Now, as it has been kind of an unwritten rule with me, I am going to explain the final half an hour of the movie.

It is going to be a detailed explanation, followed by certain questions that you may have about Awareness.

I hope you have already watched the film and are prepared to read spoilers.

Quick Recap

Ian revisits his childhood home alongside Ester to find answers about his mother. But the Perceiver (Oscar Jaenada) confronts him there.

While he tells him about The Mule (read about him later), a large lot of the Agency’s security equipped with weapons reach the place.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

The Perceiver tells Ian to go to his house in Madrid, Spain, the address of which is known to Ester. 

While fighting the security, the Perceiver is caught by them and taken to the Agency’s facility.

Now, I am going to take you to the final thirty minutes of the movie, from the time when Ester and Ian stepped into the house in Madrid.

Awareness Ending Explained in Detail

The duo reaches its destination, where the biggest surprise of Ian’s life awaits him: his mother, Urszula Kominski.

She is sick and doesn’t react to anything. Her downtrodden face tells the story of her acute illness.

The Perceiver also reaches his house after fighting it out against the Agency.

Ian uses his power to get into Urszula’s mind and the Perceiver follows him there.

We once again see the same memory where a young Ian is playing with cubes of the periodic table alongside his mother. 

The only change this time is that her mother is actually sitting on a hospital chair with wires and equipment connected to her brain.

The Perceiver blames The Agency’s unending experiments for her situation. 

Further, he informs him that Urszula had embedded this memory in his brain, which is why he always saw the same scene over and over again.

Since the Agency needed the formula to create new Perceivers, it was necessary to keep it away from it. 

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Therefore, she encrypted the formula to create new Perceivers in Ian’s mind. 

Also, before she was captured by the agency, his mother destroyed her last copy.

The Perceiver asks Ian to give him the formula so that they can together create new perceivers to take on the agency.

When the Perceiver tries to intrude further into the space where Ian is, he is forcefully evicted by Urszula.

Noticing the same, Ian connects the dots and realizes that her mother didn’t want anyone else except him to have access to the formula, including the Perceiver, her alleged husband.

The Perceiver starts punching the invisible security boundary created by Urszula, leading her to invoke more energy into maintaining it.

After a while, when Urszula’s throttling pain reaches its peak, they come out of the memory. 

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Ian sings the song to her mother which she used to hum when he was a kid.

She dies in his arms, leaving Ian devastated.

At this point, the Agency’s people intrude the house and they are pointing guns at Ian and the Perceiver.

However, he channelizes his rising anger to accentuate his powers, thereby taking control over the minds of the gunmen.

Ian makes them shoot each other, inflicting the brutality of the Third Power (meaning in FAQs).

He runs riot throughout the mansion, killing or injuring them one by one. Ester follows him wherever he goes.

They reach the lawn, where he finds Adriana aiming the gun at him. An army of guards surround Ian. She warns him not to do anything silly if he wants to stay alive.

However, Ian continues his dominance using the Third Power.

He makes Adriana point the gun to her own head, telling her that he just met Urszula and now knows everything she did to her mother.

The Perceiver further provokes him from behind to shoot Adriana.

In her defense, she tells Ian that his mother has been long dead. Whatever he saw was just an illusion created by the Perceiver.

Just when he is about to kill her, Vicente arrives at the scene and tells him not to do the same.

Vicente points fingers at the Perceiver, blaming him for manipulating Ian. 

In turn, to stop him from revealing his secrets, the Perceiver makes Vicente pick up the gun from the ground and shoot himself in the throat.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Ian is shocked to see what just happened. In the emotionally devastating moment, his focus completely turns to Vicente, freeing Adriana and all the guards of his powerful control spell.

Seeing Ian’s condition, she stops the guards from attacking him. He rushes straight to Vicente, lying on the floor, on the verge of breathing his last.

He asks Ian to see the truth for himself by going inside his memories. But Ian knows he would not be able to survive the intrusion.

The Perceiver silently captures Ester and takes her away.

When Vicente’s persistence doesn’t stop, Ian finally decides to enter his mind. 

The first memory he sees is that of her mother being used as a lab rat by the Agency. 

The facility also has her son, Ian, on whom tests are planned for later. 

Vicente works for the Agency where the mother-son duo has been kept.

The minute she finds Vicente alone, Urszula begs him to save her son. 

Though initially he is reluctant, he sneaks out with Ian at the right time.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Thereon, he acts like his father and sacrifices his entire life just to keep him safe. 

In a few other memories, Ian travels in time to see how Vicente took care of him.

He apologizes and thanks him for all the effort before coming out of his mind. 

As Vicente breathes his last, an angry Ian enters inside the building, which now has the presence of so many people.

It seems like a conference, probably an illusion created by the Perceiver.

Among the large crowd in the hall of the building, Ian hears Ester’s voice. He uses his powers to clear the herd of people so that he can see Ester.

The Perceiver has her at gunpoint. Ian tries to take him under control and get rid of the gun from afar. But since the enemy this time is a man with similar abilities, his task becomes arduous.

He continues his efforts but the Perceiver unleashes an attack on him making the people among the crowd fight against Ian.

One by one, they get up from the ground, acting like pure zombies, and try to take Ian down.

However, he beats them all after a tough battle. In the end, the Perceiver awakes a well-built man from those lying down.

His physical strength overpowers Ian as he is almost choked to death. Out of nowhere, Adriana puts a bullet in his head to save Ian.

She uses the elevator to reach the hall. The Perceiver warns Ian that he will kill Ester if he dares to take a step forward.

He wants Ian to allow him access to his brain if he wants Ester to be free.

But Ian is unwilling to do so as it would give him the formula to create new Perceivers.

While they conversate, Adriana barges in calling out the presence of the girl. She says that there is no girl in the hall

There is no Ester. And if he is seeing the sight of a girl, it must be an illusion created by the Perceiver, a loop projected by him.

Ian is shocked to hear this. Even Ester tells him to not believe Adriana. 

Confused by all the happenings around him, a dilemmatic Ian remembers his first meeting with Ester and when, if ever, could the Perceiver have activated the loop.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

His mind flashbacks all the way to the Arcade when he saw the Perceiver for the first time. That’s when he began controlling his mind, including the infusion of an artificial Ester.

Everything Ian did ever since was controlled by the Perceiver. He was just a pawn.

He shoots Ester and the bullet goes through her body right into the Perceiver’s, who falls to the ground, dead.

The scene cuts and we are taken to the cemetery, where Ian and Adriana are having a conversation.

She again asks him for the formula but he humbly declines and uses his power to take her phone number.

He then gets into his car’s driver seat. Besides him is Ester. They kiss and share a smile.

On the other hand, Adriana’s boss asks him why didn’t she kill him. She replies saying Ian trusts her and will be useful in the future. If not, she will kill him unapologetically. 

That’s when the movie ends.

Now, here are some…

Questions About Awareness Ending

What is the Third Power in Awareness movie?

It is the ability of Perceivers to completely take over the mind of any person. They can make them do whatever they want and however they want, meaning complete subjugation

Who was Ester?

Ester was just an illusion.

The perceiver had created Ester in the Arcade when he first saw Ian. He did this because he knew staying physically with Ian was not possible for him.

And it would be easier for Ian to open up to a female companion. Ester never died in the film because she was not a human being.

However, Ian and Ester loved each other to the core, which is why Ian never tried to get rid of her after the death of the Perceiver.

Although naturally, she should not have been there after his death.

Did Ian really meet his mother?

No, Ian never met his mother. It was another illusion created by the Perceiver. In reality, Urszula had died a long time ago.

The memory Ian goes in was actually his own and since it was encrypted by his mother, the Perceiver couldn’t get complete access to it.

Was Vicente Ian’s Grandfather?

No, he was not related to Ian in any way. He just used to work for the Agency but a change of heart made him help Ian.

Who is The Mule in Awareness Movie?

The Mule is shown as the strongest Perceiver. He trained other Perceivers to use their powers in the best possible way without getting noticed.

But I think the Perceiver was himself the Mule.

Did Ian Kill Adriana?

No, Adriana doesn’t die in Awareness movie.

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