A Mexican film has silently made its way to Netflix and even I would have skipped it had I not accidentally checked the “new and popular” section.

The platform describes it as a goofy and inspiring film. Moreover, The (Almost) Legends has comedy at its core.

Almost two hours long in length, it aims to be a quick and entertaining watch. Here is my review of the latest Mexican film on Netflix.

The (Almost) Legends Synopsis

Two estranged brothers meet after several years and continue behaving like polar opposites. Reconciliation seems difficult as they take part in an adrenalin pumping race.

Image Credits: Netflix

Will they be able to pay their dad homage by doing what he always wanted to?

Directed by Ricardo Castro Velaquez, The (Almost) Legends Stars Benny Emmanuel (Romeo), Harold Azuara (Preciado), Nora Velazquez (Connie), Ana Celeste (Maren), Guillermo Quintanilla (Valentin)

What Works for The (Almost) Legends?

Firstly, the movie exhibits a decent presentation, effectively conveying its central concept to the audience.

The filmmakers have done a commendable job in bringing the idea in a coherent manner, giving you the hope of enjoying the movie.

Please don’t confuse ‘concept’ with ‘story’ here.

Moreover, the film adopts a quirky narration style, reminiscent of classic comedy movies.

While the execution may lack some depth, the lively and spirited approach to storytelling adds an extra layer of entertainment.

Image Credits: Netflix

It’s as if the movie is playfully winking at the audience, inviting us to embrace its lighthearted nature and enjoy the comedic ride it has to offer.

Speaking of lightheartedness, The (Almost) Legends manages to evoke warm feelings through its light-hearted vibes.

At times, you can’t help but be swept up in the film’s infectious charm (strictly, at times), which creates a pleasant and uplifting atmosphere.

This aspect serves as the only entirely positive aspect of the movie.

How are the Performances?

The performances in The (Almost) Legends serve as the movie’s saving grace. The entire cast delivers solid acts, bringing their characters to the screen with skill and conviction.

However, it is the standout performances of Benny Emmanuel and Harold Azuara that truly shine.

Benny Emmanuel portrays Romeo, a smart and slightly flamboyant character, with impeccable finesse.

He effortlessly captures the essence of this charismatic and vibrant individual while infusing the role with energy and charm.

Furthermore, his depiction adds a dash of excitement to the film, making Romeo a memorable and engaging character.

On the other hand, Harold Azuara takes on the role of Preciado, a character who is quiet and restrained.

Azuara masterfully navigates Preciado’s complex personality, skillfully unraveling the character’s traits and emotions.

What Doesn’t Work for The (Almost) Legends?

The film suffers from a wayward storyline that feels more like a setup to create interest rather than a well-crafted narrative.

The (Almost) Legends lacks a cohesive and engaging plot, making it challenging to sustain the audience’s attention throughout its two-hour runtime.

Additionally, the movie falls short of delivering entertainment. The lackluster dialogues fail to generate genuine laughter or provide the comedic punch that the film aims for.

Image Credits: Netflix

Despite its comedic intentions, the attempts at humor largely miss the mark, leaving the audience wanting more.

Moreover, poor characterization is a notable drawback. None of the characters are given the opportunity to truly come alive on the screen, lacking depth and development.

This lack of well-rounded characters diminishes the audience’s emotional investment in their journeys, resulting in a less fulfilling viewing experience.

Should You Stream or Skip The (Almost) Legends?

It can be skipped unless you are too free to spend time on anything else.

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