Another Friday has arrived, with multiple films hitting the theaters. From the Hindi belt, Doctor G and Code Name: Tiranga have been released, while the Kannada film, Kantara, has come up in several dubbed versions.

Doctor G is a quirky comedy starring Ayushmann Khurrana, whom I also call the torchbearer of change, after Aamir Khan, in the Indian creative verse. The talented actor was last seen in Anek, a socially relevant film. From there, he is back to acing his satirical skills with a subtle touch of social awareness.

The movie is two hours long, and you might want to read my Doctor G review to gather some information about its prospects before spending your hard-earned money.

Doctor G Review Summary

As a package entertainer, Doctor G doesn’t shy away from proposing neoteric thoughts and ideas. Keep reading my Doctor G review for a look into several of its aspects.

Doctor G Synopsis

When his dream of becoming an Ortho specialist crashes, Uday decides to become a Gynecologist against his conscience. The voyage brings self-realization, introspection, and, of course, adventure.

Doctor G is directed by Anubhuti Kashyap and stars Ayushmann Khurrana (Uday), Rakul Preet (Fatima), Shefali Shah (Nandini), and Sheeba Chaddha (Shobha) in lead roles.

What Works for Doctor G?

Quirky Concept

The only reason why Doctor G could create some pre-release hype was its conceptual base. It made me curious as well to witness how the makers would execute the idea of a male gynecologist in the Indian context. Though male Gynecologists are not entirely an alien thing in our country, it is the taboo that needed to be quashed.

Doctor G successfully implements the concept on the big screen. The makers have tried first to catch the crux of the problem, then measure its magnitude, and finally, they have added the relevant stimulations to bring a wholesome experience.


With every ingredient falling into place, Doctor G assures of a gluing storyline. There’s humor, ample drama, and shades of unique romance to grab your attention. The movie fares especially well when seen together and not in bits and pieces.


I thought a lot about whether to use this phrase or not but the manner in which Doctor G ends won me over. Reforms are not only social; they can also be personally transformative. Although Doctor G will be remembered for its theme of a male gynecologist, I will keep it in my memories for its idea of friendship.

Moreover, apart from these two aspects, the film has several subtle neoteric touches. If you have read my Goodbye review, I mentioned how Vikas Bahl just touched the crust of progression and created boundaries. Anubhuti Kashyap hasn’t done that in Doctor G. She is all in for the idea of change and must be appreciated for the same.


The first half of Doctor G is mostly about fun and entertainment through jokes and situational comedy. It rides on the comic timing of Sheeba Chaddha and Ayushmann Khurrana, both of whom are superlative in their endeavors. You will laugh but what is more important is you will enjoy every bit of Doctor G’s humor.


Only two hours long, the film never feels flat or uninteresting. It is not stretched though the second half almost slipped out of hand. However, it was brought on track just in time.


You cannot beat Ayushmann Khurrana in his den. Whenever the actor decides to lead for social change, you can notice him carrying unique energy. He doesn’t outgrow the script and allows the issue to remain at the core without over-emphasizing it. Khurrana’s wit and characteristic humor are at full display in Doctor G.

Furthermore, his formidable demeanor is an eccentric mixture of intricacy and edginess. It goes without saying the actor doesn’t let his shoulders down while carrying the entire film. His emotional delivery further completes the picture. Also, one last thing, Uday from Doctor G has nothing to do with Vicky from Vicky Donor.

Rakul Preet is adorable in Doctor G. Playing Fatima, she brings a heavy dosage of affability thanks to her composure. Rakul’s strong point has always been her charming countenance, which remains unblemished in Doctor G. I am so happy to see her not being used as an object in the film.

In fact, Doctor G doesn’t symbolize any of the ladies, and they have prominence in the run of play, a step in the right direction.

Shefali Shah, as Nandini, guides Doctor G with authority. I have always loved her screen presence and her idea of calmness despite the bustling surroundings. In Doctor G, Shah continues to be at the top of the table with a fierce attitude. Imagine someone striking you hard in a comedy film without landing even one small pun. That’s Shefali Shaf for you.

Another shining star of Doctor G is Sheeba Chaddha. Known for her impromptu comic timing, the actress propels the screenplay of the film. Her hilarious expressions and stealthy dialogue delivery are pure gold. As Shobha, she is full of life and joy.

What Doesn’t Work for Doctor G?

Nothing in Doctor G is out of place. A portion of the second half might seem a bit tacky, but, as I said, the film bounced back in time.

Final Word

Doctor G is a complete film that deserves your time and money. A sure-shot must-watch.


Is Doctor G based on a true story?

No, Doctor G is not based on a true story. It is a work of fiction.

Where will Doctor G stream?

It will stream on Netflix.

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