Rough Diamonds (2023) Series Review: Thrills, Excites, and Shines on its Own

Crime shows have had a history of riveting expectations. Every time a new series pops up, the excitement goes flying high.

A Belgian crime drama, Rough Diamonds, premiered on Netflix last week. It has eight episodes that run for over seven hours.

My previous Belgium-watching muse was Noise, which had its share of pros and cons. Coming back to Rough Diamonds; the show is gritty and promises a binge-worthy ride.

The question here is, since it is quite long, should you spend time on it? My Rough Diamonds series review is here to deliberate on the same.

Rough Diamonds Synopsis

After the tragic death of his brother, Noah returns home to attend the funeral. However, he gradually realizes the mess their family business is in and, eventually, the onus to get it on track falls on him.

Image Credits: Netflix

The show is created by Rotem Shamir and Yuval Yefet. It stars Kevin Janssens (Noah), Ini Massez (Adina), Robby Cleiren (Eli), Marie Vinck (Gila), Els Dottermans (Smits), Tine Joustra (Kerra), and Casper Knopf (Tommy) in lead roles.

What Works for Rough Diamonds?

The storyline is engrossing and, honestly, it is after a long long time that I did not want to play a lengthy show at 1.25x.

Traits of drama, suspense, and thrill give you a pumping rush. The well-built tale allows you to get drenched in the plot.

Rough Diamonds doesn’t overdo the gritty part. It puts just enough valiance in the hands of each party to give them the required impetus.

The Belgian series has a rooted concept to go with it. It reflects the cultural aspects of the Jewish community quite well, especially when seen from a global perspective.

Image Credits: Netflix

Never would you find Rough Diamonds slowing down on the narrational front. It grips you and manages to sustain the grip till the end.

Moreover, the cinematography is deliberative. It is never rushed. Every frame is crafted with utmost dexterity. You are more or less going to enjoy the scenic beauty of Rough Diamonds.

Furthermore, a huge amount of credit must go to the writers of the series. They have stitched a not-so-unique idea to perfection.

Somehow, the writers made me perceive Rough Diamonds as a fresh initiative. Be it the characterization or the flow of the screenplay, writing plays a vital role.

It thrills you, entertains, and shines on its own.

How are the Performances?

Kevin Janssens as Noah is spectacular in the series. He has a mountainous essence that impacts the plot differently.

We have seen several leads with an enchanting demeanor but Kevin stands tall among the recent ones. He has an aura, which allows him to be fragile and vulnerable.

Not only does the actor present a rough display of skills, but he also effervescently shows the adorable side of his character.

Ini Massez as Adina is quiet and gracious in Rough Diamonds. She is the glue that holds the entire star cast of the series.

You’d like her affable screen presence and remain assured of a flawless outing whenever she occupies the slate.

Image Credits: Netflix

Robby Cleiren brings nuances while portraying Eli. He takes up the character and raises it to extreme heights while deaccelerating it per the storyline.

Marie Vinck as Gila is charming to the very last thread. Her restricted portrayal is resoundingly impactful.

Els Dottermans bravely presents Smits in Rough Diamonds. From fiery expressions to thoughtful body movements, she daringly delivers on every front.

Tine Joustra boldly leads a dominating profile as Kerra. How she runs things according to her will makes the character desirable on a massy front.

Casper Knopf charms you while depicting Tommy. The kid is cute, adroit, and cheerfully smart. More of him at any time in the show is always welcome.

What Doesn’t Work for Rough Diamonds?

From my end, there are no noticeable downsides to Rough Diamonds. You may have issues with the storyline, but that’s quite subjective, isn’t it?

Should you stream or skip Rough Diamonds?

The Belgian show is a must-watch, in my opinion.

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