Ever since the release of Kaala Paani on Netflix, I have been willing to explain its ending.

Yes, I am late but the Hindi Show is still hitting the popularity charts of the streaming giant.

In my review, I had called it a series that would probably go on to become the most-watched Indian show on Netflix.

While that goal is still some time away, here is my ending explanation of Kaala Paani.

I have detailed the entire seventh episode for those who are fans of in-depth written summaries.

The write-up is followed by several questions you may have about the plot.

Moreover, there are headings and revelations throughout.

Kaala Paani Detailed Ending Explained

The seventh episode welcomes us with a flashback from a few weeks ago. One of the members of the Oraka tribe informs others about the city people ‘unleashing the curse.’

In essence, he is referring to the fresh arrival of the waterborne disease that plagued their tribe decades ago.

He proposes intervention by breaking the water pipe so that the city people can be saved from the impending disaster.

However, the rest of the tribals do not agree with him. They fear that if the city people find out about the disease, it will not take them much time to learn about Orakas’ immunity to the disease, which would then result in experiments and put the whole tribe in danger.

Image Credits: Netflix

According to the tribals, the city people first came for their trees, then land and this time they would come for their bodies to extract an antidote.

Dr. Shashi briefs the LG (Zibran Quadri) and the SP (Siva Kumar) about the positive impact of Chiru’s AMP reserves. 

They helped save the lives of four critical patients. He expects to save dozens of lives using just one sample.

The news raises Siva’s hopes as he contemplates over the possibility of saving lakhs of lives using the entire Oraka population.

He thinks that if a half-Oraka (Chiranjeevi) can save dozens of people, the number would be exponentially high if the whole Oraka tribe were to be used. 

However, Dr. Shashi is unimpressed. He sternly opposes the idea and cautions them of the potential loss of lives. It would wipe out an entire tribe on the pretext of saving people.

Siva Kumar suggests the LG to locate the Orakas and, because they are friendly and nature-loving people, they would happily agree to help them.

To this, an infuriated Dr. Shashi asks a disturbing question: what happens if the Orakas refuse to help. What if they don’t want to sacrifice their and their children’s lives for the city people, most of whom have never cared for the Orakas’ well-being?

Kumar says their refusal would not leave them with any choice other than force. However, the LG is not convinced and stops him in the middle of his speech.

LG’s secretary furthers Kumar’s idea and emphasizes the fact that if 400 lives are to be sacrificed to save thousands, it isn’t much of an issue to deliberate upon.

It leaves the LG with a challenging decision to make.

Image Credits: Netflix

Jyotsna tells Ritu about Andamani Echinacea which she saw in the Japanese doctor’s journal. It instills hope in the doctor’s endeavor to find a cure to the disease.

However, the bigger revelation comes when Jyotsna informs her about seeing two islands where the plant grows, contrary to the prevalent belief of Ritu that the Andamani Echinacea is found only on Jenkins Island.

Both of them now have the chance of ending the epidemic by getting hold of the plant. Ritu asks Jyotsna how quickly can she bring the journal which has the location details of the other island.

Jyotsna replies saying she has to take Kaddu to the evacuation site. Once that is done, she will bring the journal to Ritu.

The duo decides to meet in Colinpur, the nearest beach to the hospital. However, Jyotsna has to meet Vinayak. 

So, she instead says she would ask someone else (Bunker) to meet them at Colinpur and help Ritu in finding the island. 

Ritu gives her a satellite radio to stay in touch.

We are then shown Vinayak and Ritu’s classroom interaction and a parallel narrative of their childhood begins (I will allot a separate para to this at a later stage).

Ketan visits ATOM’s office and meets Saurabh Wani. 

He shows him a newspaper article that sheds light on a graveyard’s ability to be a reservoir for antibiotic resistance. 

He mentions ‘Attavous,’ an Oraka term for the graveyard, and compares it with ATOM’s ATTAVUS project.

Then Ketan goes on to show Wani the mirror and explain how his company triggered LHF 27. Here is what he says:

How Did LHF 27 Spread in Kaala Paani?

For centuries, whenever anyone died of LHF, the Orakas would bury them in the same graveyard, which was called the Bogart Hills by the Britishers, and now it is known as Jenkins Bio Park.

Ketan points out the lab reports that confirm the soil in the graveyard is full of LHF bacteria (because of the dead bodies).

Image Credits: Netflix

Not only would the Orakas bury the deceased there but they would also sow the seeds of a plant (Andamani Echinacea) that they discovered over time was nature’s own cure to the deadly disease.

ATOM chose the same land for their ATTAVUS project and, along with the plant vegetation, they also dug out the monstrous bacteria that was sleeping under the soil.

With subsequent rain, the bacteria reached the nearby lake and found its way to the water pipelines, from where it traveled to the city people’s homes.

Ketan then asks why did Wani go ahead with the project in the first place despite knowing the history of the place and what exactly was the ATTAVUS project?

Saurabh Wani comes up with an answer:

What was the ATTAVUS project?

In 2024, for the inauguration of the Jenkins water pipeline, Wani and the rest of the project commanders wanted Brandon, the CEO of ATOM, to come to Jenkins.

However, the nearest airport to Jenkins is in Port Blair, several hours away. This made it tough for Brandon, a highly busy man, to make time for his trip to Jenkins.

For Brandon to come, ATOM needed a place to land his flight in Jenkins. Hence, they decided to build a Helipad on the banks of Jenkins Lake, over the graveyard.

With the sun setting in the background, Brandon walking down his helicopter would have made for a beautiful photo-op.

Image Credits: Netflix

It was supposed to be the biggest publicity event back then.

But Brandon never came and instead sent Swasti, his wife, due to which Wani abandoned the ATTAVUS project midway.

Hearing this, Ketan is left speechless. He is unable to digest the fact that ATOM tinkered with a sensitive area just to land their founder’s helipad.

Wani rests his argument on ‘human error,’ and that they didn’t know it would lead to such a big catastrophe.

Ketan’s rising temper questions their irresponsible takeover of that specific one acre of land when they could have simply used another place to fulfil their desire.

To this, Wani replies saying they did it because ‘they could.’ 

He gives the analogy of people throwing garbage on the seashore not because they want to feed the fish plastic waste and kill them but because ‘they can.’

It all comes down to the human privilege of being able to ‘do it.’

Image Credits: Netflix

Also, development comes at the cost of Jungles and biodiversity. 

If the corporates were to think about ‘environmental buffer zones,’ there wouldn’t be any development in the world.

Further, he goes on to remind Ketan that had he not proven Dr. Soudamini wrong, the contaminated water wouldn’t have reached people’s homes.

Just like Ketan worked for his interests back then, ATOM did the same. 

Enmae and Nandan (the translator) visit Chiru in the hospital since the former wants to thank him for saving his life.

It is because of Chiru that he will be able to see his child someday.

However, Chiru tells him that he will take him to his kid today itself

He is filled with guilt and wants to seek repentance for separating Santosh from his children.

Dr. Shashi and LG’s Secretary meet Wani to propose the establishment of a new research center at Huxley Island.

It would help the doctors with new equipment and a safe place to work. Wani puts a condition to accept their offer.

Image Credits: Netflix

If any antidote to LHF 27 is developed in the said research center, the patent rights of the same would remain with ATOM for perpetuity.

Though Dr. Shashi has his concerns, the secretary cuts him in between and accepts the demand.

Wani asks them how they are planning to procure the LK-37 peptide. 

When Ketan, also present in the meeting, tells him about Andamani Echinacea, he ridicules him saying that the plant is a myth.

The secretary assures Wani that LK-37 is their responsibility. In the next stage of the discussion, Wani chooses Dr. Gagra to head the research facility and asks Ketan to escort her to his mansion.

Santosh manages to reach the Nirmala International School, where the passengers are to be screened before evacuation.

His only goal is to find Kaddu. Not just him, there are hoards of people trying to find their loved ones at the school.

In his search for his daughter, Santosh breaks queues and barriers and starts running towards the stage.

He takes the mic and delivers an emotional message for Kaddu. However, the cops soon overpower him.

When he is being separated from the rest of the crowd, an emotionally charged Santosh starts crying vehemently.

Image Credits: Netflix

That is when Kaddu makes a gentle appearance out of the throng. She is accompanied by Jyotsna. 

In an instinctive reaction, Santosh hugs Kaddu and showers her with daddy-kisses, before offering her the “Juice” tetra pack as her mother’s last blessing.

When Kaddu asks about her brother and mother, Santosh tries to pacify her.

He then acknowledges Jyotsna and calls her “God,” dedicating himself in front of her with folded arms. 

Chiru, Enmae, and Nandan escape the hospital and secretly travel in a vehicle meant for essential goods. 

The translator teaches Chiru some of the hand signs Orakas use to communicate

The cops stop the vehicle midway and extract the trio based on a tip that an Oraka had run away from the Hospital.

Ketan visits Ritu’s house, following the orders of Wani. 

But he is greeted with a hug by her. 

She thanks him for believing in her abilities and goes on to tell him about the new information about another island hosting Andamani Echinacea.

The officer expresses his doubts over the relevance of the journal since it was written in the 1940s. But Ritu is prepared to take a chance even if the possibility is bleak.

When Ketan informs her of ATOM’s plan of taking her to Huxley Island, she doesn’t give it much weight.

Still, the corrupt cop inside him is unsure of what to do. As Ritu gets ready to leave, Ketan offers her a ride to Colinpur.

Jyotsna practices dummy conversations on the satellite radio to prepare herself for the meeting with Vinayak just like she used to do in childhood.

Image Credits: Netflix

She is smitten yet restricted, her voice carrying a touch of vulnerability.

Vinayak joins the call and they reminisce about their school days; specifically, when Veenu once brought her a plant, which they sowed together on the school’s premises.

After the conversation, she puts the Satellite radio back inside her bag. But she accidentally comes across Kaddu’s diary.

On the other hand, halfway through the ride with Ketan, Dr. Ritu realizes he is not taking her to Colinpur.

Instead, Ketan is doing what Wani asked of him. 

He apologizes to her for his actions and tells Ritu that this is the only way he can go back to the mainland.

The Doctor tells him that this isn’t who he is but Ketan is quick to react saying he has always hidden his real side from her.

Ritu persuades him to stop the car and let her go. That is the only way they can save thousands of lives.

When Ketan remains unmoved, the driver stops the vehicle and tells him that going any further would not leave any chance of coming back.

However, Ketan is adamant and orders him to keep going, ignoring the sentimental impetus propelled by Ritu.

SP Siva Kumar presses LG Quadri to not let Enmae go and order the cops – who have apprehended him alongside Chiru and Nandan – to coerce him to give the exact location of the Orakas’ settlement.

Quadri doesn’t want to endanger a peaceful community’s existence. 

Siva tells him to think from his mind and disobey his heart, specifying him to take the decision despite his soft corner for the tribe arising out of a past memory.

Eventually, his order reaches the cops on duty and they let the three men go.

Ketan visits Wani’s house and surprisingly, Ritu is not with her. As much as the host is furious about her absence, the cop is himself in self-agony.

He doesn’t understand what he has done and why. Ketan is in love with Ritu but he is unable to accept it.

Instead, he is looking for reasons as to why he let her step out of the vehicle despite knowing his freedom relied on her.

Wani warns him of remaining stuck on the island forever if he doesn’t disclose the whereabouts of Ritu.

But his stern countenance has no ill impact on Ketan, who is in deep love with the lady. 

Image Credits: Netflix

He is prepared for everything and since Wani doesn’t take NO for an answer, Ketan must now face the wrath of his bodyguard, fondly known as Kanchan.

Jyotsna goes back to the school to return Kaddu’s diary. In an accidental physical touch of affection, she finds out that Kaddu is running a fever.

It doesn’t take her much time to realize that she has caught LHF 27. Jyotsna moves Kaddu to an isolated region within the school premises.

When Santosh spills his doubts, she shows him Kaddu’s neck with traces of dead skin.

The father is devastated as both of them go into a corner to have a conversation. 

Jyotsna says that the late arrival of symptoms could be due to her epilepsy medicine, which in turn helped her pass the screening test.

She wants to inform the authorities but Santosh is not ready. 

He argues that the presence of qualified doctors at the camp would help her recover.

Jyotsna reminds him that the island is a safe zone where only healthy and non-infected can go. 

If Kaddu travels there, it would risk other uninfected people who would board the ship to Huxley Island.

She takes the green band from her wrist and promises to replace it with a much better pink band.

The difficult terrain of the jungle results in an injury to the Nandan’s foot as the trio continues ahead on the task of uniting Enmae with his family.

Enmae checks his wound and declares that he cannot walk any further

Chiru also doubles his suggestion and asks Nandan to return.

He appreciates his efforts till now and promises him that he will take Enmae to his family. 

A final goodbye hug means the rest of the journey will continue without Nandan.

Jyotsna finds an empty classroom and calls Dr. Ritu using her satellite phone, informing her that she cannot come over because of some unforeseen circumstances (Kaddu’s health). 

Instead, she will share the location coordinates with her over the phone, which would help her reach the island.

Ritu, who has reached Colinpur, expresses dismay at her words. But with no option left, she agrees to do with the coordinates.

At this point, Santosh enters the classroom. Jyotsna disconnects the call, promising Ritu to call back, and walks towards him.

He begs her to let her daughter stay and travel to the island. Having already lost her wife and son, Kaddu is his only reason to live.

Without her presence, Santosh’s life would be nothing more than a prototype.

However, Jyotsna is not ready to budge. Kaddu is a part of her heart too, but that’s not reason enough for her to put thousands of lives at risk.

She assures him of Kaddu’s safety, promising that there is a visible cure in sight and Dr. Ritu will help save her.

Image Credits: Netflix

The repeated requests, accompanied by packets of tears, by Santosh, do not earn an affirmative response from Jyotsna.

She walks past him with her belongings to inform the authorities about Kaddu.

Just as Jyotsna exits the room, Santosh gropes her from behind. 

All he wants is to take his daughter along, even if it means walking over Jyotsna’s dead body.

A tussle ensues between the two and, naturally, his physical strength overpowers Jyotsna’s.

In the background of a soothing lullaby, with the screen showing Kaddu’s visuals in between, Santosh chokes Jyotsna to death.

The little girl discovers Vinayak and Jyotsna’s plant in the school’s premises.

Inside the classroom, the Satellite Radio emits Vinayak’s voice informing Jyotsna that he has arrived.

However, the dead woman cannot utter a response and their love story once again fails to take off.

Chiru and Enmae are still on their way in the jungle but the former has a hint of someone following them.

He tells Chiru about the same but he cannot decipher his language. One can notice from his expressions that Enmae has a plan in mind.

Dr. Shashi visits Quadri with information related to CSF extraction and peptide sequencing on his orders.

Confused by the LG’s actions, he asks if they are not pursuing the Orakas, why did Quadri ask for such information.

This is when the LG reveals his cards citing the motto of the Indian army.

A soldier on the battlefield follows his Dharma even if it means fighting against their own.

The decision to free Chiru, Enmae, and Nandan was a strategic one. The LG’s idea was that if they were free, they would eventually lead to the Orakas’ settlement.

So, instead of arresting them, the police force followed them.

Even though the Orakas were his own people, he followed his Dharma by acting for the greater good. 

Image Credits: Netflix

Quadri hopes that the decision will help in building a better future for Andaman.

Shashi is completely shocked. According to him, killing someone, even if the number is less, can never be the rightful solution to any problem.

His one decision would wipe out an entire cultural species from the planet.

The LG tells him that he had no other option. He had to change and evolve to save the lives of thousands of people.

He says that humans are a product of evolution as their existence is based on the extinction of other living beings.

Those who do not evolve with time are bound to lose the battle of survival. He hints that this is the reason why Orakas are on the brink of extinction.

The scene moves to the jungle, where Chiru is left stunned as a large number of cops make their way out of the bushes. 

But Enmae is unmoved. He knew from the beginning that they were being followed.

It was probably because of his experience of living in the Jungle.

The cops take them hostage and scan the entire establishment of the Orakas, including their homes.

With hands tied and guns pointed at their heads, Chiru and Enmae are sitting helplessly on the ground.

The leading cop notices an Oraka hiding behind a tree and orders his staff to follow him. He leads them to a nearby beach at the end of the jungle but goes phantom soon enough.

Chiru and Enmae are also brought to the place. Everybody is confused as to where did the kid go.

At this juncture, Enmae signals something to Chiru who understands his instructions since Nandan had taught him about them earlier.

Image Credits: Netflix

In the next second, the duo briskly runs away from the cops towards the jungle.

They are followed by the police but soon they realize it was all a trap from the very start.

The whole Oraka tribe emerges from the lush green bushes.

There is no limit to the flabbergasted look on the cops’ faces. They move back as the Orakas approach them with sharp weapons, not paying any heed to their warnings.

On one end there are the Orakas and on the other, there is endless water, an ocean. The Orakas have strategically pushed the cops against a wall they cannot climb.

What Happens to the Major Characters in Kaala Paani Ending?

Ritu finds Bunker Saxena at the beach and they together sail ahead on the boat in search of the island that might have Andamani Echinacea.

Saxena was asked by Jyotsna to help Ritu in finding the island.

Santosh takes Kaddu to the boat, where 5000 healthy people are ready to leave for Huxley Island.

Vinayak enters the school and finds Kaduu’s diary, which has the leaves of the plant they sowed together years ago. 

It is none other than the Andamani Echinacea.

He also finds the plant on the premises inside a flower pot, indicating that their Andamani Echinacea won the battle of the fittest.

Wani’s bodyguard beats the hell out of Ketan with him bleeding ferociously.

How did Vinayak get access to the Andamani Echinacea in school during childhood?

Vinayak’s mother lived with the Orakas for some time and she would help them whenever needed. While doing the same, she must have got access to the plant. 

It is possible that they had grown the same plant in their own backyard.  

Vinayak and Jyotsna’s Childhood Friendship

They were classmates at the Nirmala International School. Vinayak always used to come late to school and sometimes the reason behind it would be Jyotsna.

He would bring her snacks and other stuff, getting late as a result.

Their blooming friendship hit pause when Jyotsna had to leave the island because of her father’s transfer.

It happened so suddenly that she didn’t get the time to inform Vinayak.

Once, the teacher asked all the students to bring plants and sow them in the school’s garden in groups of two. It was a task to put Darwin’s theory to the test.

For their entire stay at the school, the teacher, along with the kids, would track the sowed plants and see which of them remains the fittest to survive.

Vinayak brings a plant to the school and asks Jyotsna to sow it together. But since he doesn’t know the name of the plant, he writes her name on the pot.

This plant was actually the Andamani Echinacea.

Why Ketan Helped Ritu Gagra?

Ketan was a dishonest cop and everybody in the workforce knew his sly nature i.e., his negative side. Ritu was the only person to see the positive in him.

Actually, Ketan had only shown his bright side to her and no one else because making an impression had never been his life’s goal.

He did that because he had fallen in love with her in the very first meeting.

This is why he helped her instead of following Saurabh Wani’s orders.

What is LHF 27?

LHF 27 is a fictional waterborne disease created by the makers of Kaala Paani.

Did Ketan Die in Kaala Paani?

Wani’s bodyguard lands punches and kicks at Ketan. However, he doesn’t die. We will see him alive in Kaala Paani season 2.

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