Netflix’s ever-expanding constellation of captivating shows has just been enriched by the arrival of Burning Betrayal, a sizzling new Brazilian film.

Overhaul was the last movie I watched from the region. While it was a crime and sports drama, Burning Betrayal is a steamy thriller.

It runs for almost a hundred minutes, aiming to target viewers who have a liking for onscreen pleasure (you know what I mean, right?).

Burning Betrayal draws its inspiration from Sue Hecker’s novel, O Lado Bom de Ser Traída

Here is my review.

Burning Betrayal Synopsis

A few days before her marriage, Barbara finds out her fiancé has been dating another woman for the past two years.

Image Credits: Netflix

The tragic news leads her into oblivion and only a new sensual pleasure can bring her back. 

Directed by Diego Freitas, it stars Giovanna Lancellotti (Barbara), Leandro Lima (Marco), Camilla de Lucas (Paty), Bruno Montaleone (Thiago), and Micael (Caio).

What Works for Burning Betrayal?

The film’s primary objective was to excel in portraying intimate scenes, and it undeniably succeeds in this endeavor.

Giovanna and Leandro’s incendiary chemistry ignites the screen with their magnetic presence.

They are able to create the required sensation which then provokes intimacy from the viewer.

Moreover, Burning Betrayal’s screenplay is decent when seen together with the film’s pace and duration.

Image Credits: Netflix

Its short length helps avoid lethargy, allowing the audience’s carnal curiosity to remain piqued.

In a film, where physical intimacy is the main selling point, spending too much time on character development can be dicey.

Burning Betrayal wisely avoids that path.

How are the Performances?

Giovanna Lancellotti lights up the screen as Barbara. Her friendliness is palpable and her expressions do the rest of the job.

She carries a consistent charisma that never fades away and stays with you even after the end of Burning Betrayal.

Lancellotti’s depiction of a strong, independent woman, who finds herself at a crossroads, demands your attention every step of the way. 

Leandro Lima plays Marco in this Brazilian film. His enigmatic portrayal brings a sense of mystery to Burning Betrayal.

Image Credits: Netflix

He augments the tale with his crafty acting skills and a rusty appearance. The plot offers him authority, which Leandro uses to further the style factor.

Camilla de Lucas does a fantastic job as Paty. Her light-hearted and free-flowing presence works positively for the movie.

Bruno Montaleone’s depiction of Thiago has layers hidden behind his sophisticated demeanor. The actor prominently boosts the narrative on several occasions.

What Doesn’t Work for Burning Betrayal?

The film’s central premise is somewhat ham-fisted, lacking the intrigue or allure that one might hope for. 

The narrative centers on a woman discovering her husband’s infidelity, resulting in heartbreak – a storyline that feels somewhat conventional and unenticing.

In a vulnerable situation, she falls for a man who apparently came into her dream a few days ago.

As the story moves forward, you witness the plot taking a criminal turn.

Image Credits: Netflix

And I am still trying to understand why all steamy movies take the shape of crime dramas after a point?

Nevertheless, Burning Betrayal’s storyline is one to forget. 

It is highly predictable and bland. You are likely to guess the whole tale within the first 10-15 minutes of the movie.

Beyond the sensual elements, this Brazilian film struggles to evoke any other form of stimulation, leaving untapped potential for thrill and excitement, particularly toward the film’s climax.

Stream or Skip?

The choice here is quite straightforward, to be frank. If you have a penchant for steamy content, Burning Betrayal is right up your alley. 

However, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t venture into the same explicit territory as the 365 Days franchise.

On the other hand, if you’re in search of a compelling story or some form of intrigue, Burning Betrayal is best left untouched.

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