Teen movies are the best to stream when you are down and out. The vibes they bring along steer your day in the right direction without much ado. 

For me, light-hearted teen films work for two reasons: one, they are quick to binge, and two, they don’t demand too much attention.

Who’s a Good Boy? is a new Mexican teen movie that dropped on Netflix on November 23, 2022. It is raunchy and funny, according to its description on the streaming platform.

However, here’s my Who’s a Good Boy? movie review, where I will try to decipher whether it delivers on all the fronts.

Image Credits: Netflix

The story of Who’s a Good Boy? revolves around Chema, considered a softie in high school. On the verge of graduation, he’s still a virgin when all his friends have scored in the department. In this context, when an attractive new girl enters the school, it becomes Chema’s mission to date her.

Directed by Ihtzi Hurtado, Who’s a Good Boy? stars Sebastian Dante (Chema), Sirena Ortiz (Claudia), Harold Azuara (Ruben), Diego Melendez (Hugo), and Luisa Guzman Quintero (Eli) in lead roles.

Just like the last film I watched (Lesson Plan), it also has a short duration lasting for a rough ninety minutes. For teenagers or those who want to relive the tickling madness of going gaga over a new girl in school, Who’s a Good Boy? can be a pastime watch on weekdays.

It has the right pace that would keep you engaged throughout the runtime. Moreover, I agree the movie has some fun moments, but that’s about it. What essentially propels it through is the quirky concept.

The idea of chasing your love interest or infatuation is never outdated. It will be forever relatable, but better packaging was needed to give the notion novelty.

Image Credits: Netflix

Living in India, I have grown up watching films about college romance. A boy is after a girl, and in the process, he ignores the one who likes him. We all know what will happen eventually. So, if you are searching for newness, then it is clearly non-existent in Who’s a Good Boy?

Talking about performances, the Mexican film is led by Sebastian Dante, who plays Chema. He excellently adapts to a ‘softy’ character, keeping all the natural flamboyance he has at bay. Firmly, he portrays an infirm teenager who cannot make resolute decisions.

The expressions, walking style, and dialogue delivery are the areas Dante aces. Occasionally, you’d connect with him and want him to approach things differently. Hence, I would say he does well to stay the center of attraction without being ostentatious.

Sirena Ortiz, as Claudia, succeeds in showcasing a raunchy personality. Her dazzling appeal is alluring enough for the kind of goal her character has to score.

Luisa Guzman plays Eli in Who’s a Good Boy? and quietly makes space for herself. The gradual enhancement she shows in the film touches your heart to some extent. Additionally, I liked how the actress balanced emotions and cheer.

Talking about what doesn’t work for the film, I felt it wasn’t authentically funny for a teenage high-school drama. The makers could have been more genuine and raw while creating funny scenes among a bunch of school-going youngsters.

Also, the storyline is very lame in Who’s a Good Boy? I am not asking for twists and turns in a simple comedy film, but it has to be compact and worth exploring.

Who’s a Good Boy? is full of cliches. If I had to make a wild guess, I would say the film’s writer experienced the subject from very close quarters in their teenage life and hence, wanted to shed light on the same on a big platform.

There’s nothing wrong with doing that, but maybe, the film needed more elements in the right place for today’s audience.

If you read the synopsis of Who’s a Good Boy? and think you have watched a similar film, it is almost a surety you won’t find anything new or interesting. The plot is too straightforward to be exciting. 

The lack of powerful moments and fun further adds to the affliction in the bigger scheme. Overall, expectations might hurt if you have any before settling down to watch Who’s a Good Boy? on Netflix.

Who’s a Good Boy? is a watchable film?

Watchable? Yes. An interesting watch? No. There’s hardly anything new in this Mexican teen film, which can only be watched for its theme that never gets outworn.

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