A highly anticipated Hindi film, Bawaal, has made its way directly to Amazon Prime, skipping a theatrical release.

What is surprising is that the film was certified by CBFC only for a big screen showing.

Nevertheless, Bawaal is helmed by the director of blockbuster films like Dangal and Chhichhore. Moreover, it has two of India’s stars in the lead role.

The film stretches a bit over two hours and falls in the Romantic Drama genre. Here is my Bawaal review.

Bawaal Movie Synopsis

Ajay Dixit, popularly known as Ajju, has two lives, one that he displays to the outside world and the second his real one.

Due to the positive lies he has victoriously spread about himself, leading to a fake image, Ajju enjoys respect in society.

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However, back at home, he has a strained relationship with his newlywed wife, also a result of his public image management.

A clumsy school teacher by profession, Ajay finds himself in a spot of bother one day and consequently decides to make a trip to Europe along with his wife.

As it turns out, going to Europe is also a plan by Ajju to clean his image. How it pans out in the background of World War II remains at the core of Bawaal.

Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, Bawaal stars Varun Dhawan (Ajay), Jahnvi Kapoor (Nisha), and Manoj Pahwa in lead roles.

What Works for Bawaal?

It has a unique idea where an incompetent school teacher takes a trip to Europe so that he can better his image in society. 

His pretext? To teach his students important lessons about World War II and give the waning relationship with his wife another chance.

The concept is effectively entertaining and vibrant in the initial hour. Moreover, when the setting changes, it further encapsulates you.

The film’s storyline is beautifully woven, thanks to the masterful narration. Bawaal adeptly blends emotion and amusement throughout, creating a well-rounded cinematic experience. 

The movie effectively explores the complexities of relationships while keeping the fun elements alive, ensuring that it resonates with the audience on multiple levels.

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Bawaal tugs at heartstrings during its second half, seamlessly blending the societal aspects of marriage with the portrayal of a couple’s fading chemistry. 

The emotional resonance deepens as Ajju’s attempts to salvage his relationship with his wife unfold, leaving a heartwarming impact on viewers.

Furthermore, Bawaal not only focuses on the protagonist’s journey but also serves as a poignant reminder of the horrors of World War II. 

The film creates chilling moments that evoke goosebumps, sensitizing the audience to the brutal consequences of war and its impact on humanity.

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In contrast to films that exaggerate love and romance, Bawaal elegantly treats love as a subtle art.

The depiction of love is nuanced, portraying its complexities and vulnerabilities with authenticity, making it a refreshing take on romantic relationships in Indian cinema.

On the social front, the film addresses a prevalent issue in Indian society – marriages crumbling due to an inability to accept each other’s imperfections. 

Bawaal courageously confronts this subject, initiating conversations about the importance of understanding, compromise, and compassion in relationships.

How are the Performances?

Varun Dhawan as Ajju is vividly amusing. He has sharpened his acting skills all these years, coming out as a professionally molded individual with style and substance.

Dhawan’s performance carries the film effortlessly, capturing the audience’s attention and leaving them thoroughly entertained by his charismatic and engaging presence.

Jahnvi Kapoor delivers her best as Nisha, exhibiting a commendable outing that leaves a deep impression. 

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In certain scenes, her acting prowess proves to be mind-blowing, adding depth and authenticity to her character. 

Kapoor’s portrayal of Nisha is emotionally compelling at many levels.

The veteran actor, Manoj Pahwa, impresses as he usually does. He adds depth and credibility to the film though the role doesn’t allow him significant screen time.

All the other actors are amazing in Bawaal.

What Doesn’t Work for Bawaal?

There is a time in the second half when the movie pauses to reflect. It was the only thing I disliked about Bawaal. The slowness becomes visible and you begin to drift away.

However, the comeback is worth your time.

Should You Stream or Skip Bawaal on Amazon Prime Video?

As it cleverly combines history, romance, and societal relevance, the film proves to be a compelling addition to the Amazon Prime lineup.

You can surely give it a go.

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