Korea has the best stories to tell, and the region has proved it over and over again. 

The latest series from the country, Chicken Nugget, might sound like a culinary show. 

But it isn’t. 

Instead, it is an offbeat, mysterious comedy series. There are 10 episodes that run for around five hours. It is based on a webtoon of the same name.

Chicken Nugget Synopsis

A woman walks into a peculiar machine and turns into a chicken nugget. Can she become human again?

Image Credits: Netflix

Created by Lee Byeong-heon, the cast includes Ryu Seung-ryong (Choi Sun-man), Ahn Jae-hong (Ko Baek-joong), Kim You-jung (Min-ah), and others.

What Works for Chicken Nugget?

I assumed the show would be set inside a food joint with chefs specializing in making Chicken Nuggets. However, the series’ absurdity proved me wrong. 

The Korean show tells the story of two people in search of their loved one, who walks inside a strange machine and becomes a chicken nugget. Her father, who is the owner of a machine company, and her one-sided lover, who works at the same firm, fight tooth and nail to get her back in her human form.

It is a superficial and outlandish idea, one that needs substantial efforts to make the viewers believe in it. 

You cannot just walk in and be astounded by the theme. The brains behind Chicken Nugget excel in this department. 

They bring a natural flow to a practically unbelievable idea. 

Characters of offbeat nature set in easily, the setup establishes itself, and exaggerated humor finds takers. 

Despite being shrouded in mystery, Chicken Nugget constitutes an aura of delightful nature. 

You are bound to chuckle along the plot while Netflix makes its presence felt with the iconic TUDUM moment. 

Humor is paramount with the jokes arousing laughter on most occasions. But what remains the talking point is Chicken Nugget’s situational comedy, combined with extremely witty performances by the lead duo. 

Moreover, every thread line has a strong connectivity with the tale’s elements. I have seen extraterrestrial shows not revealing the origin behind their mysteries. 

Image Credits: Netflix

However, Chicken Nugget goes deep and uncovers every little detail that could be there to avoid vagueness. 

Importantly, this aspect allows the audience to connect and feel the emotional allure of the show, the opposite of what it is primarily intended to offer. 

The intrigue and enigma never go south. They stay up from the beginning till the end. Never for a moment do you feel the apprehension waning from the puzzling riddle of Chicken Nugget. 

Towards the end, there is a quarreling scene, where several characters unite to fight against one another. 

The execution of the particular segment is strategically humorous and potentially game-changing. 

Furthermore, an enticing screenplay ensures the narrative stays endearing, delightful, sweet, and exciting. 

Chicken Nugget has its way with music as well. The songs allow for an uplifting vibe, specifically towards the end. 

Overall, the series owes gratitude to the webtoon it is based on. When the written material is strong, half the job is already done.

How are the Performances?

Ryu Seung-ryong plays Choi Sun-man in the series. More the experience, more the intricacy, as they say. 

His vast understanding of acting helps him dispense a sure-shot winning performance.

The way he manages an unusual aura full of freakish funny traits is simply superb. 

From emotional scenes to funny disbursals, Seung-ryong aces everything.

Image Credits: Netflix

Ahn Jae-hong is Ko Baek-joong in Chicken Nugget. He appears naïve and gentle but when the upheaval comes, the actor gives it his all.

His seamless bundling of comedy, quietude, and zeal make the series better worthy of your precious time.

Failing a comedy show, running on the back of a dual lead, is easy. What’s tough and hard to bring out is success, which is precisely what Seung-ryong and Jae-hong do.

What Doesn’t Work for Chicken Nugget?

Sometimes, you might think it does a bit too much to make you laugh. The exaggerated efforts at comedy may not work with everyone.

As I mentioned earlier, the show is absurd, which gives rise to subjective interpretations.

Not everyone will like the idea, thinking of it as ‘nonsensical.’

Stream or Skip?

Chicken Nugget is certainly a must-watch.

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