Marriages can be hard. Really hard, in fact. Many of you would agree, and many might want to experience it before judging the so-called holy bond.

In India, we have had numerous films focusing specifically on marital issues. Examples include Shaadi Ke Side Effects, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, and Shah Rukh’s Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, among others. The list is endless.

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However, talking of the present, we have a new movie streaming on Netflix, Diorama. It has Swedish origins and aims to be an offbeat, understated, and intimate outing.

How does it fare then? Here’s my Diorama review that will help you make a wise decision regarding whether to stream or skip this latest flick on Netflix.

Diorama Review Summary

Undoubtedly, Diorama is a great attempt at showcasing the aftermath of marriage. However, all the goodness in the movie is overpowered by a languid pace, making it an uneventful affair.

Nevertheless, there are several positives too. Keep reading my review to learn more about them.

Diorama Synopsis

Humorous Dioramas narrate a couple’s deteriorating post-marriage life in this Swedish drama. Can Frida and Björn overcome the difficulties and forge a new path, or is their relationship about to meet a dead end?

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Tuva Novotny, Diorama stars Pia Tjelta (Frida) and David Dencik (Björn) in lead roles.

What Works for Diorama?


The idea behind Diorama is exciting. Even if a film is made every day on the aftermath of marriages, a large chunk of the content would be original. That’s how dynamic it can be.

Furthermore, with morally arousing questions like whether separation can be stopped by including a third person, should one be mindful of not being too impulsive, etc., the film does create a decent conceptual base.


Image Credits: Netflix

Infusing dioramas and taking the help of bullet points to convey a message is a great idea. The creators of this Swedish film have pulled off a well-intended and directed presentation. There will be moments when the ongoing story will start getting boring, but then the dioramas will come and make things interesting.

One can conclude that the movie does have an offbeat execution, in line with its description on Netflix.


David Dencik as Björn smoothly makes his way into your mind (and not heart) with a contained, rough, and apt performance. He had to wear shades of negativity to let the character flourish, and the actor did that brilliantly. The emotions, desperation, and helplessness are all depicted proficiently by Dencik.

Image Credits: Netflix

Pia Tjelta plays Frida in Diorama. Apart from facilitating the plot, she also develops an aura around her character. There are no loopholes in her portrayal. Moreover, you would adore Pia’s emotional expressions in Diorama.

Discounting these two, no other actor has a consistent screen presence in the movie. However, all the cameos are perfectly executed.

What Doesn’t Work for Diorama?


Diorama is a romantic drama that doesn’t feel that way on most occasions. In the quest to show marital issues, the makers forgot to brew a startling love story initially. As a result, I didn’t feel attached to the relationship between Frida and Björn.

Therefore, when conflicts among the couple arose, they couldn’t stimulate me emotionally. I don’t think romance is only about getting physical. You need to make conversations a part of the narrative.

Slow and Tiring

Image Credits: Netflix

Though the duration of Diorama is modestly under two hours, the movie feels exceptionally dreary. I don’t think the concept had a role to play. The makers could have executed the idea in a better way for a more entertaining experience.

Even barring entertainment, there was immense scope to ameliorate the drama in Diorama. In the present state, you would find the film tedious. Such ideas should have a touch of conflict and fun, powered by subtle emotions. Unfortunately, Diorama lacks in most of the departments.

Final Word

All those who like three-dimensional representations using props can dive in and watch Diorama. But to warn you beforehand, you are in for a slow-paced film.

Should couples watch Diorama? Surely, couples can see the movie and take cues from it. However, there’s no entertainment in case you are expecting any.

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