Horror movies have increased their footing in the past few weeks. No One Will Save You and Goosebumps take the top spot in the genre, among the latest flicks.

The Conference is a new movie from Sweden, which is said to be suspenseful and scary, now streaming on Netflix.

Its length tails around the hundred-minute mark while the movie originates from a novel of the same name, written by Mats Strandberg.

Keep reading as I delve into the review of the Swedish film.

The Conference Synopsis

A day before laying the foundation stone of a shopping mall, a group of employees, who fought tooth and nail to make it a success, gather for “professional development training,” in a nearby hotel.

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But little do they know that a psychic killer is on the loose who won’t stop at anything except for their lives.

Created by Patrik Eklund, The Conference stars Katia Winter (Lina), Adam Lundgreen (Jonas), Eva Melander (Eva), Bahar Pars (Nadja), Amed Bozan (Amir), Maria Sid (Ingela), Christoffer Nordenrot (Kaj), Claes Hartelius (Torbjorn), and others.

The Conference: Positives

The setting of the film is spooky and dark. It settles well with the overall recital, allowing for the promised disturbing experience.

The Conference infuses a unique, darkly humorous twist into its portrayal of violent murders.

While the storyline maintains its seriousness, it occasionally surprises with touches of macabre comedy.

For example, one murder scene may send shivers down your spine, but then picture someone casually strolling around with a sharp iron spike lodged in their head.

Image Credits: Netflix

The Conference manages to be both gruesome and agonizing while subtly injecting humor into the mix.

The concept is solid, and the storyline, for the most part, holds up well. It thrives on capturing in-the-moment scenes rather than relying solely on the overarching plot.

Notably, the mystery surrounding the killer is cleverly concealed. It doesn’t follow the typical formula where the first murders occur, and then the culprit is revealed at the end.

The Conference takes a refreshing and taut route, allowing viewers to use their own ingenuity to connect the dots.

Moreover, the buildups in the film are tantalizing and seamlessly interwoven into the storyline.

Image Credits: Netflix

Even if not bone-chilling, the escalations are undeniably riveting.

What’s particularly intriguing is the film’s choice of background music. Some of the tunes stand out from the sea of repetitive soundtracks we’re accustomed to.

Collectively, the background score perfectly suits the genre, maintaining a suspenseful atmosphere throughout the runtime.

The screenplay is thrilling, and the graphic violence plays to its advantage, further propelled by the brisk narration.

The Conference manages to keep boredom at bay by introducing a cast of irritating characters constantly at odds with one another.

How are the Performances?

An ensemble of actors makes their presence felt in different capacities.

Katia Winter as Lina restrains herself perfectly for the role. She is quiet yet effective and allows you to connect to the film on an emotional level.

However, it’s Adam Lundgreen who truly shines as Jonas and much of this success can be attributed to the character’s well-crafted depth.

Image Credits: Netflix

Lundgreen flawlessly embodies a selfish individual, seething with anger, and utterly indifferent to others.

His unhinged acting skills bring Jonas alive on the screen. And the minute you start hating the character, it means the artist has done its job.

The supporting cast, including Eva Melander, Bahar Pars, Amed Bozan, Maria Sid, Christoffer Nordenrot, and Claes Hartelius, all deliver exceptional performances.

Each of them has their moments to shine, and it’s their collective synergy that allows The Conference to present its best possible performance.

The Conference: Downsides

It isn’t a horror movie as such and lacks spine-chilling moments. Yes, the presence of suspense takes you on a ride. Also, the murder spree gives enough to have a satiable outing.

Still, on the horror or scare front, The Conference doesn’t make an impact.

Should You Stream or Skip The Conference?

It should be watched. I am all for this Swedish flick.

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