Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets have polarizing characteristics. We have examples of them promoting talent. On the contrary, they are also glaring tools for incessant trolling.

Many of us want to get rid of this social media culture, continuously popping into our close circles. However, it is also true that the world is less exciting without Instagram.

A new show, Off the Hook, has begun streaming on Netflix. It is about two cousins deciding to go for a digital detox. Originating from French, the show promises fun and tidbits of romance.

Here’s my Off the Hook review.

Off the Hook Review Summary

Despite a rousing idea, Off the Hook fails to hook you to the screen. The humor doesn’t work, and, barring music and performances, most of the things go downhill in this French series.

Keep reading my review to learn more about the show’s pros and cons.

Off the Hook Synopsis

When they start to realize the extreme effects of gadgets in their life, two cousins decide to go on a month-long digital detox.

Image Credits: Netflix

Off the Hook is created by Marie Jardillier and stars Manon Azem, Tiphanie Daviot, Charlotte de Tuckheim, Helena Noguerra, Zinedine Soualem, and Oussama Kheddam, among others.

What works for Off the Hook?


In the age of digital media, powered by social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the return to simplicity feels fresh. Though I was expecting Off the Hook to be more entertaining and soothing in depiction, the show only managed to offer a consolation prize.

Nevertheless, choosing an idea that smells of freshness was a good step in the first place.


There are several songs that keep the tempo alive in Off the Hook. You would love the rhythm and the beat infused by the music. From exciting pop and interesting rap songs to calm and soothing melodies, this French show’s tunes never fail to amuse the viewers.

Although most of them are great, What a Life by Scarlet Pleasure was my favorite.


Tiphanie Daviot plays Lea in Off the Hook and has an interesting aura to go with the character. She doesn’t reek of attention as an actress. Her performance in this French show is a testament to her outstanding talent. 

Image Credits: Netflix

There are moments in the series when you want to hate her completely. That’s how deftly Daviot portrays an unaffable personality. Eventually, you would be smitten by her act in Off the Hook.

Manon Azem as Manon kills it as a rookie rapper. She extinguishes any trace of lazy writing with a robust temperament. Azem’s acting skills are excellent, and I loved how she, along with Tiphanie, infused spontaneity into her act.

Charlotte de Tuckheim is Mireille in Off the Hook. The veteran actress comes across as an adorable performer. She is calm, swift and serves you well with her zealous outing.

Image Credits: Netflix

There is something about Oussama Kheddam as Gagan that touches your heart. He remains close to the story’s subject and limits his actions accordingly. Oussama never allows other individuals to grow big on him and focuses solely on strengthening his mien.

Everybody else in Off the Hook has performed well and obeyed their character sketches.

What Doesn’t Work for Off the Hook?

Poor Execution

I had the feeling that Off the Hook would be a great watch. As a result, I put it above Devil in Ohio in my review schedule. However, the creators have disappointed me to a large extent. They had a brilliant idea to explore, but it soon turned into a mess.

The initial build-up of the first episode was great, and nothing seemed off till then. Only when the show reached the half-stage of the second part I had a hunch of it being cursory. 


The Netflix show is awash with mediocre attempts at entertainment. You will hardly find scenes that naturally make you laugh. The humor feels incomplete, and the idea of sensational jokes doesn’t work for Off the Hook.

Image Credits: Netflix

Yes, sometimes, you would be fed with decent puns, but that’s only touching the surface. I am sure the show’s makers wanted to be more than that.

More Noise Less Impact

As expected, Off the Hook efficiently manages to create a fuss around detoxing. However, it cannot elevate the idea with an effortless presentation. Instead, the show continuously prods you to accept the pretentiousness of social media.

If the makers had tried to be more content-oriented, things would have worked fine for Off the Hook. You can say they missed being unassuming. 


Ever since I watched Family Secrets, my expectations from comedy shows have risen to new heights. Maybe, the excitement will die down in some time, and I will be back to accepting mediocrity as it is. However, Off the Hook does nothing to startle you. It has a simple, conventional, and straightforward plot.

Image Credits: Netflix

Like things were in the past, a concept is taken, and a story is penned around it. The plot has no dips and highs that could invigorate the audience. It is up to you whether you are tickled by the basic presentation or not.

Overall, the screenplay of Off the Hook is bland and unamusing.

Final Word

If I had to suggest you, I wouldn’t advise you to watch Off the Hook. However, you are always free to follow the two-episode rule. Give it an hour and decide whether it is worthy of further streaming or not.

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