Belascoarán PI Review Netflix: A Sustainable Plot Keeps You Interested in this Mexican Detective Series

Most of us have grown up reading detective stories. I was not much of a reader back in the day and would only see my friends soaking in the world of Sherlock Holmes.

Though I had heard of the character during childhood, it was only due to some of my college friends that I began reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Then there were some local Indian stories that I relished.

Moreover, of late, I have realized that lawyers and detectives are portrayed similarly in films and shows. Belascoarán PI is a new Netflix series from Mexico that is based on the works of Paco Ignacio Taibo II. It has three episodes stretching for almost four hours.

Here’s my Belascoarán review.

Belascoarán PI Review Summary

Riding on the back of established work, Belascoarán PI manages to keep you on your toes for the most part. It is intriguing but falls short of offering fascination.

Belascoarán PI Synopsis

Overall, the show is based on the book Todo Belascoarán by Paco Ignacio Taibo II. However, each of the three episodes is based on three different books by the same author. If I had to summarize the story of Belascoarán, it depicts the journey of an independent detective who solves mysterious cases of murder.

Image Credits: Netflix

Three main characters consistently occupy the screen while others make entries and exit with each episode. The permanent ones are Luis Gerardo Méndez (Belascoarán), Paulina Gaitán (Irene), and Irene Azuela (Elisa).

Furthermore, starting from the first, the episodes are directed by Ernesto Contreras, Hiromi Kamata, and Gonzalo Amat, respectively. While Episode one of Belascoarán is based on the book Days of Combat, the second derives its story from An Easy Thing and the third from No Happy Ending. All of them are written by Paco Ignacio Taibo II.

You can head to the FAQs section to read about the synopsis of all three episodes separately.

What Works for Belascoarán?

Interesting Storyline

Belascoarán PI has enough captivation to offer through a street-smart detective story. Though it is not void of hiccups every now and then, the tale is engrossing for the most part. You will enjoy it once you get acquainted with the characters and, of course, the cases. I particularly liked the second and third episodes because they had the right intensity and layers.

Image Credits: Netflix

Moreover, the makers have added many elements to the story to maintain freshness. Belascoarán PI is not the usual ‘all going good for the detective’ drama. There are considerable hurdles for the central character though the implementation could have been better.

Plot and Screenplay

The screenplay of Belascoarán’s first episode is convoluted, which adds to the twisted plot. But because of the base, they have created in the first hour, the rest of the show becomes alluring. The makers have plotted the series intricately, and then they have garnished it with a weaving screenplay.


Belascoarán PI has a daring speed of narration. The show never falls to slow or slippery lows and consistently delivers a smooth run of play. I didn’t feel dreary at any point; however, the first episode took some time to hold me.


All the conversations between Luis Gerardo and Paulina Gaitán are swoon-worthy. I liked the mystic intimacy both of them created on the screen. Sometimes, you have two people trying to get cozy via physical means, but they cannot hone healthy and long-lasting chemistry.

Image Credits: Netflix

However, the lead actors in Belascoarán PI create many heart-warming moments through intimate conversations that stay with you.


Many actors have significantly contributed to Belascoarán PI, but I will restrict my attention to the top three. And that doesn’t mean the rest were not up to the mark.

Luis Gerardo Méndez plays the titular character in Belascoarán PI and impresses with a gritty mien. In stories that are based on a central persona, it is necessary for the lead to not just portray but imbibe the traits. Gerardo has the zeal to stand out from the crowd.

Image Credits: Netflix

He makes you believe in his uncanny abilities and amateurish deductions. As the story progresses, Luis brings out his best to elevate Detective Hector Belascoarán Shayne.

Paulina Gaitán as Irene will mesmerize you throughout the series. Her enticing personality adds a subtle touch of softness to Belascoarán PI. She is introduced as a significant player in the show, but her presence reduces in each episode. However, Paulina’s onscreen dexterity somehow leaves a long-lasting impact even after curtailed appearances.

Image Credits: Netflix

Irene Azuela presents Elisa in Belascoarán PI. She is the detective’s sister and lends a helping hand whenever he’s stuck at a point. The actress succeeds in booking a calm reservation in a show that’s mostly riding on a see-saw.

What Doesn’t Work for Belascoarán PI?

Predictable, at Times

If you have been into detective dramas for ages, you will find the plot easy to crack. The introduction of new characters, their outward resemblance, and low-key penetrations give enough to guess what’s coming. But that’s not entirely true. You will only get subtle hints, and unless you are a veteran, Belascoarán PI will remain engrossing.

Final Word

Belascoarán PI comes laden with all the ingredients a detective story needs. I recommend you watch it.

Frequently Asked Queries (FAQs)

Belascoarán PI synopsis episode-wise.

Episode 1: In the first episode of Belascoarán PI, the detective appears in a reality show, ‘The $64,000 Jackpot (64,000 pesos),’ where he has to answer questions based on ‘Famous Stranglers Throughout History.’ Belascoarán’s hidden purpose behind participating in the show is to catch a real strangler haunting the city. It is directed by Ernesto Contreras.

Episode 2: A union leader is murdered, and Belascoarán happens to know him for some reason. On the other hand, he receives a strange request from a famous actress to find the reason behind her daughter’s depression. Can Belascoarán tackle two cases in tandem? Or will multitasking bring him to his knees? Directed by Hiromi Kamata, the episode is based on the book, “An Easy Thing.”

Episode 3: Belascoarán is shocked to find a body in his office. The source of this pain in the neck lies in one of the detective’s old nemeses. He not only has to find out why the body was planted there but also free himself of several charges. The third episode of Belascoarán PI is directed by Gonzalo Amat, and it is based on the book, “No Happy Ending.”

Belascoarán ending explained.

After Belascoarán finally gets rid of the cop and cracks the case of the dead bodies, he is happy and satisfied, to some extent. However, his happiness is short-lived as he is attacked outside a shop with incessant firing.

Did Belascoarán die in the end of Belascoarán PI? There can be two things, one that he is dead, which I don’t believe because who would kill a titular character just in the first season. We have seen Sherlock, and he didn’t die at the end of the first season, despite nearing death.

Secondly, they didn’t show the bullet hitting him explicitly. In no frame do we get to see Belascoarán getting spooked by a bullet. There are no blood spills, either. So, in all probability, the detective is alive.

Moreover, if I talk about the book the show is based on, it still has many cases that the makers can explore in the upcoming seasons. Therefore, killing him would not be a wise decision.

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