It has been some time since Dahaad was released on Amazon Prime Video. A crime thriller Hindi show from India, it has eight episodes to its fold.

The total duration is under seven hours, serving a decent binge-watching possibility. Further, Dahaad relies on the story of a serial killer on the loose.

Thrill, suspense, and crime are some of the promised features of the Amazon Prime series. Before I write everything in the introduction, let us quickly move ahead with my Dahaad review.

Dahaad Series Synopsis

Female dead bodies at random public washrooms trigger a wave of tension among the cops of Rajasthan. The case falls in the lap of inspector Anjali Bhaati, who must fight several blocks to nab the culprit.

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Directed by Reema Kagti and Ruchika Oberoi, Dahaad stars Sonakshi Sinha (Anjali), Vijay Varma (Anand), Gulshan Devaiah (Devilal), and Sohum Shah (Kailash) in lead roles.

What Works for Dahaad?

Dahaad presents a meticulously crafted storyline that keeps audiences hooked from the very beginning.

The intricate web of mystery and suspense unravels gradually, ensuring a sense of anticipation and intrigue throughout.

It successfully navigates the crime thriller genre, combining it with social commentary to create a narrative that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

How the show presents the mindset of a serial killer may or may not be appreciated. Still, you cannot keep the idea at bay.

Dahaad keeps you invested while unraveling the truth behind the crimes, making it a decently thrilling and engaging experience.

Furthermore, the Amazon original show goes beyond the surface level of a crime thriller and explores the underlying social issues that plague Rajasthan’s backward areas and society at large.

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Though the depiction might appear cliché at times, as a whole, Dahaad comes good on the intentions.

The series fearlessly tackles the sensitive subject of caste-based discrimination, shedding light on the injustices faced by marginalized communities.

It adeptly portrays the struggles and challenges faced by individuals caught in the web of social stigmas, fostering a sense of empathy and awareness among viewers.

Interestingly, there’s another aspect Dahaad touches that of treating women as useless items in the house. And what do you do with things that are of no use? You try to get rid of them.

This is the very point I liked the most about the series. It doesn’t paint a rosy picture when it comes to marrying daughters in villages.

Born and brought up in an environment of patriarchal hegemony, women crave love and independence. Even a glint of the same could trigger freshness.

How are the Performances?

Sonakshi Sinha as Anjali Bhaati delivers a commendable performance in Dahaad, embodying her character with conviction and emotional depth.

Some of you might find her awkward initially because of the accent. It looks strange on her in the earlier stages of the show.

However, as things move forward, Sinha gets into the skin of the character and you get used to her efficacy.

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Her portrayal showcases a range of vulnerability and strength, adding layers of complexity to the role.

Vijay Varma plays Anand and delivers a riveting and memorable performance in “Dahaad” as he takes on the challenging role of the antagonist.

With his impeccable acting prowess, he brings an aura of menace and intrigue to his character, creating a formidable presence on screen.

The actor masterfully portrays the multifaceted criminal, skilfully balancing the charm and unpredictability that make him a compelling adversary.

His varied performance adds layers of depth and intensity to the series, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

Gulshan Devaiah’s performance in Dahaad is subtle and impactful. With his nuanced portrayal, he brings an enigmatic quality to his character.

He is smart, cooperative, and upright, qualities that are not common among policemen in India. Gulshan doesn’t go out of the way to make himself felt on the screen.

It is his humbleness that helps him deliver on all fronts.

Sohum Shah’s exceptional acting skills make his character relatable and evoke a strong emotional connection with the audience, not quite positively on most occasions.

As Kailash, he tries to be deceitful, one of the many gray areas of his character sketch. 

What Doesn’t Work for Dahaad?

The positives are many, but the show also comes with several downsides.

Despite its intriguing concept, the screenplay of Dahaad fails to consistently deliver the high-octane excitement expected from a crime thriller.

At times, the plot feels predictable and lacks the necessary twists and turns to keep viewers thoroughly engaged throughout.

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The series suffers from a pacing issue, with certain episodes or segments feeling slower than desired.

While a deliberate build-up can enhance tension, Dahaad occasionally lingers too long on certain scenes, causing the overall momentum to wane, leaving viewers longing for a faster narrative tempo.

For a crime thriller, Dahaad falls short in delivering impactful action sequences.

The series focuses more on the psychological aspects of the narrative. The absence of well-executed action scenes limits the visual excitement and adrenaline rush that fans of the genre often expect.

Should you watch Dahaad?

Surely, it is watchable. However, expect too much and you will leave with disappointments.

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