Bhediya Movie Review: A Perfect Start to India’s Creature Comedy Journey

Ideas that go far beyond the viewer’s imagination are the toughest to ace. Creature comedy is one such genre. While web shows have the luxury of time, movies are restricted by the same.

In roughly 150 minutes, the creators have to set things up, shoot the stimulus, pitch the story, and prep for a grueling climax. Not to mention the finesse needed in the VFX department.

Particularly in India, creature comedies are uncommon. We have grown up watching foreign films, but now, it seems to be changing, thanks to this week’s theatrical release, Bhediya.

Starring Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Abhishek Banerjee, Deepak Dobriyal, and Paalin Kabak in lead roles, Bhediya is directed by Amar Kaushik. It is a creature comedy where the protagonist is bitten by a wolf and, consequently, turns into a wolf himself.

Interestingly, Kaushik is known for Stree, which was also produced by Dinesh Vijan, the producer of Bhediya. Both films are inherently built on the same lines, i.e., fear, comedy, and chills.

So, what is the story of Bhediya?

Bhaskar (Varun Dhawan) travels to Arunachal Pradesh to complete his job assignment of building a road through the forests. However, his proposition is met with fierce opposition from the locals.

When he finally gains their confidence, Bhaskar’s life turns upside down as he is chased and bitten by a wolf. What happens next? Well, his body experiences unnatural changes, and soon, Bhaskar turns into a wolf.

The movie has a lot to like about, and, to begin with, I would emphasize its concept and execution. Many might call Bhediya implausible, but I think it’s not a valid point. When a spider bite can turn someone into a Spider-man, why can a wolf not transmit the same phenomenon?

Bhediya creates an urge through its concept, and it must be given the first-mover advantage for trying something new in the Indian context. Furthermore, the execution of the idea is great.

Makers don’t rush things though the start could have been more pacy and exciting. Before entering the cinema hall, I feared watching an entirely spiced-up culmination destroying a potentially blockbuster idea. Thankfully, Bhediya is more than that.

In the film, you will find several funny and entertaining moments. They are primarily led by the versatile actor Abhishek Banerjee, who also dictated comedy in Stree.

Some of you might ask if Bhediya has any laugh-out-loud moments? The answer is a clear YES. It has many. Not only situational comedy, but I also liked most of the punches, jokes, and one-liners outpoured in the film.

Moreover, the storyline is a little dicey, but the calmness in the narration makes it digestible. I wonder if the suspense could have been more tight-lipped. In one sentence, I would say you need to find glue in the story to stick to it.

Is it compelling? Yes.

Bhediya keeps you on the edge of your seat through the thrill it is able to generate from a Man versus Wild kind of hypothesis. The makers ensure there’s ample hook to hold your hands.

What about the VFX?

The best part of Bhediya is its VFX. There is never a low point in the film’s visual structure. All the optics turn out brilliantly. You would love the transitions when Varun Dhawan turns into a wolf.

Moreover, there’s a scene when the wolf jumps on its target from a height. It is shown from the target’s perspective, and that was, by far, the best individual moment of Bhediya.

The film’s music arouses you as well. You would relive the iconic Chaddi Pehen ke Phool Khila hai among other quirky songs from Bhediya’s album.

Lastly, the performances are excellent. Varun Dhawan brings style and charm to the fore with his alluring dialogue delivery. And the actor nails it as he goes all-out in a funny role. How he corroborates his expressions with visual transformations is terrific.

Abhishek Banerjee deserves appreciation for his sarcastic presence in Bhediya. All his jokes, punches, and chuckling expressions hit the right spot. Additionally, if I had to pinpoint, there’s a mini-monologue by Banerjee in Bhediya. That was when I decided to mention him before Kriti.

Kriti Sanon shines and shines bright for a long time in the film. Though her arrival isn’t instantaneous, Sanon is quick to deliver. She is enticing in the film through her calm attendance.

Paalin Kabak is another star performer to look out for. The actor aces the role of a northeastern guy, supporting Banerjee in his comical adventure.

Deepak Dobriyal, with his comic timing and seasoned dialogue delivery, takes you on a joyride. He has a separate fanbase, and the man doesn’t disappoint at all in Bhediya.

Mostly, everything is fine with the film, especially the end. However, if I had to highlight the negative aspects, I would call Bhediya patience testing initially.

The film has many blank moments where you must introspect and assure yourself that good things are coming soon. However, the writing is not banal, which allows Bhediya to recover and reload.

Should you watch Bhediya?

Yes, you should. The movie delivers what it promises. Fun, thrill, and adventure. Moreover, the crossover of Bhediya and Stree will be invigorating if it transpires, eventually.

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